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Nobody likes to think about their own mortality and when you have decades to go before you can even think about retirement, let alone preparing for the end of you life, it can seem like a pointless worry, but taking steps to ensure the financial stability of your family now and in the future is something that is better done now than later. We never know what tomorrow may bring. If your life were to end right now, what would it mean for your family? Would they be able to continue paying bills or would they face the prospect of losing their home? Would your spouse and your children be able to continue with the lifestyle they have been accustomed to? Will there be enough cash to take care of your funeral services?

Planning for the day your are gone is something you don't want to put off until it is too late. Every day you wait to purchase life insurance you risk higher rates, a lower payout, and the chance that you could be gone with no policy in place.

Experts suggest that you have at least enough life insurance to cover your existing debt, but many people choose to go beyond this to ensure the financial stability of their families. To help you get started with securing a life insurance policy for yourself or your loved ones, below is a list of the top 10 best life insurance companies providing coverage to consumers in the United States.
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I totally agree that Primerica delivers it's promise paying a fair claim if one should arise, help family with their overall teachings, and provide financial services that's available. One may need to pay close attention to what one is purchasing. Our experience is different. I love the company and do have 2 policies actually with the company, one policy happens to be a 20 yr term and the other a 30 yr term. My 20 yr term is a 20 yr guaranteed level premium, meaning that I will pay the same monthly payments for 20 yrs. That is awesome right, especially with a A+ Company, who wants to complain about that, not me especially. Let's take a look at my 30 yr Term Policy. The 30 yr Policy is called a 30 yr level term life insurance policy, but did you see. It's missing the word "GUARANTEED". The policy only guarantees the premium for their policy for 20 yrs, meaning that the monthly payments that you are paying now will only be guaranteed to stay the same for 20 yrs. After that, the company "Primerica" can change the rate according to their guaranteed chart assuming their mortality has change drastically. Heads up for many who plan to keep their 25,30, 35 yr term policies. Although Primerica claims that they have never change any rates for more than 30 yrs, it's irrelevant that the company will not in the future. Some of Primerica's term policies are not guaranteed for the entire term as described. Please read your policies or ask your representatives. Do not worry if you have a 20 yr term or lower if it's from Primerica. IT'S GUARANTEED.
I have personally seen how Primerica delivers even when it technically did not have to. A dear friend of mine developed a chronic condition years after signing on to a Primerica policy. Of course that policy stayed in force. However, he neglected to renew before the end of term and missed some months. Primerica decided to stand by him and renew his policy for a reasonable rate for an additional 10 years even though they had no obligation to do so at all. They looked at a client who had stayed with them for years and decided to return the loyalty. It was not about money, it was the right thing to do for a loyal customer. Other companies would either have denied him or forced a very high risk rate on him. The twist to this story is that recently he passed suddenly. Primerica paid the entire claim within two weeks. I know how much that meant to his surviving family. I am emotional now thinking about it and how grateful I know he would be. I can not say enough about this humane and totally different company. As for my family and I we are clients for life!
Primerica comes with no hidden agenda. My family was educated on how life insurance really works. We were not just sold another life policy like the one we had before. Claims are paid the fastest in the industry and you have constant contact with your life insurance rep. Not some person in a customers call center who will tell you they will have your rep give you a call. With Primerica I learned how to TRUELY protect my estate where the other company would have left my estate in Probate court and my family would have lost most everything. Thank you Primerica!
[Newest]I'm very happy with my policy. I recommend to everyone. thank you primerica
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2New York Life
Quick policy loans turnaround. Not to mention it's knowledgeable staffs and agents to help you better understand your policy. Most definitely a company you keep. It's been around for a long time, and for sure it will most definitely be around when it's time to pass. I know that New York Life will definitely take care of it's promise to my beneficiaries when I pass.
I had 2 policies with this company. A $10k whole life purchased in 1969 and another whole life for $5k added in 1971. This company has been horrible to me! I was a single mother and took out some loans from both policies. When I was injured at work in 1983 the disability insurance took effect and my premiums stopped. I was unable to repay the loans but for many yrs my yearly dividends were used to pay my interest AND send me a check. Then one day I received a letter from NYL informing me that if I didn't pay them several hundred dollars that my policies would be foreclosed. Policies I had had for 20 years. 'Suddenly" dividends were down and interest rates were up. I could not pay it all and they foreclosed the smaller policy. It also seemed asif they had added the smaller loan to the bigger policy. I felt cheated and will always feel they are crooks.
The best Company in America. From poor to rich people. Good family protection and the only Company that pays death benefit faster than any others. That means loyalty to his customers. I love New York Life. The best.
[Newest]Greatest company to work with over the years

Definitely not the most competitive rates if one is looking for the cheapest term life insurance companies, but you'll be surprised how wonderful a company it can be if one is to have some kind of impaired risk. This is a wonderful company to work with if you may have some kind of health issues that is under control.
Competitive rates, Excellent products, quick claims
Best One Ever I Have. Very Good Product. Not the cheapest, but It's life you talking about.

