Top Ten Best Youtube Channels


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This guy makes my everyday just feel so much better, and what's more he's Asian!
This guy always makes my day. If I'm bored, I watch one of my favorite videos like Daily Life of Rustin Heiber, The iPod Human, The Snuggo, ChildrensBOP, How to be Gangster, Movies in Minutes: Harry Potter, and Off the Pill: Rebecca Black. Without this guy, YouTube would be a lot duller. I was hoping he'd be number 1!
People don't understand how hard Ryan works. Unlike gaming channels or vlog channels Ryan actually makes skits. They're good too! Ryan has to think of script with jokes unlike those who just rant about things and their personality and subject just makes the video funny and interesting. He gets costumes for his trailers and adds the effects too. He puts lots of time into his videos and I'm glad that is recognized.
[Newest]He is so so cute

I love smosh! I have to say, they don't get the popularity and respect they deserve. Ian can always make me laugh, and Anthony is so awesome! Every video of their's is crazy, and funny. I've checked out other channels like Nigahiga, Fred, Annoyingorange, etc. I guess they're all funny in their own way, but if you want to sit on the computer for hours watching the most hilarious videos, go to smosh's channel!
Hi guys it's Barney, if you don't vote for this, I will kill you in your f@#$ing sleep, see you soon! I love there accents, Pokemon Theme Song Revenge= laugh out loud If you look closely, you can see anthony in SpongeBob boxes!
Smosh and ShaneDawsonTV are the best channels on YouTube! I really love comedians, and they really make me laugh.. A lot! For everyone who hasn't watched any of Smosh's videoes, watch them!
[Newest]Smosh was the first YouTube channel to make a big splash (besides Fred) They have been going from 2005 to 2014(at th time I post this) NigaHiga is very funny too but smosh is what makes YouTube for me
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I can believe how unbelievably popular this guy's channel is. Honestly I'm shocked, but as a gamer I like his channel a lot. I'm big into the horror genre and it's always cool getting to see all the new horror games he plays. This guy is shaping the gaming industry, game developers actually take note to this guy and it shows because the horror genre is exploding out of nowhere in popularity and games are becoming more tailored to what the people want. I joined his channel at about 4 million subscribers... I remember I spent a year off YouTube and when I came back he had 30million... For a guy who's only two years older than me I've got to say I commend this guy. He's just a normal guy doing what he loves, and now that he's in the spotlight he's under a lot of pressure and I do believe people that make negative comments about him should back off. Felix is a great guy with his charity work and he made his success doing the things he's passionate about. I enjoy watching his channel because I see PewDiePie as a winner. Obnoxious at times of course but that's just part of what makes him relatable, he's only human and not some perfect man that everybody is going to just love. It's important to remember that game does not give people the right to place a person under a microscope and try to dissect his every little flaw. I'm happy for Felix, and I'm glad his passions in life got him to where he is today
Pewdiepie, a name, a legend. I watch him every day since he had 50000 subs! He always makes me laugh and if there aren't videos of him... I can't live! He's the best person in the world and if I meet him a day, I will give him a hug and I'll thanks to him for every moment he made me happy! PewDiePie... Here comes the brofist... I love you!
I think that people connect with other certain people. However, a lot of people seem to connect with Pewdiepie. It is obvious that he cares about the people who watch him. He definitely makes a lot of people laugh. I see how people think that he is annoying though, but he sees that too.
[Newest]If you hate Pewdiepie you don't have sense of humor.

Love ray about 20 of my mates and half my school watch his show
Funny little midget he's hilarious I love his videos and I love the way he edits his videos to add to his comedy funny guy!
Ray is the best! Keep at it dude - love your show =)... two camels in a tiny car
[Newest]It's sad that Jenna Marbles isn't on this list!

The kids reactions are AWESOME. It's so funny. I'm suprised, this should at least be in the top 5..
I like Happy Tree Friends and I like Elders react. Mix the 2 together and you have one of the best reaction videos.
One of the best YouTube channels ever! I love kids react! And I even learn stuff I never even knew about!

