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1 SkyDoesMinecraft

I voted for him because he is hilarious and fails a lot! Especially at parkour and survival games!

Hilarious comedy with great park our and mods things the expression you make makes me think your awesome

I know he's super popular, but what he causes kids my age (teenagers) to do can be explained in 2 words: butter obsession. Literally, all my friend used to talk about was "butter." Now, I never did like Minecraft videos, but seriously, this guy is incredibly annoying. This is just my opinion. Don't judge, seriously. I've got enough going on in my life right now. My sisters' friends were changed for the worst when all they would talk about were stupid nick names for gold and diamond ore. It was incredibly annoying to me and I advise anyone who watches SkyDoesMinecraft to please not annoy people who don't want to hear about Sky or what he says with constantly saying "butter! " I know this sounds like I'm hating on Sky, but I hold nothing against him, except for the fact that he turned two of my friends and all of my sisters' friends into butter freaks to the point that if you didn't hear the word butter come from their mouths at least 2 or 3 times a minute, then there was something ...more - username34

He USED to be the best minecraft youtuber in the good old days. Cops and Robbers, Adventure Maps with Tyler and Jason, fun little mini games with a whole diverse cast of people, team crafted. I miss those days. Now he's total crap. - errrr

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2 Captain Sparklez

Original, #1, and one of the earliest.

He is like a master to me. He make it easy for you to understand mincraft and its ways. He has his anger moments sometimes, and jokes to make it an interesting video not a lame one. That is why he is NUMBER ONE!

Role model he always seems so clean, occasionally letting off some steam. Keep on killing creepers Jordan!

He makes all of us laugh with his fabulous sense of humor and quotes. - JavierRocks

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3 TheBajanCanadian

He is awesome at Minecraft he does every thing right and has the funniest friends ever go bajancanadian vote him or go on YouTube and search Minecraft Mitch and his friend or just Minecraft Mitch GO BAJANCANADIAN!

BAJANCANADIAN is the best you tuber in the world 1. He keeps you interested and up to date with the videos and MAKES ME LAUGH LIKE CRAZY WHEN JEROME IS IN HIS VIDEOS

I voted for Mitch because, through every single sad, lonely, depressing moment I've been through in my life his videos have made me happy in a way I just can't describe. I know it sounds crazy but when I watch his videos I just feel like I couldn't be happier (unless I had like a tonne of cookies) ;) So yeah, just wanted to let you guys know why Mitch is definitely worth the vote :P I guess my life just wouldn't be the same without him :3

Is a big shot to many popular minecraft ways that people love! He makes you silent and scream because of his success! He could even be better, but his work is fabulous

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4 JeromeASF

I think he is super funny he does a lot of videos with BajanCanadian too, he's is just very funny dood.

Why is jeromeASF so far down he should be second because his cops and robbers videos ar hilarious and he is an awesome YouTuber jeromeASF deserves a better place

You can't deny, Jerome is awesome. He deserves to be in first place. I think he is one of the best YouTubers ever, also his videos are so funny. I also like how he has so much series, but Jerome can find a way to do anything, so somehow he makes it easy to keep up. Jerome should be in first place, oh I'm so sorry, I meant to say "Pope General Jerome". laugh out loud

He's videous are so cool,and funny even when Mitch is around with him.

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5 Stampylongnose

I Love his videos They are fantastic. I also love his friends! He totally deserves to be number 5! He is very creative as well as funny. He is the best youtuber that I have ever watched!

Stampy is a hilarious guy. He has an awesome minecraft crew and builds really cool things in his world. If you haven't checked him out you really should. He is also known as Stampylonghead though if you are confused

He is the friendliest guy you will ever meet

He's a wizard! He's a loyal and super hero youtuber! Super fun and is always at his best! Because of his great accomplishments, he could easily be one this list possibly! Maybe he can do some different events,but he does god events!

