Top 10 Strongest Beyblades


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The Top Ten

Galaxy Pegasis
Fast, amazing, and kicks butt. That's galaxy pegasis for you.
I have Galaxy Pegasis and it's really strong I blasted Flame Sagittario into PIECES no joke.
[Newest]I just battled L-drago and beat him in 12 seconds
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2Hades Kerbecs
I can't believe one bey beat seven others in a free for all battle and was still at over 3/4 power!
It's so strong it beat rock giraffe and broke it to pieces
He so cool he broke my limited ldrago 2 p tips and he so strong.
[Newest]He is the best
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3Meteo L Drago
I can't believe that its in last place. It has awesome attack and spin stealing capabilities. If used in an attack type stadium, it can be an awesome beyblade. Though it has less stamina than lighting l drago it can be counter acted when used with a flattened metal spike or the hf which comes with storm aquario 100 hfs. Overall it is a good beyblade when compared to galaxy pegasus, ray striker, earth eagle, hades kerbecs. But beware that spin stealing capabilities are minimized when used against flame byxis, or the customization burn bull 230 sd as it has good defense and awesome stamina.
He steals spinning he never lose against my other beys galaxy pegasus and
Legend cyber pegasus
This bey should be first place it went so mad it sent my wing pegasis flying though the window and left a mark on the fusion wheel and broke the performis tip
[Newest]It has two modes assault and barrage mode and unbeatable so it is the strongest
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4Diablo Nemesis
Diablo nemesis has a strongest fusion wheel besides the twisted one and has 3 different modes! It can easily do lots of damage with those three modes!
It is the heaviest bey ever!
It is a balance type!
The bey is all 4d beys in one!
His performance tip X is three tips at once (XF, SD, S) that makes him the best bey I think! Buy it!
Well in cartoon it is a villain but doesn't matter.. I love the bey! It throwed flash sagittario and death quetzalcoatl out of my room in like 22 seconds or something. It send ray striker and my friends big bang pegasus flying! I feel like I love it more when I have it or battle.. As far as I know nobody defeated it. The metal is the what I like the most. Morover in the facebolt has five beys and that g persues, some pegasus, fang leone hand and l drago face showing that it has five bey powers.. Everybody vote for our here NEMSIS! LOVE IT! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
[Newest]Diablo nemesis is the strongest Beyblade and no one can beat it.

5Phantom Orion
It rocks like hell it beat all of my friends beys at school, I think it should be NUMBER 1 INSTEAD OF NUMBER 30
Beats every beys and it rocks and it spins for 7 minutes or more it can beat almost every bey! Buy this and vote this:)!
This bey is awesome because it can beat everything even he'll kerbecs
[Newest]Weak than diablo nemesis

6Earth Eagle
My friend has earth eagle he defeated Gravity Perseus and Lightning L Drago

Earth Eagle ROCKS
Earth eagle is like the best beyblade ever. I tried to beat it with my thermal lacerta but I never won
Earth eagle(aquila)is a nice attack type bey... Very good defense and wide performance tip allow this bey to spin much good very nice bey and it is not expensive like l drago and meteo l drago and is stronger than l drago... Eagle rules...
[Newest]My earth eagle has beat every bey on this list and his tip is the best making him almost unstoppable!
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7Gravity Perseus
Spins left and right! I'm getting it should be first.
Please vote with me!
Awesome bey it spins right and left it beat my evil gemios to pieces and my poison serpent also if you turn the fusion wheel 180 degrees it turns from drench to attack it's awesome
It is so strong that it broke down my rock leone lightning l drago poison serpent galaxy pegasus rock aries
[Newest]It should have been first
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8Big Bang Pegasus
What the heck it is on 16 but in my opinion it is the best its attack is also very strong it can easily defeat galaxy pegasis
What the heck big bang pegasis knocked 3 of my neighbors basalt horogiums out of the stadium at once so he is truly the number one strongest bey EVER
My friends tried to defeat me 3 on 1. But my big bang pegasus knocked all of them out of the stadium. Leaving big bang pegasus spinning. Still with full energy.
[Newest]I love big bang pegasus