I love how Shane Dawson is just always there for us, and understands what many of us have been through. I think that he is the most hilarious person in the world, but he can show deep emotions when those times are tough. He can influence me so deeply; when he's crying, I'm crying, if he's smiling and laughing, I join in the fun and laugh as well.
Thanks, Shane!
Shane is so funny, sometimes I laugh so much I cry. With all of his hilarious characters, especially Shanynay, and the random crazy dialogue between them, you can't help but laugh. His jokes and the majority of his videos are dirty and probably not suitable for younger children but still, once you start watching you really can't stop.
I really love shane. When I feel sad I just open his videos and laugh my head off. Sometimes people may think that he is mean but they are just jokes, calm down! I think he is really funny and natural, he should be at the top of the list!
[Newest]I love Shane he is so funny

Come on. HOW DID YOU FORGET EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY?! To be honest, this is one of the best, if not THE best rapping channel of all time.
ERB should be number 1 what why does the react and pewdiepie who only plays games above ERB?
Best YouTube channel on YouTube

He is genius and I love him. He should be number 1 and he is the most creative man of all time. His videos funny and amazing I always watch his videos on YouTube and all of the are amazing and good and the best video on YouTube ever
If there is only one YouTube channel I could ever watch for the rest of my life, it has to be this. Anybody who says otherwise must either have never heard of him, or just does not like him. Because if you have heard of him, you must hate him because you think he's annoying, or you absolutely love his sense of humor. One of my favorite channels in existence.
If you based him just off the angry video game nerd I wouldn't have voted for him, but its just the other videos like his documentary type videos he makes about what made him become what a film fan today and just all the heart he puts into it, that's what lands him as my favorite
[Newest]The original game commentator, if what he does can even be called that.

The only LPer I can watch for more than 20 minutes without getting bored.
He honestly should be the most subscribed channel on YouTube because he's actually laugh out loud funny, I'm looking at you PewDiePie.
He does Let's Plays on all of the best games out there. I always enjoy watching him play, and, he even cracks some clever jokes during the ride. However, LuckysevenDX is also a great Let's Player.


[Newest]This guy knows whats up

I know it may sound cliche, but Roosterteeth has really changed my life. I was going through a really tough time (moving from one state to another in the middle of 8th grade) when I stumbled across their channel, and they're honestly one of the few channels that are always improving and coming out with new material. My personal favorite videos of theirs are Rage Quits and the podcasts, which are always hilarious.
I've never laughed at a YouTube channel as much as I have laughed at the Achievement Hunter crew at RoosterTeeth. I always look forward to seeing there name in my subscription box.
Easily the best gaming channel on YouTube. They are all so funny.
[Newest]Roosterteeth have never failed to make me laugh. I love their videos!

The Contenders

The most amazing internet support group haha. Actually you'll fall for his "Articulate" voice (actually it sounds posh but he's not) and hi's videos are amazing. LITERALLY! They'll make you say "YOU SO GET ME" They're funny of course duhh.
He brings out the dork in all of us, and what's more, he's British! Come for the accent, stay for the message!
So funny, and random. He has the best humor! Dan is amazingly Geeky!
[Newest]He makes my day! And I love him and his videos are relatable and funny! And for some reason I am crushing on him... I don't know why... But he is the best!

TOBY IS TOBY HE IS GODLY PUT HIM IN TOP 3. He has different channels and each one of them has a lot of subscribers, video views, and he is a comedian in his videos. Also he makes songs and plays just about every good game there is. This guy entertains people of all ages too.
What on Earth is Tobuscus doing as number 25?! Tobuscus is creative and funny. He's appealing to his audience WITHOUT being over-the-top inappropriate, which is PURE creativity, which is something many YouTubers are lacking nowadays. In other words, not only is Tobu naturally funny, but he also shows his humor in intelligent ways. :). SUBSCRIBE to him!
Toby is creative and original. He makes it so everyone can watch his videos without sitting through a cussing fit. His music videos are great and he keeps great timing with uploading videos. He is nice to his fans and when he is in public does what small thing they want from him. He is funny and brilliant in his humor. Do do do do do do do do subscribe!
[Newest]"I HATE auto correct! Whenever I type in "You rock", it comes out as "You Rick", which would only make cense if I was texting my buddy Rick, WHO INDEED ROCKS! " I love Tobuscus!