4State Farm
Very Poor company to deal with. Paid supplemental health insurance for 6 years. Changed the rate mid year without sending a separate notice. We pay bills by banks electronic payments. Raised bill by less ten dollars. Received first cancellation notice three months after the fact would not let me send the $30.00 to fix the problem. This company sucks.
I have to say that State Farm agents are the most professional insurance representatives that I've ever dealt with. They are so knowledgeable on auto, home, life insurance even with retirement. I gotta say that it is a peace of mind to be able to count on just one person to handle your insurance and financial needs. They will come to your house if you preffer and will educate you like no other agent would. They also like to meet with you every year to make sure your policies are up to date and to you give you a little refresh.
State Farm's life insurance premiums routinely ranked within the top two or three cheapest. For affordable life insurance call your local State Farm Agent.
Visit State Farm Website

ING my term plan is very good plan with reasonable price and good claim ratio.
ING has the best life insurance products available in the industry. I recommend them highly.

I am still waiting for Met Life to pay on my husband's death ( going on 6 months now)!
Out of the all the policies we had, Met Life - through his employer- is the only one that has drug it out claiming they didn't have the correct paperwork. They didn't say that for the years we paid the premiums. Then I call to find out anything they always say they don't have any one working in that department with the name that the last person with whom I had spoken had given me. It is way past ridiculous!
They have a snoopy doggie witch is why it is coo


The rates are great for the rating if the company
[Newest]When we need money then we get money...

Best ever! Number 1 hands down
Number one broker dealer out of over 8,000 in the U.S. They only offer the best A-rated products from the best companies, that are best suited for the client. They are a non-captive broker dealer which allows for the freedom of choice rather than "shoehorning" you into products that may not be the best for you and your family. I trust my family and financial future to professionals who are honest, have integrity, and have a heart for helping people.
Simply stated, it provides all around services and served all my needs and more
[Newest]Everything about this company is the best!

8Lincoln Benefit Life (Allstate)
We chose Allstate because of the strong financial history and friends who had received a life insurance payout due to a relative dying within a couple weeks. Also liked we had access to a local agent who answered questions since there are several products to choose from. With so much on the line we didn't feel comfortable purchasing online without having the ability to state our understanding and have that reaffirmed by a live person.
An Allstate Agent is the best advisor when it comes to protecting your family. They'll protect your family as well as they protect their own.
This company gives attention to your clients and all assistance to I can sleep very well
[Newest]Great company... Great Agents... Great selection of products!

9Northwestern Mutual
If you are a person that likes to dig deep and look at the financials of a company, then it will be very clear after a few minutes of research that this is the best run company in the industry. It's really not even close. They have substantial dividend payouts and extremely favorable mortality and expense. It's the actuaries company, and if any of them buy from a different carrier they need to have a job review. Expense is one thing, but this company has decades of conservative underwriting on its target of upper middle class individuals. That can't be duplicated. Even if they hang on to those premium dollars for just a couple extra years of interest... It's a beautiful thing.
Carries the highest financial strength rating of any insurance company in the country by all four rating agencies. The company is owned by its policy owners. This leads to the company focusing on taking care of it's clients instead of outside shareholders.
First company to declare that they would pay death benefits to beneficiaries of 9/11 victims regardless of the fact that it was an act of war exempting them from that obligation. In addition, every single benefit was paid within the first week of what happened. Best company for many many reasons to work with.

10Allianz Insurance
Best insurance company

The Contenders

Higher than expected dividends has made simple whole life policies perform extremely well.
Best mutual company who put their policy holders needs first and never project fake numbers like other top companies
Policy owners are in a win win situation...

