1. The Mongoose runs smooth, with great designs, not too heavy to carry around. Really fast and has great qualities. Also great to doing those Far out Tricks that every one love to do. So on a scale of one to 10, you gotta give give this bike a 9.8, could have been a solid 10 but the bike is not the best bike out there it's the 3rd best. Haro is second 9.9, WE The People is the best with a solid! ) 10!

Mongoose are beast really good bikes last ages I love my mongoose subject I can do j hops on it and back flips and front flips I did have a haro but it fell apart

While I was riding done bmxing for years really light my mates one is really heavy his is wearethepoeple

I have a mongoose! I would say it is one of the best bmx bikes I've ever had. It is very comfortable to ride and easy to do tricks in. I loved my Mongoose and I say that if you are planning on getting a new bmx you should get a mongoose as it it one of the best. If I had to rate the bike, on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 9.8.

Mongoose is the best I have rode a Haro, Diamond back and a redline and my mongoose 540 is the best out of them all it's really easy to do tricks on and when I go to the skate park I took the stickers off of it and people say it's a really nice bike so they ask me what kind of bike it is and the look on there faces is amazing they are just shocked. out of anything the mongoose is the best I have had it for a year and still no problems with it but I keep changing parts to customize it. The frame can take a big beating and have n problems with it at all mongoose 540 is the best bike I have ever had

My mate has a mongoose and he gave it to me as he got another one an I've had it for about a year now and there has been no scratches and I go to the skate park every friday saturday and sunday. in fairness all bmx bike have their qualities but in my opinion mongoose is the best you might argue the toss but its pointless it's my opinion

Mongoose bmx bikes are really good because of their quality and look, I have one and its really good no problems in it. It should be in the top just like WTP

Real good bikes! I have a mongoose 80s series and t hasn't broke on me yet I've gone through Haros, Gts, etc and mongoose is the most reliable so far! So many people give you crap cause you have a mongoose... Just laugh at them cause their bikes will break down faster then yours!

I have a couple mongoose's and I love them to death and out of all of the mongoose's I've had I have only had one problem with them at it was one from Walmart and it was the bearings were eating the inside of my rim but all my other bikes are from bike shops plus a couple were custom made

I have a mongoose bike, it is the best bike ever. I have neighbors that have a bmx thruster bike and they all agree that my bike is better and two of them tried to steal it when I let them ride it. Laugh out loud mongoose bikes are the best in my opinion. :P

One of the best bmx designs ever I own one my self and I really love people be telling me that I got a really nice bike I be getting a lot of compliments of my bike almost were I go there's always someone telling how nice my bike is gotta love it

Amazing bikes from a bike shop but a bit crap from walmart or something along those lines. I love my mongoose to bits as it is amazing I can't do tricks just yet but I'm getting there its beast

I don't know many bike brands but I have heard of this one and I've heard its a pretty good brand too. So I guess I'm voting for the good one man this thing takes forever to let me post it!

I have a mongoose and its amazing all my friends try to get a better bmx from halfords laugh out loud and I didn't get mine from walmart I got it through the mongoose website I'm glad that its third place I couldn't ask for better

Ridden my mongoose pro for the past 15 years and has literally never had a problem apart from a few scratches and popped tires. Best all rounder, heavy duty bike ever, and was probably one of the first giro bikes made..

Oh my god they're just awesome, I haven't been bmxing long, but this brand is what I've started on, and it's helped me learn the skills and stuff, it's pretty light too - Tobzz

You really think a walmart bike is 4 hell no diamondback has been around for so long they know what's a good bike and I've had two mongooses and they lasted only half as long as my diamondback

So good bikes the quality is amazing and the brakes and all of it is so nice. Honestly, some things could be improved here and there though - thebestnbafan

Mongoose is a good bike just the only thing wrong is that there freestyle bike is a little on the heavy which if u have ever rode one it makes it hell of hard to do thing and limits u to how many tricks u can do

Had a Mongoose Capture 2013 for six months now and I'll be damned if I can break this thing...! Tough as nails n really light weight (once you scrap the railed seat n brakes that is) couldn't do any better for the money 10/10

Mongoose is the best bike yet, its flexible, cool designs and is just an nice bike. I have a mongoose myself and its just the right bike.
I have won several contests with it and its working for me...

I've had a mongoose for 6 years and I put it through going to school 2 times a day 5 days a week still looks nice and I go skate parks and forests with it and it holds up nicely worth every penny in my opinion

I'm 11 and I Got My Uncles Old Mongoose From When He Was My Age When I Was 9 And Everyone Asks Me Why don't You Get A New Bike, Because I Love My Bike Its My Uncles Old Bike And Its Awesome To Ride! - willowtimes

I have a mongoose article and it is really light. It weighs about 11kg.

They are well made strong and light and are well worth the money

I has a mongoose and my friends all have we the peoples and they are heavy and not good for tricks.
They are reasonably priced bikes and worth the money.

Light and a great frame
Good for skate-park the best bike ever made insane models. Have to get one every body I know has one