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Everybody's talking about health care. It's too expensive; too complex; too exclusive. While there's a lot of debate about what can be done to fix it, there's one truth that cannot be refuted: you need health insurance.

Going without health insurance is a constant stress and worry. Not only is there a nagging threat of something serious happening - where a week in the hospital can cost as much as many make in an entire year - but even the cost of simple doctor's visits and prescriptions can empty your wallet faster than you can fill it.

With the importance of health insurance comes the necessity to pick the best health insurance company for your needs. To help you make the right decision, we've invited feedback from others who have experience with the health insurance companies you have to choose from.

This top ten list includes health care insurance companies that offer coverage in the United States.

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1BlueCross BlueShield

I'm an HR Director. Once we engaged BCBS, 99.8% of our claims were paid.
It's not considered a benefit if the employees don't consider it a benefit. Groups that don't pay claims reliably are perceived as "not a benefit".

I have been with several Blue Cross Companies. Capital Blue Cross was expensive but good coverage. Alabama Blue Cross is great so far, they have covered all my medications. Florida Blue Cross was the worst company I have ever been with. They refer you to an outside agency for the purpose of denying coverage. Happened to me over and over. Will never have Florida Blue again, but the others were fine.

BCBS has the best prescription drug coverage, I absolutely cannot stand #2 on this form would never do business with them.
But I love love love Blue Cross and recommend to everyone

They are really good. I have them for years.

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I have United HealthCare. The policy is great and the pricing is competitive and the representatives for the company are always so very helpful. Love this company!

The cancel my policy without notice and I always paid my premium on time. In my checking account shows they deduct the payment but in their billing system in not. Call them and they do not know why? They stole my money $820 in one month premium!

My care with this company was awful. Medication approval was slow and stingy. You definitely had the impression that it was all about profit over patient care.

Where my dad works

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3Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser doctor told my son he needed urgent neurology appointment. They cannot provide him an appointment for 3 months. I have been repeatedly billed for visits that have been paid for. I provided dates that I paid and am still billed for it. I use to love Kaiser, but now I hate it. My family is not getting the coverage that we need. I am requesting our company drop Kaiser for better insurance.

Been with Kaiser for 2.5 years and every visit and talk to doctor or nurse has been fruitful. I had to move to Cigna this year because the new employer did not carry Kaiser. I can't wait to get back to Kaiser asap.

I have had mixed reviews of Kaiser. They have been great in some areas like urgent care and psychiatric care, but their attitude has been to over copay the members without taking care of the medical issue or doing a simple surgical procedure. Also they promise to have the doctor call and often don't call.

I had Kaiser Permanente for over 20 years I love it, no complaints at all. I'm sad I won't have anymore my husband lost his job and with that we lost our insurance I will always miss Kaiser Permanente for ever.

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Aetna has always been easy to work with and has covered any costs related to my health, especially in tough times.

A dreadful company. Be warned: their plan structures are misleading, and they will do anything they can to stick you with the bill, instead of paying (which is supposedly why you, or your company, pays the premium, right? ). You will never be able to speak to a person who can actually help you. - JavisDad

Aetna has to many air pocket in there coverage policy. If your bill is $2485.00 you will get a bill for $485.50 out of pocket fee. For some reason Aetna will not pay the whole medical bill that's due. The same old reason you hear from customer service "that part is not covered". I had a eye exam the total came up to $26.50 but the out of pocket remaining balance $3.50. Aetna is a big joke!

Yes, is the worse insurance

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I don't know how anyone can pick Blue Cross as a State Employee in Wisconsin after I retired the state dropped Blue Cross for gulging the system and went to WPS. My retirement healthcare would have been paid after retirement for another 2-4 years if Blue Cross didn't screw us. I now have a ppo with Humana that cost me nothing but $5. Each time I see my physician and if I see a specialist it cost me $35. It would be a cold day in hell before Blue Cross would be that cheap.

I found and applied for Humana through this site. I researched several different health insurance companies and this one had the best plans for me and my family. I have been with them for a couple of years now, and have never had a single complaint. They have always taken care of our needs and generally made live easier and better where healthcare is concerned. Thanks Humana. - dallinatkinson

Don't do it! They refused to pay my hospital bill and I was pregnant!

Love Humana and their customer service

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6Molina Healthcare

They are the cheapest for people who have AIDS

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I had Cigna the precentage of co-pay was affordable! And even beater service as well! But I have moved to blue cross blue shield

I love Cigna. They are constantly wanting to improve and do whats best for their customers. The mail order pharmacy is a great help and they make it very easy to sign up for.

The total deductible for my plan is 750 and for an individual is 250. So far the most I have needed to pay for my perscriptions have been 10 dollars. I only had to pay about 15 dollars for a lab test for my pregnancy. Also, I have not had to pay for my obgyn visits out of pocket. They also cover my dental cleanings and regular check ups. I may not know how much I will have to pay for labor and delivery but, so far I have not had any trouble with Cigna

Cigna is the best hands down. United Healthcare just simply sucks.

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9Assurant Health

Assurant does business the right way. They pay when they're supposed to, they answer their calls in a timely manner, they offer diverse plans, use excellent national networks, and are polite to their customers.

Assurant helps in getting you the best prices when using a Dr or hospital

They only pay 50% out of network and are quiting the biz at end of year

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Very happy with this plan and the customer service.

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12Fidelis Care

If this company was Nation wide it would be number one. It is the best. If you live in New York you are crazy not to have this company.

So far, so good

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16Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha give me a policy

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20Royal Sundaram
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