After learning about Eddsworld my life became so much more better. I make an effort to watch Eddsworld everyday, which can be hard because of school and homework. Whenever I'm feeling blue and need urgent cheering up, and even when life is pretty swell, Edd's beautiful animations and awesome sense of humor cracks me up. Rest in peace my friend, and I hope It's Pretty Swell in heaven too.
You should see some of the episodes they are funny as.
It may not seem that great at first, but when you get to know the show better, it really grows on you. Edd, Tom, Matt and (formerly) Tord are BRILLIANT!
[Newest]It's Pretty Swell. That is all. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

It should be in the top ten because it tells us about the top tens
I watch WatchMojo everyday I get a chance.
Definitely needs to be higher on this list. Their Top 10s are quite addictive, even though I do not agree with all of them.
[Newest]I love WatchMojo no question put in top five

Vsauce is the greatest YouTube channel, in my opinion, not because It's funny or creative, but for It's ingenuity and because you walk away from every video knowing a little more about this fascinating world we live in. Vsauce gives us the answers to questions we don't know we had and helps us understand things we didn't know we wanted to know.

Vsauce is curiosity answered by an awesome beard.
How can Vsauce actually be so far down? How can people prefer talentless, unfunny hacks like PewDiePie and RayWilliamJohnson over a channel that is actually well made and interesting?
Answers all of the questions you have wanted to know the answer to, such as "what colour is a mirror? " Or "is my red the same as your red? "

It's so relaxing and uplifting when watching these guys fool around on any game they can get their hands on.
So funny. like being part of a gaming family
Always makes me laugh with 6k more subscirebers per week. Has over 2 billion subcribers. With 8million hits on a video posted one month ago.

It angers me to see such a great, talented channel lying so painfully low down this list. His VFX editing are legendary, the gun fights are intense and sometimes touching, the quality is movie-like. Totally unbelievable that he's 17. Come on people stop voting for the channels with the most subscribers/views, vote for the BEST one!
Best video quality and videos I've seen. I love how he actually interacts with his viewers and isn't snobby about what he knows.
He actually works HARD on his videos... Come on people. Let's see RayWilliamJohnson or Nigahiga do what he does...
[Newest]He has badass action and great humor. The two combined is a great quality video. He also has a creative knack for his scenarios.

18Rhett and Link
Hilarious so surprised that they weren't even on this list. Check them out. They never curse and are always appropriate!
Rhett and Link are the best! Their cleanness (is that a word) helps put a ton of appeal to their videos, and they are very funny. Good Mythical Morning can get a tad boring at times, but the Rhett and Link channel itself is awesome. Love their original music videos and skits.
Very funny and they bring interesting stuff on their talks how and you'll have something to talk about at school and they give advice about life from being popular to relationships don't get me wrong by saying this channel gives advice only it has or their hectic stuff. PS:Tokyo
[Newest]They are funny without cursing at the same time

This girl is hilarious and already has millions of views per video. She makes new videos every week, about random topics, guaranteed to make you laugh.
Best you tuber out there. I love her, would totally recommend her as she suits everyone.
Jennamarbles people, cone on, she should be pretty high up on the list!
[Newest]She's a magnificent creature. That is all I've got to say.

He's funny, he's awesome, he showcases all the best Minecraft Mods.



He is hilarious an appropriate for all ages (sometimes)
Sometimes he says bad words but his videos are awesome and funny
[Newest]I love him he is so funny

He is so funny he is by far the best and most funny YouTube comedian in the world with 150k subscribers he is someone to search people especially with his "HESKEY TIME" and he became so big that he even has his own song with is amazing
He is so funny and awesome
He is a living legend

I seriously love them all so much
Best guys ever they are so funny

NIcer than others and a great guy with a great dad. Again reat people. I love him. Just amazing and amazing
He's so genuine, and awesome.
Cool and funny, makes my day :) Love you kevin :D... 's dad.. Haha.

