Top Ten Strangest Five Nights at Freddy's Theories

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21The Puppet is Purple GuyV3 Comments
22Foxy is Darth VaderV7 Comments
23Balloon Boy is a figment of your headV1 Comment
24Games 1-3 didn't matter, they're a part of the child's nightmareV2 Comments
25You are Golden Freddy

What I mean is that you become an animatronic sometime in the future. The Puppet sends animatronic you back in time to get you or something.

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26Freddy is Michael Scott
27Foxy can sing

Iv'e come up with this theory because in the 2 or 3 night you can someone singing
Dum dum dum.It is unowned yet but could it be foxy

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28Bonnie is Elsa from Frozen

HAHA! Hoo, boy, this is the best one on here!

I need to kick something, this one is even stupider than "Foxy is Darth Vader"

This would explain why he lets his guitar go when he leaves the stage...

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29Springtrap Isn't a Threat

This is true. Springtrap is not a threat. Purple guy's spirit possessing Springtrap is a threat.

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30Springtrap doesn't know you are there

Okay is it just or does he look surprised when he strolls in to the office. Plus he could literally just have learned the error of his ways and tries to save the child of which is just a voice you play to keep him away.
Another thing is he could just not see you when he looks through the window just saying.

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