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6 TheDiamondMinecart

TheDiamondMinecart is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers ever! He does amazing Mod Showcases, do really cool house builds, and has an awesome survival series. Personally, he should be in the top 5!

He does cool mod reviews and a cool house/statue builds and a cool modded survival

Thediamondminecart is a minecart full of awesomeness
Dan or thediamondminecart does great mod reivews
And intros

Ever Ever subscribe to my channel - THB_TheHoverBoard360

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7 Ssundee

He should be in top 10 I think he is amazing everyone go ian

Really good hunger games player. Also really funny.

You can tell Ssundee puts time and effort into his videos. Also, he's been though A LOT in his life, and seeing him always being so happy when something goes good... It's amazing. Ssundee clearly loves every single one of his subscribers. He is an awesome dude.

He is an amazing Youtuber that I think should be in number 1. He makes me laugh all the tim when he say to Cranier Do you have a pen n paper

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8 Antvenom

He is so awesome by now he has won 3 hunger games in a row he even said that he won't do the next one because he wants someone else to win once

He is boss at Minecraft. His consistancy of high quality videos are great. I love catching up with all of his series. I really think he cares about his viewers the most out of all these guys, not to say that they're bad though.

He beat a guy on minecraft with his bare fists and the guy had full diamond armor and a diamond sword.Antvenom is awesome he created the song:The Miner and that was epic too.Antvenom is epic! - xin000

He's BRILLIANT we all need to give him way more credit! He can do everything at least solid! He a perfect freak, and no superman, but he's a pretty cool dude.

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9 Deadlox

Wow no votes for deadlox that's sad he's so awesome he funny to VOTE for DEADLOX!

Awesome adventure maps, mods and does lots of stuff with skydoesminecraft

He has a very cool skin and deadlox your the coolst man hat I ever meet in the whole wide world.

Pretty sick guy and good minecrafter! Sick in good way! There's room for some improvements, but let's look on the good side side! He does the things he can do good and the things not so much ok.

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10 Minecraftuniverse

He is awesome and doesn't swear THAT MUCH

He is so cool and funny and he's friends with Sky who I give a thumbs up!

Tons of mods, adventure maps and other cool stuff. (friends with skydoesminecraft)

This guy's videos aren't half bad, they're actually pretty enjoyable.

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11 PopularMMOs

Tons of mob battles, mod showcases, and an awesome new intro!


He does epic mob battles better then tozatop or any other youtuber does, he does tons of mod showcases, AND HE DOES MACHINIMAS! HOW IS HE SO FAR DOWN ON THE LIST!?

He shows his mob battle videous.All the battles are epic.My favourite one is MUTANT MOBS battle

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12 iballisticsquid

This is RETROACTIVEGAMES FROM YOUTUBE he and stampy are awesome

He is cool and definitely needs more subscribers for his effort

You should be at the top with stampylongnose

I love you keep it up David Spencer I really really love you I am taimoor I know you firt time in pixel gun apocalypse

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13 ChimneySwift11

Brilliant always happy and cheerful and the minecraft files are awesome!

AWESOME. None other comment necessary. In your face peoples! No offense though.

I love his Minecraft craft seeds and files

Yea ChimneySwift11 is Awesome! And I love his mod showcases specially the superheroes unlimited mod! I vote for ChimneySwift11 and DanTDM

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14 sethbling

Redstone, MCEdit, pure Minecraft skills.. Sethbling is one of the best Minecrafters out there!

Y'know what I like about sethbling? The fact that his videos are popular because he is smart and good at the core mechanics of the game rather than just being lucky (seeing as how luck-based survival mode is). Many of the above youtubers made it big by being dumb or making fools of themselves (not all of them, but some). Sethbling is the exact opposite. He is amazing and the reason I occasionally come back to Minecraft even though I don't like it that much is so I make machines as good as SB. He is just plain awesome!

Sethbling is a great youtubers and person at heart. He has a lot of experience. This is coming from a 20 year old girl and all my friends are like why are you watching this. It's Spain explaining what kind of content is on your channel every time but I love you and your content so never change.

