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21 Appeals to the General Audience

Ummm, why mainstream music is always compared with metal/rock? There are lots of music genres (jazz, reggae, classical, etc) Maybe people who hate mainstream music only listen to rock/metal? Why you don't compare mainstream music with jazz, reggae, classical, etc. I won't compare mainstream music with those genres either because I don't really listen to those genres, I'm just wondering if a fan of those genres also hates mainstream music or is it just rock/metal fans being mean to mainstream music?

How is this bad? I mean, it can go horribly wrong (looking at YOU, Meghan Trainor and 5 Seconds of Summer), but often, it just leads to a song being harmless and mediocre (such as Baby) rather than outright offensive. - WonkeyDude98

I do agree that when a song is overplayed, it becomes really annoying, but this is the same for every genre of music, not only pop. Pop music exists for a reason, it appeals to the mass audience and is relatable, although not to everyone. This is why it tends to be simple, but this is not always the case, there are many complex pop songs out there. People saying that metal or rock music is better, are very biased.

Metal often includes screaming and the cliché distorted guitars, quick drums/tempo, longer song duration, complex harmonics, which may be appealing to some people but to the general audience, sounds terrible and overdone, hence why I call people who state it is better, very hypocritical and biased. Rock on the other hand is very tied in with pop music, considering pop music is basically a watered down version of rock, and modern pop consisting of some electronic elements. Rock typically includes, repeated verses, hooks and the same set of instruments. Pop music tends ...more

Music is no longer art when you look to your fans for inspiration! I love artists who make art, not TRASH!

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22 Idiots like it

That's a fact. Did you ever meet an idiot how doesn't listen to stupid rap or pop music? No? Doesn't suprise me anymore...
Doesn't mean that everyone who likes it is a idiot. Often smart people who don't listen to much music like pop music. But they do so just because they don't know better... at least that's what I hope

Intelligent people prefer classical most of the time, a word that has been forgotten for generations since today. - IAmNotARobot

Don't call people who listen to pop idiots. It just makes you seem ignorant and desperate for reasons. Don't slander pop fans just to make rock and metal look better. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You people are missing the point. They're not saying everyone who likes it is an idiot, they're saying that there are more idiots who listen to pop music than any other genre.

Your intelligence isn't determined by the music you listen to.

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23 Say one thing and people will try to convert you

If you say one thing about it to friends/family/people who like pop, they will start trying to get you to start listening to it, I always listen to a Pop Song and I think 'meh that was ok' but then I get sick of hearing, my friend came over when that horrid song Uptown Funk reached popularity and he started blaring it out of his phone, a few days later I started getting sick of hearing the song, my parents actually started blaring the stuff when they found out I hated Pop, so I was constantly having to block my ears but the worst Pop singer of all is: Taylor Swift, it all started when Shake It Off started coming on, if this is the so called 'best' the music industry can give us now, I shudder to find out what the future holds

Then again, there is good and bad pop artists. More people here are trying to convert people who like pop artists here than the other way around.

I will definitely punch those people in the face. - Metalthomas

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24 Some pop fans judge people who listen to other genres

I love Metal to and everyone in my school thinks I'm satanic and they say Metal sucks and the most of them are pop fans - METABOLICA

Well, same! I listen to metal, dubstep, and orchestra classical music! They all call me satanic and demon possessed when I break dance and act mentally disabled! Well these genre took time and it's better than same boring pop music that brainwashes kids at my school to cuss and do drugs! - InfernoTopTenners

I love metal and rock and when someone asks me what type of music I like and I say that most of the time they instantly think that I'm some sort of satanic or something, and guess what, the ones that think that like pop. That really sucks

Exactly, I can't even talk about my life-savers without an idiot popular trashy girl/jerkass guy calling me satanic or weird or crazy just cause my music is superior to yours out of principle of it not being pop doesn't mean I'm weird, my music is older, better and more diverse (i mean Thrash, death, Black, alternative, groove, rap, Gothic etc.- all types of metal) than yours so respect or I'll chuck you in a mosh pit for your troubles

People at my school think that I'm gonna kill them because they think "rock is about death

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25 Male popstars are weak

Honestly this is a really bad argument, even though I dislike pop.

Ya... Not only can they barely lift a weight but also they can barely read a little kids book

No. Owl City and Nick Jonas are good

John legend is a prodigy ya know

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26 Modern popstars don't write any of their songs or play any instruments.

There's like 6 people writing an unoriginal, overplayed song, And then there's a legend like Freddie Mercury who writes one of the most emotional, mysterious, and legendary songs ever written.

And thanks to auto tune they basically don't even sing is like all the music industry cares about is how they look

Epica, Nightwish, Amaranthe, Within Temptation...those are some great bands that are worthy to listen.

