Top Ten Reasons Why Modern Pop is Better Than Metal


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1Metal songs can give someone a heart attack

I just came here to contemplate the potential of human stupidity. I am not really a metal head (more of a prog rock fan) but I do love a few metal bands. This list was probably made by some butt hurt teenage girl or a troll. Still, to even dare to think that there's anything in Pop that is better than metal is plain stupid. Well, since I happen to have some free time at the moment, I will answer the maker of this list :

1- "Metal songs can give someone a heart attack" : Until you find proof that this has happened before, and you won't, this argument is invalid. Next.

2- "Modern pop singers are classy" : Yep, Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress, Justin Bieber spitting at his fans, Nikki Minaj referring to dicks through her song "Anaconda", Chris Brown beating his girlfriends. Yeah, that's the definition of class.

3- "Metal songs isn't music" : First, you need to go through your grade 1 grammar books and learn some proper grammar. ...more

Do you have proof of this happening? - 906389

I make lists to say this is wrong - lovestarlist

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2Metal songs aren't music

Metal uses instruments like Guitars and Drums. You're saying THAT isn't music but not saying stuff that sounds like alarms and broken video games aren't music? - NikBrusk

If something is organized with a consistent and organized beat and melody (no matter how jagged), it is music. Look up the definition of music. - Caleb9000

What makes you think that this isn't music (Iced Earth - Melancholy)
but this is (Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe)? - Metal_Treasure

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3Modern pop singers are classy

Oh really. So Justin Bieber spitting on his fans from a balcony and Miley Cyrus singing about partying and sex are considered classy? Man you're delusional.

Of course they are. They use auto-tune to make up for the fact that they are tone-deaf and they don't write their own songs. They're puppets of the record industry. - Caleb9000

4It's not easy to understand metal songs

Music is meant to challenge you. During the classical days this was accepted. - Caleb9000

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5Pop signers don't scream when they are singing

You don't understand. People scream in metal to release anger and emotion. At least they actually SHOW emotion in their music. - NikBrusk

Metal isn't only about screaming - zxm

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6Metal songs can make someone deaf

Guess what? I'm not deaf! Surprise? I think not. - 906389

Only if they blast it loud enough. - NikBrusk

I don't hate pop but lets put this thing like this Bruce Dickinson has been a pilot.and if metal would make someone deaf then he would be deaf and will someone take a deaf pilot? - zxm

7Only idiots like metal

Also, I've met countless pop fans who don't really know anything of global relevance. - Caleb9000

Like I said before, whoever made this list is an idiot.

And this is coming from an idiot? - 906389

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8Pop fans don't make pop music worse, metal fans make metal music worseV1 Comment
9Modern pop signers are more talented than metal singers

LOL, this list is a clear manifestation of music ignorance. Total eclipse. - Metal_Treasure

Compare someone like Cher or Katy Perry to John Arch or Midnight (they don't scream if that's what you are looking for). It's a no-brainer. - Caleb9000

Nicki Minaj isn't good. I could name a few others, but that'd take to long. - 906389

10Metal music is satanic

I'm not even gonna bother feeding this pathetic troll.

Don't even get me started on why this is wrong. - 906389

Most metalheads aren't even satanists. I'm personally an atheist, which is why it doesn't bother me at all. - Caleb9000

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