9Basalt Horogium
With a rubber sharp tip, Basalt Horogium is almost unbeatable. It has a really heavy fusion wheel so other beyblades can barely push it.
Horogium is the "BEST" Bey it defeats all of my opponents in just a few minutes and still has about 1/2 or 3/4. Horogium rocks! And by the way its heaviness can stand up for about 2.5 minutes. BEAT THAT!
Basalt Horogium is almost unbeatable. It can easily deflect Galaxy Pegasus or any other attack-type beys, and can still last around a minute or so. It becomes a big bully when paired w/ a rubber flat bottom.
[Newest]My basalt Horogium knocked my galaxy Pegasus 5m away from the arena! It deserves to be number 1!
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10Lightning L-Drago 100HF (limited)
I have a lightning l-drago and its pretty much the strongest bey I ever had since I was little. It took all of my other beys out of the bey stadium. Others say that lightning l-drago is weak but I can't prove it to them that lightning l-drago is the best bey ever made by takara tomy
He could kill anyone I launch at him please vote for lightning l drago 100hf (limited edition)


[Newest]Lightning l drago is pretty good

The Contenders

11L Drago Destroy
Yes, ldrago destroy has awesome spin stealing! It could beat diablo nemesis and every bey in the world! And it's 4d tip is epic and is very helpful when battling strong beys like fang leone, Big Bang Pegasus, diablo nemesis, etc. But in the. End it crushes its every bey with no problem! It is truly the most epic and powerful beyblades. Beware of its power, also it's staying power. Both staying power and attack power can destroy every bey with no problem!
L-Drago Destroy is the best beyblade and I have most beyblades from the anime. It's Absorb mode is easily capable of stealing spin and provide a powerful counter-attack. Like Big Bang Pegasus it has a performance tip known as the survival tip that is released when it is lox on stamina providing excellent attack, defense and stamina. Also its attack mode makes it easily one of the strongest beys overall especially in terms of attack and stamina
What the heck? L-Drago Destroy F:S should be Number 1! It pwned my Flame Byxis, Galaxy Pegasis and tonnes of my other beys. It can beat my friend's Lightning L-Drago, Dark Bull, Flame Serpent, Cyclone Herculeo, Cyber Pegasis, Meteo L-Drago, Poison Serpent, Gravity Destroyer, Ray Gil, Big Bang Pegasis, Poison Virgo, Counter Scorpio, Rock Leone and Burn Fireblaze. Not to mention it broke Fang Leone's clear wheel.
[Newest]Galaxy pegasis beg l drago destroy it can defeat it very easy

12Rock Leone
My friend has rock leone it defeats all my beys I think its cool I will also take it he has it with a blue energy ring bl
I know that it is very good I love him some Beyblades like earth eagle can defeat him he even won with burn phoenix think that ginkas dads Beyblade rock leone rocks rock rocks
I think rock leone the strongest bey because it has amazing attack power
Unlike Pegasus who uses all his strength while attacking. I still don't
Know how Pegasus is top of this chart I guess hell kerbecs is really
Strong too. This should be the list kerbecs, eagle, fireblaze, tempo, leone, ldrago and finally dark wolf
[Newest]An awesome bey. My friend have it which defeats any other bey

13Twisted Tempo
Twisted Tempo is a beast bey
It beat my Dark wolf, Burn Fire-blaze, and my Storm Aquario!
It can probably even take on Hell Kerbecs!
It's my favorite bey
The only bey that ever beat this when I used it is gravity destroyer! And gravity should be 1 and this 2
Twisted tempo is my favourite beyblade in my beyblade collection! Because
It has a hard energy ring and heaviest fusion wheel in the world! Twisted tempo's beyblader is very hand some just like me!
[Newest]Won almost all my beys

14Fang Leone
Best defense among all the beys it can also beat the Meteo L-Drago, Galaxy Pegasus, Tornado Eagle etc.
I have Fang Leon and he blasted out my Nightmare Rex out of my stadium
Fang leone is so cool it spins for 48.19 take that all ldargos fang take out 5 girls in my class 13 boys even dark wolf flyed out the ring and 124 leone 6 pegasus all the eagle he has been with me ever since I was born and never lose but I need to fix it but still I hopp you vote for it its a fast one to
[Newest]It had a great stamina that it defeat many other beys

