Greatest Dirtbike Riders

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The Top Ten

Travis Pastrana
Pastrana can ride anything, anywhere, anytime. Motocross, supercross, freestyle, desert, flat track, enduro the man can do it all and do it the best. He could easily match Ricky Carmichael for speed on a supercross track and probably would have won more titles if he stayed healthy. The skills he has on any sort of dirtbike are unmatched. He is the modern day Malcolm Smith.
double backflip woop woop!


Double black flip and the lazy boy!


[Newest]Awesome double back flip.

2Ricky Carmichael
The damn G.O.A.T. man who has the title the G.O.A.T. screw your heads on
Ricky shouldn't be back here he is the best
You ride anywhere any time anyplace and never get sick of it
Undisputed. You can run everything, but you need to be the best at one thing. This guy, on top of how humbke he is, is a sick and crazy rider.

3James Stewart
This guy tears it up! I can only imagine being even close to as good as him!
He is the fastest dirt bike rider of all time

4Jeremy McGrath
Best supercross rider ever...and at present, helping youngster with his team and DC
Best supercross rider ever!
He's fat and slow

5Malcolm Smith
Malcolm could do it all! Back in the day on those old bikes, motocross, enduro, desert, trials! Everything on a dirt bike, he was the best.
Outclassed the field always with a smile
Best rider in the worlds history the man is a legend

6Mike Metzger

7Roger Decoster
He was the best. 5 championships All on Suzuki

8Chad Reed
He is the best Australian rider ever.
He is the best

9David Knight

10Brian Deegan
Down for any trick, extremely competitive and a all around great rider

The Contenders

11Cyril Depres
This guy is amazing on any bike. Street/mx/ enduro you name he'll ride it..

12Nate Adams

13Danny Laporte

14Ashley Fiolek
Because she is the best womans rider in the world, she has the number one plate and she has a hearing disadvantage so she should be on top she is so good at racing
Noo! Why did I vote for him

15Gaston Rahier

16Ryan Villopoto
He's the best wins year after year
Best there every was

17Graham Jarvis
Rick Carmichael of Hard Enduro

18Stefen Everts

19Tony Cairoli

20Taddy Blazusiak
Beat David knight in the last man standing race

21Justin Hill
Great upcoming rider out of Canada watch out for him in a few years in the Arena cross 450 class

22Kurt Caselli
Amazing rider and a even better person.

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