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Everybody's talking about health care. It's too expensive; too complex; too exclusive. While there's a lot of debate about what can be done to fix it, there's one truth that cannot be refuted: you need health insurance.

Going without health insurance is a constant stress and worry. Not only is there a nagging threat of something serious happening - where a week in the hospital can cost as much as many make in an entire year - but even the cost of simple doctor's visits and prescriptions can empty your wallet faster than you can fill it.

With the importance of health insurance comes the necessity to pick the best health insurance company for your needs. To help you make the right decision, we've invited feedback from others who have experience with the health insurance companies you have to choose from.

This top ten list includes health care insurance companies that offer coverage in the United States.
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BlueCross BlueShield
BCBS has the best prescription drug coverage, I absolutely cannot stand #2 on this form would never do business with them.
But I love love love Blue Cross and recommend to everyone
I'm an HR Director. Once we engaged BCBS, 99.8% of our claims were paid.
It's not considered a benefit if the employees don't consider it a benefit. Groups that don't pay claims reliably are perceived as "not a benefit".
I would recommend Blue Cross Blue Shield! They have great customer service when you call and need help or have questions
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My sister-in-law had three doctors refer her for an MRI due to injury. They turned all of them down until one Dr. Hand wrote a letter. Texas Department of Criminal Justice switched from Blue Cross Blue Shield and went with United. I don't know one employee that is happy with this company. They decline everything. I've not had to use it but based on chatter in the office I hope I never do.
BlueCross BlueShield is terrible. They have steadily declined in coverage and service.
I have United HealthCare. The policy is great and the pricing is competitive and the representatives for the company are always so very helpful. Love this company!
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3Kaiser Permanente
Been with Kaiser for 2.5 years and every visit and talk to doctor or nurse has been fruitful. I had to move to Cigna this year because the new employer did not carry Kaiser. I can't wait to get back to Kaiser asap.
I have had mixed reviews of Kaiser. They have been great in some areas like urgent care and psychiatric care, but their attitude has been to over copay the members without taking care of the medical issue or doing a simple surgical procedure. Also they promise to have the doctor call and often don't call.
In all the places I lived in the US over the past 35 years, Kaiser was the best health care system I dealt with. Customer focused, efficient, accountable, etc., etc. Wish more of the US health care providers would copy this great model.
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Aetna has always been easy to work with and has covered any costs related to my health, especially in tough times.
Great follow-up. Especially the call fro the nurse to check up.
I would not recommend aetna to my worst enemy! They are a fraudulent. They make every excuse in the book not to pay
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5Molina Healthcare

I don't know how anyone can pick Blue Cross as a State Employee in Wisconsin after I retired the state dropped Blue Cross for gulging the system and went to WPS. My retirement healthcare would have been paid after retirement for another 2-4 years if Blue Cross didn't screw us. I now have a ppo with Humana that cost me nothing but $5. Each time I see my physician and if I see a specialist it cost me $35. It would be a cold day in hell before Blue Cross would be that cheap.
I found and applied for Humana through this site. I researched several different health insurance companies and this one had the best plans for me and my family. I have been with them for a couple of years now, and have never had a single complaint. They have always taken care of our needs and generally made live easier and better where healthcare is concerned. Thanks Humana.


Love Humana and their customer service

7Celtic Healthcare

If you are injured with a fractured leg and your doctor requests an MRI after already doing xrays you can expect Cigna to deny your claim and give you the run-around, their exuses are "not enough clinical information" and possibly need a "peer to peer telephone conversation". REALLY! Meanwhile my injured family member isn't receiving any treatment because the doctors need the MRI to see more extensive views of the injury in order to know what and how to treat! This is your business and you can't communicate better with doctors and have forms to expedite these requests! How would a Cigna medical director or staff member feel if it was a member of their family in pain, unable to walk and receiving no treatment for weeks and possibly making the condition worse and waiting while Cigna puts you through hell and unneeded stress and red-tape bull! We have had Anthem BCBS all our lives and have NEVER been put through the ordeal that Cigna is doing to us now. They should all be ashamed of theirselves! I wish my new job had Anthem BCBS! I really miss them! Cigna is horrible!
I wish I knew how bad Cigna was this year. They are slow to process claims & now I am forced to pay cash & hopefully I'll be reimbursed by this awful insurance scam that I pay for on a weekly basis. I have to wait until 2015 to switch my insurance with my company.
I hate Cigna, this year 2013 they change de policies for worse, no more co-pay.
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9Assurant Health
Assurant helps in getting you the best prices when using a Dr or hospital

10Altius (Coventry)
Coventry is a word we cannot say in our house. We pay a high premium PLUS a $10,000 a year per family deductible! Who is making so much money that they can afford $10,000 every year? Not us. I have maxed all of our creditcards. We are contemplating bankruptcy. This company fights every time I need to use it. They refuse to pay back anything you have paid out of pocket. Coventry has been a nightmare. Blue Cross Blue Shield, I miss you!

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11Fidelis Care

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