It's not fair how the so-called "artists" (e.g.1D) get all the fame, when it's actually a guy called Ed who writes their stuff.
Look at bands like Nightwish and The Cure (symphonic metal and new-wave: completely different, I know). Their music is generally amazing and they wrote all of their stuff. They never got help like Justin Beiber! Yet I seem to be the only person in the community who's heard of them! Not exactly fair, is it?
Also, this annoying person keeps saying "Well they must be terrible because I've never heard of them". They're not, because Nightwish and the Cure are very popular bands, ACTUALLY. And they've never even listened to them. But most people agree that they've got to be better than 1D... Fortunately. Honestly, why do parents bring up their children to like music which doesn't even use musical instruments? It really will destroy music!

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27 Music videos are vulgar

It is the only reason why any man watches a video of a pop song isn't it? I like boobs and asses, sure I do. That doesn't mean I need it to be the main focus of a MUSIC video.

Like Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball video.

Like Taylor Swift's Safe and Sound? Or Avril Lavigne's Nobody's Home? So vulgar. Totally believe you. - AnonymousChick

Think of the children! What if a kid watched one of these music videos without knowing whats in it. - Sparkjolt

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28 Several pop stars treat fans like trash

That's why it says SEVERAL. Can you read? - ARandomPerson

That is NOT TRUE. Selena gomez for example is VERY nice to her fans, and Ariana Grande is slowly getting nicer

I mean, there are disrespectful people in any genre, so...

Like when Justin Bieber spat at his fans.

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29 Lack of Creativity

Just look back at music in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each musician had their own style and each song was different. The melodies, the harmonies, and the layers of instruments and vocals all fit together like a giant puzzle and created something extraordinary and unique. Now in pop music, there is no more creativity. Every song feels the same with barely anything changing. It's truly sad.

Bobby Womack once said: "In my day, everybody wanted to sound different, individual. Nowadays, seems like everybody wants to sound like everybody else." Creativity uses influences, but is more than just copying what you admire.

Anyone in 21st century can "sing" and use auto tune, back when music was good they had a very specific style, now it looks and sounds the same

Pop songs sounds the same! - InfernoTopTenners

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30 Least Good Singers

Have you seen one of those unedited dubs they played at a concert for Beyonce? Whether you like it or not they are hilarious.

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31 Modern Pop gives Michael Jackson a bad name

Lol. That is true though! He was even in an interview around 08 talking about how kids like it, but it changed a lot, and how Ne-Yo was probably the only person he was proud of. They really did shame him.

Pop makes jackson get ashamed of his kingdom, he would probably die again if he hear what pop music has now become R.I.P mj

The only thing giving Michael Jackson a bad name is that song with Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, and Wiz Khalifa called Beat It. MJ's probably rolling in his grave thanks to that song. - WonkeyDude98

He was a legend.

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32 Most pop stars are fake

Fake boobs, fake butt, fake nose, fake everything...

Marianas Trench, Prince, Michael Jackson, Sam Smith, Adele? - WonkeyDude98

Hatsune Miku isn't even real, but Crypton made her voice amazing.

Selena Gomez? She's REAL.

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33 No variety whatsoever

Dig a bit into the independent music scene. The artists listed on my "homepage" button on my profile are a good starting point. - PetSounds

Definitely agree with PetSounds. There are lots of great indie pop artists.

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34 They are popular because of their looks, not talent V 3 Comments
35 Ruins the career of some bands

For example 30 seconds to mars, paramore, fall out boy and the perfect example of the decadency by the pop, Linkin Park

If those "bands" were so good, then they wouldn't be supressed by the popularity of pop music. I'm speaking the truth, hating will only prove my point, but do it if you want. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

But you don't realize that what keeps rock bands from being popular is the promotion of the biased music industry and the social stigma or rock bands.

I listen to Linkin Park and in my opinion, they are really good, they're even bettet than 1D.

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36 Most modern pop artists are immature

Buddy, If I'd known you earlier, I'm certain we would've been best friends. Every single damn point of yours matches my reasons for hating Pop. You're so right.

This is so true! Let's all take a moment to thing about pop singers. We've got Taylor Swift... Check. Justin Beiber... I think I should stop.

If you don't agree with this, watch either of Taylor Swift's appearances on New Year's Rocking Eve. You can't deny she's immature.

Why does everyone got against Justin Bieber here, it's not he did anything to you.

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37 Their lyrics feel rushed

For me I think the lyrics in pop music feel a little to rushed

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38 Stupid songs about relationships V 1 Comment
39 No sustainability over time
40 No poetry. Just no end to the yammering, wandering talk.

"No end to the yammering"

So, literally any non-instrumental ever. - WonkeyDude98

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