Hardest Worlds on Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 came out for the Nintendo 64. It's a game where you have to find all the stars and save peach from bowser.

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1Lethal Lava Land

I got all the stars but I can't tell you how many times I've died because of the stupid Lava. - Katekat123

2Shifting Sand Land

I got all the stars, it just took me a while. By the way I know how to get the star "Stand Tall on the 4 Pillars" has to be the hardest star in the level. - Katekat123

3Tiny Huge Island

Been playing this game for 10 years and I still haven't figured out where all the stars are on this level. - Katekat123

4Big Boo's Haunt

Got all the stars it just took a while. - Katekat123

5Hazy Maze Cave

The toxic Maze is the worst part of this level - Katekat123

6Tick Tock Clock

The only time I ever did on this level is when I fall... which happens a lot. - Katekat123

7Rainbow Ride

This one should probably be a little higher on the list...
But I put it down here because I finally, finally got ALL the stars on this level! - Katekat123

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8Dire Dire Docks

The sharks used to scare me when I was little!
Got all the stars though just kinda hard - Katekat123

9Wet-Dry World

The dumb robots keep flipping me onto the wrong platform - Katekat123

10Jolly Roger BayV1 Comment
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1. Lethal Lava Land
2. Shifting Sand Land
3. Tiny Huge Island



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