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I love smosh! I have to say, they don't get the popularity and respect they deserve. Ian can always make me laugh, and Anthony is so awesome! Every video of their's is crazy, and funny. I've checked out other channels like Nigahiga, Fred, Annoyingorange, etc. I guess they're all funny in their own way, but if you want to sit on the computer for hours watching the most hilarious videos, go to smosh's channel!

Hi guys it's Barney, if you don't vote for this, I will kill you in your f@#$ing sleep, see you soon! I love there accents, Pokemon Theme Song Revenge= laugh out loud If you look closely, you can see anthony in SpongeBob boxes!

Smosh and ShaneDawsonTV are the best channels on YouTube! I really love comedians, and they really make me laugh.. A lot! For everyone who hasn't watched any of Smosh's videoes, watch them!

Love the channel! ; )

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This guy makes my everyday just feel so much better, and what's more he's Asian!

This guy always makes my day. If I'm bored, I watch one of my favorite videos like Daily Life of Rustin Heiber, The iPod Human, The Snuggo, ChildrensBOP, How to be Gangster, Movies in Minutes: Harry Potter, and Off the Pill: Rebecca Black. Without this guy, YouTube would be a lot duller. I was hoping he'd be number 1!

People don't understand how hard Ryan works. Unlike gaming channels or vlog channels Ryan actually makes skits. They're good too! Ryan has to think of script with jokes unlike those who just rant about things and their personality and subject just makes the video funny and interesting. He gets costumes for his trailers and adds the effects too. He puts lots of time into his videos and I'm glad that is recognized.

This guy makes life fell awesome. Love this guy

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I can believe how unbelievably popular this guy's channel is. Honestly I'm shocked, but as a gamer I like his channel a lot. I'm big into the horror genre and it's always cool getting to see all the new horror games he plays. This guy is shaping the gaming industry, game developers actually take note to this guy and it shows because the horror genre is exploding out of nowhere in popularity and games are becoming more tailored to what the people want. I joined his channel at about 4 million subscribers... I remember I spent a year off YouTube and when I came back he had 30million... For a guy who's only two years older than me I've got to say I commend this guy. He's just a normal guy doing what he loves, and now that he's in the spotlight he's under a lot of pressure and I do believe people that make negative comments about him should back off. Felix is a great guy with his charity work and he made his success doing the things he's passionate about. I enjoy watching his channel ...more

Pewdiepie, a name, a legend. I watch him every day since he had 50000 subs! He always makes me laugh and if there aren't videos of him... I can't live! He's the best person in the world and if I meet him a day, I will give him a hug and I'll thanks to him for every moment he made me happy! PewDiePie... Here comes the brofist... I love you!

Pewdiepie is the funniest person in the world!
Most of the time he plays scary games, but for all the ones who do not like scary/horror games, he also plays
Happy wheels, and random other games. So I would totally recommend that you should check him out, it's worth it!
And to all you bros out there: *brofist*

Shouldn't be on the list

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The kids reactions are AWESOME. It's so funny. I'm suprised, this should at least be in the top 5..

Anyone who watches their channel and finds them entertaining. Well, I have some news for you, you guys don't have a sense of entertainment.

I like Happy Tree Friends and I like Elders react. Mix the 2 together and you have one of the best reaction videos.

Kids react never be lame

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Love ray about 20 of my mates and half my school watch his show

Funny little midget he's hilarious I love his videos and I love the way he edits his videos to add to his comedy funny guy!

Ray is the best! Keep at it dude - love your show =)... two camels in a tiny car

It's a shame what it became into lately.

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I love how Shane Dawson is just always there for us, and understands what many of us have been through. I think that he is the most hilarious person in the world, but he can show deep emotions when those times are tough. He can influence me so deeply; when he's crying, I'm crying, if he's smiling and laughing, I join in the fun and laugh as well.
Thanks, Shane!

Shane is so funny, sometimes I laugh so much I cry. With all of his hilarious characters, especially Shanynay, and the random crazy dialogue between them, you can't help but laugh. His jokes and the majority of his videos are dirty and probably not suitable for younger children but still, once you start watching you really can't stop.

Shane... What can I say? He is my role model. I love Shane so much and I will never stop supporting him. He is the sweetest, funniest, and overall best YouTuber out there. I love many YouTube channels and YouTubers, but Shane is just different for me. He's made more of an impact on my life. His videos of hilarious, crude, dark, and clever humor have helped me during some of the most difficult times in my life. Shane is an amazing YouTuber and deserves everything amazing that happens to him.

Shane Dawson is so flipping funny! I laugh every day when watching his daily videos, got to love him

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Come on. HOW DID YOU FORGET EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY?! To be honest, this is one of the best, if not THE best rapping channel of all time.

ERB should be number 1 what why does the react and pewdiepie who only plays games above ERB?

Best YouTube channel on YouTube

Lol pewdiepie doesn't have a talent what a piece of thrash

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TOBY IS TOBY HE IS GODLY PUT HIM IN TOP 3. He has different channels and each one of them has a lot of subscribers, video views, and he is a comedian in his videos. Also he makes songs and plays just about every good game there is. This guy entertains people of all ages too.

What on Earth is Tobuscus doing as number 25?! Tobuscus is creative and funny. He's appealing to his audience WITHOUT being over-the-top inappropriate, which is PURE creativity, which is something many YouTubers are lacking nowadays. In other words, not only is Tobu naturally funny, but he also shows his humor in intelligent ways. :). SUBSCRIBE to him!

