Top Ten Favorite White Sox Players of All Time

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1Frank Thomas - 1B/DH

Frank Thomas and Ke Griffey Jr. Were two of the most entertaining mlb players ever - Sabbath

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2Shoeless Joe Jackson - OF

amazing. I think he disagreed to the scandal to. whyd he get kicked out then? the world may never know.

wasnt part of the scandal. should be in the HOF as in a member, not having his shoes on display.

3Robin Ventura - 3B
4Mark Buehrle - PV1 Comment
5Paul Konerko - 1B

We'll miss you Paul thank you for all the great years and the World Series. Let's go White Sox

There has never been a WS 1st baseman as good as Konerko. His work ethics exceed most contemporary players.

6Harold Baines - OF/DH

He will be remembered as an oriole

7Carlton Fisk - C

I love the Red Sox so I chose Fisk. He will be remembered as a Red Sox!

8Joe Crede - 3B
9Aaron Rownad - CF
10Bill Pierce - P

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11Red Faber - PV1 Comment
12Jermaine Dye - OF/DH
13Bo Jackson - OF/DH
14Luke Appling - SS
15Ron Kittle - OF/DH

Can't believe he's not #1

16Luis Aparicio - SS

He will be reminded as an oriole

17Ted Lyons - P

Best Sox pitcher ever

18Eddie Collins - 2B
19Hoyt Wilhelm - P

Best Sox relief pitcher ever.

He will be remembered as an oriole

20Jim Rivera - OF

Great Sox outfielder, good base stealer.

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1. Frank Thomas - 1B/DH
2. Shoeless Joe Jackson - OF
3. Robin Ventura - 3B



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