15Vulcan Horseus
Super duper rare! Limited edition! It can pone pretty much
Vulcan horuseus can own anyone anywhere. He is like a atomic bomb! My big brother Jay has been dying to get him!
This bey causes chaos where ever it spins with a super sick spin track and strikes with enough force to destroy just about any Beyblade if you own this bey then you are awesome!
[Newest]I love nile as well as his Beyblade its amazing but I don't really find it at any shops I wish I could find it its amazing

16Storm Pegasis
its the best beyblade in the world
It is the best bey blade it once blew my sagitario out of the stadium
It is the best bey in the wold and I beat three l drgos they are very strong and it beat a legend counter leone and meteo l drago lighntning l drago and ultimate meteo l drago rush with storm pegasus so go and buy it
[Newest]I have it and it is awesome!

17Ray Unicorno
Ray unicorno is so strong that it broke my galaxy pegasus, rock giraffe, gravity perseus and my meteo l-drago into pieces
, that is why it should be number 1
Cool beyblade I have it but its not cooler then burn fireblaze I think because burn fireblaze defeated him so sad
I think that Ray Unicorno (striker) is #2 because he's 50/50 compared to galaxy pegasus but ray striker is ok. That's why I think he should have 2nd place. (buy him)


[Newest]It's a one of a kind

18Death Quetzalcoatl
I changed the performance tip with rock scorpio's performance tip the jog ball which is covered in gripping spikes. I put it in it's better mode defense mode. Any bey that came across it just bounced of it as if it was a brick wall. I pulled the ripcord really hard and the moment it got attacked it seemed truly pissed off since it went crazy all around the stadium. Guess that was why it took out Phantom Orion in 5 hits
It is so cool. I don't have it but I have seen him beat Vulcan horuseus and he beat tempo. Hades kerbecs and sol blaze are pathetic compared to him.
It is the best bey in the world and it is on stopaple and no bey can bet this and you cam no way you can't bet my bey can yon my bey is the besy no yow mo you can't bite my bey no you can't I have the best bey in the world
[Newest]Death Quetzalcoatl is the awesome Beyblade and if they hit there's no damage

19Thermal Lacerta
It is the best beyblade I had ever had. It has smashed many beyblades. I have won many matches with it. All of my friends also like this. They like it very much
This is my only beyblade the only beyblade I haven't beat with this bey is galaxy pegasus it is an awesome beyblade
And you can't beat this thing
He's awesome he rocks and would kill anyone in one strike if you have him you rock!
[Newest]It's the best bey blade ever

20Poison Serpent
I'm planning to get 34 beys 1 Beystadium 1 Bey toolbox and 6 accessory parts
All 19 metal fusion 10 metal fury and 5 metal masters
And this one is one of them
In fact this one is my favorite beyblade of all of them
So I am going to crush everyone's Bey in the world
if you change poisons serpen fusion wheel for themal instead of poison it transforms into an awesome stamina beyblade. he is totally awesome and can even beat meteo l-drago
You suck cause poison serpent will kick galaxy pegasis's ass.
[Newest]It is a 3 snake bey in bey blade. It broke ares

21Gravity Destroyer
I don't have gravity destroyer but I have an ultimate gravity destroyer attack.
It just rocks
I beat hades kerbecs with it.
I like it very much
Ultimate gravity destroyer is AWESOME! He beat galaxy pegasis, hades kerbecs, thermal lacerta, fang leon, meteo l drago, and l drago 2. I've beaten everyone I know.
One of the best defense blade. That thing poped my thermal lacerta
[Newest]It is so cool it can rotate to left and right

Variares is awesome it has ever broken my friends flash saggitario's spin track and sent it flying
The greatest bey in the whole world! It can beat Twisted Tempo Hades Kerbecs Phantom Orion L Drago Destrutor Big Bang Pegasus and Diablo Nemesis. It's really cool beyblade!
I have it... Its very powerful but I still can't beat bastal horogium
[Newest]Variares is the god of Beyblade no one can beat it

23Cosmic Pegasus
Cosmic Pegusus rocks He beat all my beys even Earth Eagle and I bet he can give all of your beys some Kick BUTT. He has awesome speed and attack. Whoever battles me and my Cosmic Pegusus is Doomed.
It is strong, like so strong, it can be stronger than other beyblades, like no other reason!
Cosmic pegasus can beat any one evan 100 beyblades at once
[Newest]I thought cosmic Pegasus and big bang Pegasus were the same

24Duo Uranus
Better than galaxy Pegasus for sure!
It Beats all my friends it even beat phantom orion B
Awesome beyblade-should b #!