Toby is creative and original. He makes it so everyone can watch his videos without sitting through a cussing fit. His music videos are great and he keeps great timing with uploading videos. He is nice to his fans and when he is in public does what small thing they want from him. He is funny and brilliant in his humor. Do do do do do do do do subscribe!

Not funny. Just stupid. - Ziffe

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He is genius and I love him. He should be number 1 and he is the most creative man of all time. His videos funny and amazing I always watch his videos on YouTube and all of the are amazing and good and the best video on YouTube ever

If there is only one YouTube channel I could ever watch for the rest of my life, it has to be this. Anybody who says otherwise must either have never heard of him, or just does not like him. Because if you have heard of him, you must hate him because you think he's annoying, or you absolutely love his sense of humor. One of my favorite channels in existence.

If you based him just off the angry video game nerd I wouldn't have voted for him, but its just the other videos like his documentary type videos he makes about what made him become what a film fan today and just all the heart he puts into it, that's what lands him as my favorite

He's funny, energetic, ambitious, and one of the most influential internet celebrities of all time.

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It should be in the top ten because it tells us about the top tens

Definitely needs to be higher on this list. Their Top 10s are quite addictive, even though I do not agree with all of them.

I watch WatchMojo everyday I get a chance.

I love to watch WatchMojo during my free time because they upload everyday and their videos are informative.

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Everything he plays is a game that I like watching you tubers play! It's like a dream!

?Movieclips Trailers

This channel really deserves here, cause someone made this channel, and all the trailers clips of movies are here.

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I know it may sound cliche, but Roosterteeth has really changed my life. I was going through a really tough time (moving from one state to another in the middle of 8th grade) when I stumbled across their channel, and they're honestly one of the few channels that are always improving and coming out with new material. My personal favorite videos of theirs are Rage Quits and the podcasts, which are always hilarious.

You guys are idiots not voting for roosterteeth. It is honestly the best channel ever and I can't get enough of anything I watch. You can dislike this I really don't care but as long as I live I will ALWAYS love Roosterteeth. So there is my personal opinion. And another thing Roosterteeth changed my life, they got me through very tough times, I just wish I could do the same for them. ROOSTERTEETH RULES! - AGENTWASHINGTON

I've never laughed at a YouTube channel as much as I have laughed at the Achievement Hunter crew at RoosterTeeth. I always look forward to seeing there name in my subscription box.

Roosterteeth have never failed to make me laugh. I love their videos!

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The most amazing internet support group haha. Actually you'll fall for his "Articulate" voice (actually it sounds posh but he's not) and hi's videos are amazing. LITERALLY! They'll make you say "YOU SO GET ME" They're funny of course duhh.

He brings out the dork in all of us, and what's more, he's British! Come for the accent, stay for the message!

So funny, and random. He has the best humor! Dan is amazingly Geeky!

He is one of my favourite you tubers alongside Amazingphil. - FennikenFan9

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This girl is hilarious and already has millions of views per video. She makes new videos every week, about random topics, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Best you tuber out there. I love her, would totally recommend her as she suits everyone.

She's a magnificent creature. That is all I've got to say.

She always makes me laugh

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The only LPer I can watch for more than 20 minutes without getting bored.

He honestly should be the most subscribed channel on YouTube because he's actually laugh out loud funny, I'm looking at you PewDiePie.

Chuggaaconroy is awesome. he's funny and he does almost every video game I need help on

This guy knows whats up

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Tyler Oakley is the Queen! He should be in the top ten. Why is he so far down? He is hilarious and his videos will just make anyone's day.

Why is he this far down.. I don't understand. Tyler is queen basically

He's the Queen! What else is there to say?

He has my name.

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He is not funny, his jokes are for 10 year olds. There are no substance in his jokes. Whats funny about calling gold butter?

He's funny, he's awesome, he showcases all the best Minecraft Mods.

BUDDER! - TheRobertsFamily3

What's so funny? I don't get it he swears way to much and people find that funny I find that really annoying - OneWayStreet

He is my favorite

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After learning about Eddsworld my life became so much more better. I make an effort to watch Eddsworld everyday, which can be hard because of school and homework. Whenever I'm feeling blue and need urgent cheering up, and even when life is pretty swell, Edd's beautiful animations and awesome sense of humor cracks me up. Rest in peace my friend, and I hope It's Pretty Swell in heaven too.

You should see some of the episodes they are funny as.

It may not seem that great at first, but when you get to know the show better, it really grows on you. Edd, Tom, Matt and (formerly) Tord are BRILLIANT!

Eddsworld will always be my favorite.

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Vsauce is the greatest YouTube channel, in my opinion, not because It's funny or creative, but for It's ingenuity and because you walk away from every video knowing a little more about this fascinating world we live in. Vsauce gives us the answers to questions we don't know we had and helps us understand things we didn't know we wanted to know.

Vsauce is curiosity answered by an awesome beard.

How can Vsauce actually be so far down? How can people prefer talentless, unfunny hacks like PewDiePie and RayWilliamJohnson over a channel that is actually well made and interesting?

Answers all of the questions you have wanted to know the answer to, such as "what colour is a mirror? " Or "is my red the same as your red? "

I LOVE Vsauce. I've learned so much from him.

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There amazing At What they Do!

There the Best ScrewAttack are a Great Company Too Check out there Website They are Beyond Just YouTubers - Curti2594

Hey this is studdering Craig for Screwattack's top - wait what we're only number 24?

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I love that lot so much but are they not together any more if they are then why because that is so sad. :(

I seriously love them all so much

I really hope everyone (Including Connor and Ricardo) come back someday

They are amazing I still can't believe they are not together anymore

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