Well He's Taught me a lot about Minecraft and he should be friends with AdventureGamingHQ His Like Him To But!...A Louder..Intro

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15 iHasCupquake

She's very true to herself and I really like that. She is an extremely good interior designer (Minecraft wise). She has a very bubbly personality and always makes you laugh or keeps you intreagued with what she's doing

Favorite! One of the only girls (which I admire! )

I love ihascupquake she is one of the only girls but to me she's a famous YouTuber

Tiff is very funny, sweet, and original. I don't get why she's so low. - LeiaSkywalker

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16 BlueXephos (Yogscast)

BlueXephos and the YogsCast are awesome. They have that sort of bubbly energy that just makes you addicted, and puts you in a good mood every time you watch them! Simon and Lewis are the best team, and one of the great things about them is that when your recording you can tell that they are friends and that they care about each other. To me that's important. They are just awesome, e, hilarious at everything they do, and just plain funny! Keep it up guys!

Why isn't bluexephos in number one? They're very funny, I love them!

I love the Yogscast. I watch their tekkit videos including Rhythian, Sips and Duncan's. I will always love them.

What I love about Yogscast is that they're not just friends in Minecraft but IRL (In real life) too! Lewis, Simon, and the gang are probably the closest YouTube family of friends I ever seen. Kim and Duncan came from being strangers to each other to "Friends" (I'm a shipper ;) ). Not to mention they'll be in the Blockbuster World of Warcraft movie! Being called "The kings of YouTube" by BBC! And doing £1,000,000 a year to charities!
I hate DanTDM he's so a rip off of Duncan just saying.

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He is awesome cool and should be in the top 10 vote for husky you sexy kippers

The MUDKIP is just awesome... Yeah!

Voting for him due to well, natural comedy and charisma. Incredible to watch.

SO funny but he does it in a appropriate way even if didn't he's still funny!

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18 xRpMx13

This guy is awesome! A lot more people should check his channel out. To me, he should at least be in the top ten.

Ryan is hilarious and makes A+ videos that are very cool and modern and everyone should subscribe

He is the owner of an awesome server full of hunger games and other stuff, he makes tons of videos from glg craft and entertains a lot of people with it he is super funny he should be in the top 10

He de best Ryan op

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19 EthosLab

Best Youtuber for Minecraft by far! He has a variety of series for Minecraft and also always helps new watchers to catch up! Gotta love this man!

He is hands down one of the best. My inspiration for my own channel from day one. 330 subs later I realize how long it takes to get an audience who follows you. He shows every video that he cares about his subs by keeping his videos clean even when playing with other people. His lp and his videos on the mindcrack server are creative and funny. Overall just one of the best.

It's nice to have someone out there to watch play Minecraft (and whatever other game, like Cube World) who doesn't curse during videos, cheat on survival mode, or waste our time asking for likes and/or subscribes. I am also pleased by Etho's choice to remain anonymous (seriously, I want to watch someone play Minecraft, not watch his or her face or hear about his or her life) and incorporation of redstone into Minecraft in unique and creative ways. After watching many (believe me, many) different people play Minecraft on Youtube, I can genuinely say that I enjoy watching Etho play Minecraft the best. Great job, Etho; keep up the brilliant work.

Etho is easily one of the best minecrafters in the game. Not only is he entertaining but shows a lot of technical knowledge and is considered one of the best redstone engineers.

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20 Tobuscus

Should be number one. He is completely hilarious and every video if his makes me laugh my brains out. "BLESS YOUR FACE, IF YOU SNEEZED DURING THIS VIDEO, BLESS YOU" "PEACE OUT"

Beast guy that makes a joke about everything he does. Deserves a number one on this list, but is in 15th.

Epically epic he is a legend who plays a lot of games and has his on blog channel he should be number 2'because CaptainSparklez is better Has a good series though

Watched his happy wheels video it killed me with laughter so best and funniest

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