What? This guy is a dude who just loves to fill up his wallet, I mean come on he makes money of murder!
Awesome YouTuber, you guys should check out his video, educational and fun to watch, you'll love it if you don't want to be that guy who doesn't know anything that's happening outside his room.
Best branding on the web. Hottest girlfriend too... DeFranco beats the Bieber fever out of you, and will make you feel like yeah

World class badass. For Mother Russia comrade.
This guy is Awesome, real guns!

Amazing! Honestly so inspiring with all she's been through and she's helped me through a lot! How people don't like her I do not know haha! She makes beauty and sometimes funny and serious videos, shes beautiful and funny and I defiantly recommend you checking out her channel!
Does not deserve to be on this list. Her videos are devoid of any quality content, she's taking advantage of naive preteens to push her pathetic "novel" on, and she glorifies both anxiety and a really unhealthy lifestyle.
She's amazing and has stood by her viewers in good and bad

Jacksfilms is in my opinion one of the most creative and original YouTube channels out there. Every single video will make you laugh.
This should be in top 20 over 1,200,000 subscribers


Jacksfilms has the funniest parody videos on the internet. His YGS videos are also fantastically composed and acted out.
[Newest]He makes me laugh unlike pretty much everyone else on this list


There amazing At What they Do!

There the Best ScrewAttack are a Great Company Too Check out there Website They are Beyond Just YouTubers


A genius angry comedian who couldn't give less about what you think of him. His videos are funny, honest, and original. I'm always laughing or snickering at his dark humor.
Buckley is the Canadian Jesus!
He's one of the most honest, original, and funniest you tuber you'll ever see!
[Newest]Did Buckley know that a cat named Tuxedo Stan ran for mayor in Halifax, Canada?

Nova is a funny gaming channel, and should be in the top 10. He's really funny especially when he plays with the other Creatures and in my opinion, he is the best Creature. He also rages a lot, which is epic :D.
I think this guy is underrated, he should at least have like 9 or 10 million subscribers, not just 2 million.
Nova should be in the top 10
[Newest]James should be in the top 10

I just love Smosh in general. This should be included with regular Smosh! But still, I love it!


What the heck guys? Smosh GAMES should be #1! Jovie is my favorite, but they are all so so funny and awesome!


GREATEST GAMER EVER! Could do with a bit more vareity ( does mostly Minecraft videos) but he is just amazing and funny
I didn't like you that much until I saw your parodies and mineplex games so well done my friend
When it Comes To CaptainSparklez You don't know what to expect in my opinion he's the best Minecraft YouTuber - I Love his parodys & Mod Videos he's Epic

Tots amazing watch him all the time!
Joey Is blessed with a truly entertaining personality ( CHECK HIM OUT ON YouTube NOW )
I love him so much

Linkin Park is probably one of the greatest rock bands ever. Their channel consists of all of their music videos and some extra stuff like live performances and videos of their world tours which are very funny and entertaining (To me because I'm a die-hard Linkin Park fan). They also make videos to support charities like one of their videos: "Give Light" which is trying to make people donate money so people in povery can get lamps. Touches my heart. My fave video is "Leave Out All The Rest. " Also, the channel design is spooky and cool.
It's a very great channel
Mike and chester always makes me laugh. It should be on the top ten

He's so funny. I love Lunchtime with Smosh and Ian is bored!

SSoHPKC is very funny and has a lot of awesome games on his channel. You should watch some of his videos.
A very good alternative for fans of Smosh that occasionally get tired of constant screaming and toilet humor.
Ssohpkc is one of the best YouTube commentators for gameplay walkthroughs, I suggest to go check out his channel.

Amazingg! Honestly though, made me laugh when I really wasn't in the mood and he's gotten me through some tough times! He's so beautiful and funny and aw c: if you don't like him then why? :o defiantly check out his channel!