12MassMutual Financial Group
It's mutual company owed by its own policy holders. Great product lines - from basic protection products to complicated investment options. Great leadership.
Mutual companies are always the best companies to purchase your life insurance policy from. If the company is a stock company such as Primerica, the stock market dictates their ability to pay.
Mutual companies pay dividends to their policy holders first, not their stock holders. They operating for the benefit of their policyowners. Although dividends are not guaranteed, MassMutual has paid a divided to participating policy owners every year since 1860
[Newest]Low premium, high dividend rate, MM is the best

13Colonial Penn
My Mother passed leaving 2 policies and I the beneficiary. They were small claims but I received the funds within a month of her demise. It was well needed. Well handled. Courteous and compassionate. Thank You Colonial Penn

14Liberty Direct

15American Family Insurance

We Vote Generali because it's ARMS (Automatic Risk Management System)

17Farmers Insurance Group
When my dad died, he had a farmers life insurance policy. They were easy to deal with and there was no problems with the pay out. I have a farmers insurance policy also, it gives me peace of mind knowing there are no problems with them paying out in case of my passing.

18Globe Life Insurance
I have Globe life and fortunately, I have not had to file a death claim for benefits. But I strongly suggest all policy holders to read their policy because they have a age attached.
Took over 4 months to get my late husbands insurance money. thanks a lot Globe Life, not!
For adults or children. Good service, straight player.

19Life Insurance Corporation Of India
It is the best, fantastic, trustworthy, reliable, excellent, very very strong, superb Life Insurance Company in the world. I would like to say that we can take life insurance policy from this company without any doubt. Almost all the policies from this company has excellent returns. And some special policies have guaranteed returns also. Means there is guaranteed returns at the time of maturity. So conclusion is we can trust on this company any time.

Yes this is a very good insurance company known for its reliability and excellent service, claim settlement
Really the best life insurance company
[Newest]It is the best life insurance company

20Mutual of Omaha
My mother a policies from Mutual of Omaha, when she passed away the check was in my mailbox 2 days after. They took care of getting the death certificate and everything else. I was on the phone with them for around 3 minutes total. Really helped with final expenses. Mutual of Omaha was great. Glob Life and Mass mutual on the other hand left a lot to be desired.

21Midland National Life
Professional and quality products that surpassed expectations and quotes.

22United Home Life / United Farm Family
United Home Life is a company that specializes in simplified issue and guaranteed issue whole life policies. They are not widely known because they do not advertise to the public, but rather offer their products through the sales from contract independent agents. I personally would not recommend this company unless, you have some kind of health issues, a senior, or would just like to purchase a small amount of life insurance for your entire life.
Running a close second to Foresters, but narrowly. Both Foresters and UHL both exceed any of your top 10 companies in benefits and premiums.


24Western & Southern Life
Excellent rates and costumer service when I went to their office... is THE place to shop for life insurance without a medical exam. They offer the best customer support and fastest turnaround time.

If you want a company that will keep their promise, you might want to think twice about this company. Many people buy life insurance for security and peace of mind. This company doesn't have any of that especially in their claims department (Customer Service). The only way to actually make them pay you the beneficiary would be to either hire an attorney or file a claims with the (Your State) state insurance commissioner to have them help you to get your claims paid, if it's a valid claims (within the 2 year contestable period).
This Fraternal Company cares about how I am treated as a member. We are not policy holders, we are members that have policies. The leadership is always trying to make my experience the best. thanks foresters, and don't let people with an ax to grind get you down.
My mother and father took out a policy with this company and when my father died they came up with every reason under the sun not to pay his death claim. I would not recommend this company to anyone after the experiences we have had.

27Fidelity and Guaranty Life
Fidelity is awful, liars big crooks. I invested 4,000 six years ago with wl insurance I am canceling my policy. Today I will only get back $334.00 what a waste of time. If I wait for 9 more years without canceling insurance earlier I would get on $550.00 I repeat do your homework. The worst company for life insurance
To the comment below... Doesn't look like Fidelity & Guaranty sell any whole life policies. They only offer Indexed Universal Life policies. Of course it is a waste of money to invest in life insurance. Life insurance is never meant or should never be used as a investment vehicle. Well anyways, if you really purchased a whole life policy from any life insurance company, your cash value should have been more if you kept it for at least 6 years. I'm glad you are canceling your IUL. If you are looking for a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value, buy from a mutual life insurer and purchase a participating whole life. Best regards.


Best customer service ever and some extra's with their customer base website state of the art "customer friendly". I have policies with several top life insurers, but their websites aren't as friendly as my term policy with AVIVA. You can't even do half of what AVIVA offers to their customers. I love AVIVA. I just wished that they would offer "Whole Life" as part of their life insurance portfolio.
Best Life Insurance company!

30AAA Life Insurance Co

31ACE Insurance

32National Western Life

33The Hartford

34BNI Life

One of the top 5.

36Bankers Life
Has been amazing in every aspect. Quote, policy, customer service, everything.

37Direct General Life Insurance
Pays out term life policies within two weeks of receiving a death certificate.

38Jiwasraya Insurance

39American Insurance Association

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