Top Ten Best Paintball Guns

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1Planet Eclipse Ego 09

It's the ever best in all aspect... The functions are very high tech. Feel at ease to use it while participating in tournaments...

Explodes all the time when I use it

Best gun I have ever used in my life, it shoots really fast, very accurate and it looks pretty sexy

Best gun in the world

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2Invert Mini

Every time I use this I spam the trigger hehe and I become a walking tank. Best paintball gun EVER. Use this. It's like the AK74u in black ops, but not overpowered. And this is paintball. Not Call of Duty.

Best GuN! Empire is the best and will be forever. I love this gun. It has great speed and accuracy. Each time I use it, I destroy.

Heard it has best accuracy and easy enough to shoot with and by the way I might play paintball today at O'hare Paintball Park...! Hope I have fun! Its my 3rd time!

Best gun ever and FAST awesome

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3U.S. Army Alpha Black Tactical

Very awesome owns every time sweetest paintball gun ever to work the planet

I like this gun because its easy to use and very light it shoots really fast and very strong and it has good accurate that's why you should use this gun

Easy to use. Many upgrades available for the gun. Also you can use the upgrades
For the 98 custom on the alpha black. The accuracy on the is sharp but range not so much. You would want to buy a longer barrel for the gun. Overall the gun is easy to use and cheap enough to buy.

The best can you give me it please

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4Tippmann 98 Custom

Functions great, reasonably priced and is just a gun that can take punishment. Love it

Personaly best gun I have ever used. Never jams, very powerful, very fast, better with cyclone feeding system makes it a lot more faster.

Shoots nice, never brakes

You just have to put a 12 inch barrel or above and there's nothing wrong with it

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This is the smoothest shooting, most robust marker I have ever owned. Shoots well, Works in the woods and at the speedball venues, very efficient and comes with a great board.

Very gun gun to op

Own a dm12 and you couldent destroy it if you wanted to

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6Proto Rail

07 proto rail special edition with asa on off switch and virtue board. Its a monster. Only thing better is the reflex rail at these prices

Very good working guns no problems and shoots fast

I thing this is one on the best there is out there. Accurate and light.

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its awesome because you can flip he trigger

quiet gun works great esy to main tain overall good gun

8Bob Long Closer EXP

This is a high end gun. It shoots and feels amazing. The only comparable gun is ego and dm everything else is inferior!


If you have a nicely tuned shocker it shoots like a beast

I have this marker. Great gun only probably is the hopper is lose anyone now how to fix it

10Proto SLG

I have this marker for a while now and it has never let me down for being a low end marker. I've kept up with egos shockers etc... the beauty of the gun is its simplistic and doesn't require a lot of maintenance just pop the back out and bam! Your only part. One thing about it are the stock eyes suck.

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?Dye DM15

Great gun even with paint broken in the barrel it is spot on getting the kills I need in the clutch

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11POS (Project Salvo)
12Empire Axe

Way better then the mini it should be infront of the mini by a mile not behind it by 11 spots

Best gun ever! Quiet and accurate. If you want it so that you can't hear it then put a deadly winds barrel on it and put alrkur bolt on it and then it will be silent and deadly accurate

I agree with other guy this should be in front of the mini

Much, much better than the mini! Should be first place for the price.

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13Planet Eclipse Ego 11
14Planet Eclipse Etha

Looks good shoots even better. For less than $400, you couldn't ask for a better gun!

Great gun for a great price

15Spyder Fenix

Awesome gun its has eyes and is a good gun

Goog gun my first gun has ramp pop and eyes so good beginner gun

16WGP Autococker S/R
17BT Delta Elite

Good gun fires at a high rate, durable and looks cool for a cheap price

18Empire BT TM-15 LE Soggy
19Luxe 2.0

This is the smoothest best looking gun

20Brass Eagle Marauder

Best gun ever! Great for little kids to buy for their first gun. Make sure to look down the sights when you shoot!

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