38Epic Meal Time
This channel makes me so hungry... Not to mention I body build and all that protein they eat... Mother of God hook a brother up will ya?
The creators of some truly 'Epic' food. I'd love to have a party recreating some of there epic bacon masterpieces overflowing with Jack Daniels and Meat. Mm...

Jack and finn are just... AMAZING! Seriously though, if you haven't watched them they watch them, I guaranty that you will fall in love!
They are amazing! When I'm bad I'm watching their videos. They always make my day!
There videos are kind of boring now :(

So funny yet informative.
Put him in top 25
I ve his Pokemon videos! They're so cool and... I just love him!

I think this is really funny. And kids and parents will laugh along with the funny jokes in each episode
"Oh no, I spilled my milk! YOU'VE KILLED US ALL! NO! (gurgle gurgle)"I love his Asdfmovie videos!


Those funnies asdf movie cartoons it make me want to say alcohol that video is funny to

42Bart Baker
Really?!?! Bart Baker is a dumbass! He's NOT funny, and all of you who voted him are high! Here's what he did once...

(sing this to the tune of Fancy)

First thang's first, I'm a white chick
The whole world was confused when they learned this
And I sound just like nicki minaj
If she swallowed down testosterone pills mixed with hot sauce.

"Learned this" and "Hot sauce" do not rhyme. He's talentless, and he doesn't deserve oxygen. Screw him.
His videos are great, you can tell there is a lot of work put into them. I personally think there hilarious!
Bart baker is amazing he is so great and upbeat I mean I love shane and kingly and Felix and Lisa and jack and Ian and Antony and Phil and dan and toby and alfhie and captain sparkles and Connor and Zooey and well... Everyone! Sorry I didn't get everyone I don't know everyone, but we'll vote for bart baker, because we're the baker team of 3.1 million lets DO this not take anything less than 1st place! YA!
[Newest]Bart Baker is one of my favorite YouTube channels. His parodies are amazing. But their inappropriate so kids please don't watch him.

Most random person ever!
He is so funny and can always make my day.
I love him he's cute and laugh out loud

This guy is hilarious, and has the greatest obsession to cover Mac products in pictures of cats. Phil never ceases to make me laugh :3
I love him so much! He is hilarious and just seems like the type of person you want to hang out with because they seem like so much fun. He and Dan's videos together are amazing and brighten my day.
The nicest person in the world. This man is literally filled with lion mane and puns
[Newest]By far, the most amazing.

The only reason I know about him is that he posted the first known Minecraft video EVER. I mean, like, late 2009. But the cool thing about the video is he tells you what the game is about.
Seananners is a very cool guy

Lisbug is adorable and I LOVE her daily videos! She does great collabs with other YouTubers such as Shanna, Shane, Joey, Alexis G. Zall, and many more! She cracks me up every single day! Her dares and challenges are probably my favorite! Her dog Corny (Unicorn) is just adorable!

He's the Queen! What else is there to say?
Why is he this far down.. I don't understand. Tyler is queen basically
Tyler should be way farther up the list as he is queen!



50Remi Gaillard
His pranks are so funny and I can't get enough! I just wonder how he is not arrested yet...
Watch the pacman prank it's so funny!
This guys has Balls of Steel

Always hilarious pranks and also great vlogs too.
I lovee their pranks and how they cope with each other. So cute!


This should just say Markiplier, but in any case I stumbled across this fella while trying to find a lets play video for outlast that wasnt a PewDiePie video and that's when I found Mark. I actually found myself enjoying his video and after a few more videos I subscribed to him. Afterall I enjoyed the fact he was a bit smaller channel than PewDiePie and he came across as a good down to earth guy. One thing I will say is that I was impressed he had hit the 1million mark on YouTube but on months later and he's almost at a stunning 5 million subscribers. For someone that started his channel in 2012, that is impressive. I know he happens to do lets play games with PewDiePie and the two are friends so that maybe the connection there as to his success. In any case it's awesome seeing a guy doing what he loves and it really reflects on his channels growth. Don't get me wrong I like PewDiePie but I connect more with Markiplier. Congratulations on living the American Dream Mark!
Best LPer I've seen so far. Much less staged than many of the others, hilarious on A... Very special level, and foremost an awesome and charitable person. You should really try his channel out, he plays mainly Indie horror games, but also some rage games and bigger, commercial games, like Dead Space and now The Last of Us.
I think of two things when I think of markiplier. Tiny Box Tim and "SHUT UP NURSE! "
[Newest]This guy is awesome. No more to be said

53The Slow Mo Guys
These guys are the greatest ever!

