Top 10 Football Fantasy Busts of 2008

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The Top Ten

Tom Brady
He was my first pick, fortunatley I ended up taking Kurt Warner with my last pick. He ended up being my team MVP


He was either drafted 1 or 2, but a season ending injury left several fantasy owners upset.

2LaDainian Tomlinson
Has had only one good game and the rest have been awful.

3Joseph Addai
Addai doesn't seem to be good anymore, but his offensive line isn't helping him at all.

4Randy Moss
The absence of Tom Brady has affected how well Randy Moss has done. He had a couple of good games, but he is not like last year.

5Chad Johnson
Even when Carson Palmer was in, Ocho Cinco still didn't get the ball.

6Peyton Manning
Terrible Offensive line and awful running game is not giving Manning enough of a chance to do anything.

7Terrell Owens
Always double teamed and rarely gets the ball anymore and Romo is out at least until mid-november.

8Marques Colston
An injury ruined his season and it might take him a while to get back in his groove.

9Fred Taylor
Taylor was explosive last year, but this year Taylor doesn't seem to have that explosiveness.

10Santonio Holmes
Every year he is predicted to do great, but never does.

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