25Flash Sagittario
It is so good it totally killed flame byxis. In a battle once it went flying and broke through my window then it was still spinning
It's fusion wheel is not very strong it breaks very easily. It was broken by diablo nemesis
It has a great defends!

26Burn Fireblaze
He is good. He has a good metal tip too? He is Stamina and He beat my brothers Galaxy Pegasus
I think he's the strongest because when he played my twisted tempo he kept him off
Burn fireblaze really is powerful one time I was facing three bladers and I launched first and when the other three launched their Beyblades automatically got a stadium out a little piece of advice don't challenge me or my burn fireblaze cause burn fireblaze is going to burn the house down ha ha ha get it burn fireblaze burn the house down ha ha ha that is really funny.
[Newest]It is a very good bey with lots of stamina it should within the top ten

27Nightmare Rex
It's the coolest bey I have ever seen, the strongest bey having the best spin track and performance tip. It's stamina is awesome and is semi-defense. It ha rex on it, s face bolt.
It does look really cool but its stamina is poor and its supposed to be a balance type and does not have enough stamina
Cool looking but lost to fang leon and flame libra
[Newest]I have it. It rocks

28Flame Libra
I think flame libra is good because he one the survival battle and when he battled pegasus and then after he battled ginka he relized that Beyblade is something to share and it is fun to battle and let all your power out on your oponent and no one can take your spirit.
Flame libra is the second best stamia type it can beat galaxy pegasus that thing sucks if you agree join me and the fight for flame libra
I think flame libra is the BEST because it all my beys like ray striker, earth eagle, pegasus. It out spin all my beyblade yes burn fireblaze to. Sobuy flame libra it great.
[Newest]It has a sharp tip

29Scythe Kronos
Scythe Kronos is Over Powered and I have one, and It Beat All My Beyblades Including My Diablo Nemisis
He's good I think he should at least be #10
Best bey ever I love it?

30Blitz Unicorno
Are you kidding me? Blitz unicorno is at no 34! If you put a rf or an r2f onto this beast of a bey it can beat any other beyblade on this full page. ADMIT IT PEOPLE.
I ts really strong it beat hades kerbecs and ultimate gravity destroyer
Man it actually beat my cousins twisted tempo and my cousin was astonished
[Newest]Blitz unicorno is very awesome because it defeated my all Beyblades.

31Samurai Pegasus
It is beast it beat twisted tempo and hell kerbecs and galaxy pegasus
I like samurai Pegasus I think he should be number 1. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Its the best because it beat nemesis orion quetzacoatl bigbang and everyone its truly the best
[Newest]It is one of the best created beys ever

32Dark Wolf
It is awesome. It even defeated galaxy pegasis of mine. It won against every beyblade of mine. It won against all of it because I made it attack type.
He beat 3 beyblades
My brother has him and smashes me'-'

33Big Bang Pegasus DX
Super cool! Because this bey can be so powerful than any other bey. It can also beat and destroy all of your beys!
I have That its super cool
It defeats my diablo, leo, ldrago all it kill gravity destroyer
I have big bang Pegasus and it is really strong it is stronger than galaxy Pegasus

34Earth Virgo
Dood this beyblade is amazing it beat earth eagle basalt hogorium l drago and many more beyblades
Earth Virgo is awesome! I dunno why the heck it's on the 30th, but it can last for like 2 minutes and it's beaten ALL of my Beyblades! Never lost even once.
It beat thermal Pisces and burn fireblaze it is the best stamina type beyblade I've gotten
[Newest]Earth virgo is the king of my Beyblades.