Love conversations with myself! Probably my favorite but the sins videos are hilarious too.
I LOVE THAT GUY! His matter-o-fact voice is perfect for his type of videos, and he notices things that no one else notices!

Great person first and foremost, has awesome stories, artistic talent, story telling ability, and all around high quality person!
He is hilarious! His videos are relatable, the animations are amazing, and his stories crack me up Such an underrated YouTuber in my opinion


Such a clever dude I watch him all the time on YouTube, epic rap battles of history is the greatest thing since the dawn of time.
His rap battles are epic. He writes them, even though their no longer posted on his channel. This just shows how epic he is. He writes raps better than most of those rappers you hear on the radio.

Why so low? These guys are the best! They're so funny (and also very attractive) at least in top 75
Funniest boys out! Check out Awkward Train Situations! They're going to become big soon!
CUTE HOT SEXY FUNNY they do pranks and they do videos with other YouTubers which is great :D they are also Australian and their Australian accents are TOO sexy they are so perfect and hot ahh
[Newest]They are hilarious and never fail to impress their fans, love them!

You just can't top him in my book. Hilarious jokes, good reasoning, an awesome mascot (fawful), oh and top 100 favorite Pokemon is a masterpiece. He's not just my favorite countdown maker, but my favorite YouTube channel ever.
Greatest countdown maker on the internet. Period. He's hilarious, very friendly, and has plenty of interesting, even profound insight to offer to the gaming community. My favorite YouTuber. Go check him out! :D
I love him! He is hilarious, cool and awesome! I am also a Pokemon freak. And this comes from a 9 year old girl

An amazing YouTuber, but an even better person. He is quite possibly the funniest guy I've ever discovered. He never shows his face, so he can never be "known". Not only that, every single penny he makes off his YouTube partnership goes to various charities.
He is the Greatest commentator of all time. Cr1tikal is simply the best. So hilarious and ever video makes you pee your pants. King of nipples and YouTube.
Really retarded sense of humor. It's great


She is amazing, beautiful and all around perfect. I think she should be first!
She should be the first she is so GOOD!
She is the most inspiring YouTuber ever! She definitely should be number one! I love you so much Beth!

Awesome sketches and lilly rocks
Most relatable Indian stuff
She should be way higher!

64Good Mythical Morning
I can't be-leave that it was not on this list. I saw Rhett And Link but no Good mythical morning it is better than the former.


Charlie is hilarious and very creative. His videos always make me laugh and smile. I'm so grateful that he is making YouTube videos. YouTube wouldn't be the same without him, in my opinion.
Charlie is an amazing vlogger. He is not only really funny, but he is also full of information, such as his fun science section. His attempts at the wacky challenges he is given are admirable. His songs are also really good and I LOVE the doctor who songs! (Trock all the way! )
Watch a video. You will understand the amazingness of Charlie McDonnell but you won't understand why he is so low. CHarlie needs to be higher!

67Annoying Orange
I just don't get the appeal of this thing. is it because people wanted Something totally new and exotic? Well if they wanted one they chose the wrong one here.
Why the hell is this on the list?
I like Annoying Orange

I couldn't find Peanut Butter Gamer so Jontron is the next best thing
Deserves to be at the top. Unlike most of the top ten.
I ' love JonTron. Definitely deserves to be higher.

