Best Songs in Mario Kart Double Dash

Best songs from Mario Kart Double Dash aka the greatest Mario game.

The Top Ten

1 Rainbow Road Theme

The most popular song in Double Dash. Many gamers love this theme. - Metts

2 Bowser's Castle Theme

I love this Bowser theme. It sounds great for something spooky. - Metts

3 Circuit Theme

Best Circuit Theme ever! Yoshi Circuit is the track where you hear it the longest. - Metts

4 1st - 3rd Place Result Theme

Best Mario I've ever heard. This song better be in Mario Kart 9. It will be in Mario Kart 9 if it has Double Dash Mode. - Metts

5 Title Theme

Best Mario Kart title theme ever. It's what makes Mario Kart great! - Metts

6 Mushroom City/Mushroom Bridge Theme

One of the best themes to listen to before listening to your favorite theme. - Metts

7 Waluigi Stadium/ Wario Colosseum Theme

This game sucks! Mario Kart 64 is so much better!

8 Peach Beach/Daisy Cruiser Theme
9 DK Mountain/Dino Dino Park Theme V 1 Comment
10 Credits Theme

Best credit theme in Mario Kart history. I love listening to this song after I beat the Special Cup and All Cup Tour. - Metts

The Contenders

11 Game Select Theme

I love listening to this while selecting my game mode, characters, kart, and cups. - Metts

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