Currently one of the greatest game reviewer on YouTube right now. He is the only person who can make a review through parodies and humor, and creating a precise opinion about the game as a fellow gamer. He also throw "Angry Rant", negative opinion about what a certain game lacks and other aspects which are highly unfavorable for gamers in order for the developers to realize what part has the game gone wrong. Some people may call him as a nine year old kid throwing tantrum but stick to it people! Angry Joe along with his sidekick, other Joe amakes good reviews through goofing around and telling the viewers about some stuffs about the game that we can hardly notice but greatly affects the gameplay and other viral aspects of the game. At the end of his video, you will finally know if a game is worth buying or not. He's one of many overrated gaming channels who is totally worth your subs. He deserves high subscribes in YouTube and a high rank in the best gaming channel out there.
Currently. One of the best reviewer in the game industry who added humor through parody and some instances in gaming that he experienced (mostly the game's flaw). He also rant some games in order for the developers to be able to realize what he and the games wants. Most people see him as a three year old throwing tantrum but stick to it people! Angry Joe is one of the only people who tells about some stuffs in games that we can hardly notice but affects the impact, and gameplay of what he is reviewing. Along with other Joe, they make viewers laugh and know more about a game whether gamers would buy it or not. He is one of many underrated gaming channels put there that deserves better sub's and higher rank on this website
Funny, interesting and should be higher!

He is the boss! Funniest channel ever


Funniest guy on YouTube. Genuine guy.


A7X makes the best songs and cool videos to go with them (my favorite being A Little Piece Of Heaven. ) One of my all-time favorite bands foREVer

I am seriously hurt that it too so long to find MItch in this list D:


'And this will all be a part of my kingdom'
'She is so funny and one of the best Australian YouTubers, she is funny and really creactive



Ethos Lab Is A Great Minecraft Channel For Beginners And Experts He Never Ever Swears He Is A Master Of Redstone He Never Shows His Face And He Plays On Mindcrack A Minecraft Server For Famous Minecrafters Only I Suggest That You Wacth His Lets Play Series 1- Ongoing Its Great he's A Nice Guy And He Deserves To B #1

Honest trailers are worth watching especially with the honest trailer guy with an awesome voice is out there
Their honest trailers are hilarious!
Honest trailers are awesome!


Now this is a channel for scientists. And it's sure is one for me.

83Jimmy Kimmel Live

Selena Gomez is hands-down my favorite YouTube channel of all time! I like her better than AVGN, Angry Joe, and everybody on YouTube!


I love this channel, Jennette has a great voice and she's also funny and laid back.


This channel is amazing. Jennette uploads covers of songs and random stuff that she wants to share with us Frans.

This guy's talent is endless. The idea's that he has and the ability to turn these ideas into fantastic, mind-blowing videos leaves me in awe.
Fantastic YouTuber, it's painful to see terribly overrated people like Shane Dawson, RWJ, SXEPhil and PewDiePie so far ahead of him on this list.

TJ has been my favourite YouTuber for a while. One of the reasons I like TJ so much is that, unlike many people on YouTube, TJ talks about real, important issues. Such has Feminism, racism, homophobia, politics, religion and kinds of other topics. He uses logic, common sence, reason to explain his points, and he most of the time, is always dead right. While all the while he is extremely entertaining and interesting to watch. I do warn if you're easily offended, do not check him out, and you will probably hate him.

89Mark Crilley
Greatest YouTube Mangaka ever. Sorry SophieChan; you are good, but not as good as Mark

LOVE thedominicshow! So much. D-Trix is hilarious. I don't know how he can come up with his skits. Hilarious. GO YTF!
Teach me how to plank is his best video (my opinion)


91Chilled Chaos


Started watching his Gmod funny box videos a long time ago, he's got talent, just wish he was more active

I love kingsley's rants! They are THE BEST and make me smile every time

These guys are so underrated. I know that they don't do much anymore on account of Joe Bereta joining SourceFed as a top notch, quality host, but seriously, BaratsandBereta needs more attention

96Shanna Malcolm


A great source for news.


Happy wheels... So funny
"Don't put your head in there! Don't you put your head in there! What are you doing?! "
-Tobuscus: Happy Wheels

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Updated Thursday, December 18, 2014

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