35Flame Byxis
Very good defeats ray unicorno galaxy pegasis storm pegasis big bang pegasis fang leone rock leone
Flame Byxis best beyblade ever
It is stronger than every bey's

36Beat Lynx
To me, BEAT LYNX IS THE BEST! It could even beat Meteo L-Drago and Galaxy Pegasus and all my stamina types!
It as an awesome spin track it can change its height from 170 to 195 to 220 awesome right
Triple height and fusion wheel change? Definitely best!
[Newest]It's a very powerful Beyblade in the world

37Proto Nemesis
It beat 4 beys at the same time

38Mercury Anubis
I'm getting mercury Anubis and I seen him battle. He can go around the stadium faster than galaxy Pegasus. His stamina lets him spin for 3-5 minutes! EPIC!
This bey cannot beat everyone, but it is very reliable and has good stamina
I beat gravity perseus, vulcan horseus, fang leone and tornado herculeo


[Newest]Its cool it defeated my friends flash sagittario

39Tornado Herculeo
Herculeo has loads of strength. Just using my hand hand to spin him can beat a L Drago Destroy launched with a V2 Launcher he is the ultimate attack type if you don't have him you don't know what you're missing

40Evil Befall
Evil befall is the best Beyblade ever. He beated me thermal lacerta, Cyclone herculeo, and gravity destroyer. You should vote for this bey because this bey is powerful
Awesome Beyblade ewd is a boss performance tip
Most Dangerous bey ever

41Lighting L Drago
This bey is good it can absorb energy it is a left spin I would recommend this Beyblade its awesome
Its the best I bragg about it all the time it destroyed my burn fireblaze
Can I please have your lighting l drago

42Poison Pegasus
Poison Pegasus rules nothing can defeat him if you use him correctly he has excellent stamina and attack.. I play with my bros and they have beyblades in the top ten... And I defeat them without trying!
I battled storm pegasus, fury capricorn, ray striker and dark wolf and I pwned them with poison pegasus
He can defeat most beys

43Flame Sagittario
Flame sagitario can kick someone out of the field in the first 10 sec if played correctly it is one of the lightest ever

What the heck is this doing at number 49! I've beat about all the bey blades above with Sagittario. Fix this
I took his flame claw and pushed it out and I defeated my gravity destroyer
[Newest]Its cool but weaker than cosmic Pegasus

44Ultamite Meteo L Drago Absorb
Its awesome with it's spin stealing capabilities! It beat 20 of my beys no joke! It even beat Diablo Nemesis no joke! I think that it's the best bey ever!. Awesome attack, defense, stamina, and absorb! It is truly the best bey ever! You can even spin it with your hand and can battle no joke!
It's the best bey I have. I would rank it in first for looks and second for attack
[Newest]I ordered him I hope he is boss

45L-Drago Guardian
I have L Drago Guardian and he put proto nemesis in check. No joke it was pretty much a infinity battle, love this bey you should get it now
This is the only defense type L Drago this bey is cool and awesome it is the ultimate defense type it can beat Galaxy pegasus Rock leone Storm pegasus and Flame sagtitaro
It is powerful! It can defeat many Beyblades that get in its way! Even L-drago Destructor!

46Wing Pegasus
How to make it strong
It is super strong, not even Thermal Lacerta can get it beaten.
It is like the ultimate beyblade in the world!
Wing pegasus is a awesome bey! It breaks down bey
[Newest]He is my third best and he was really good

47Rock Aries
Rock Aries is beast every time I face someone with Aries I never lose Top Quality Bey. And ever sense I got this I've been comparing and so, far it's the best and with my oppinion I think it's at the top of the charts and diserves the best. And from range of the best. From 1 to 10 I give it a ten.!
My aries beat phoenix, pegasus, and l-drago in agree for all. Also, on more than one occasion, he flips people out of the stadium!
my brother ronan has been dieing to get rock aries and he just wont stop talking about it

48Gladiator Bahamoote
Bahamoote can use its spin track for breaks to stop he's shelf for making a stadium out

49Legend Cyber Pegasus
I obliterated it an has great barrage attacks and it knocked out every beyblade in the tournements and my 50 friends in a battle royale and they had 2 beys each
I love it! It goes really fast. And attacks quick

I killed all the beyblades that Ihat I have come to my house and lets battle

50Kreis Cygnus
Cyngnus rocks! It's fusion wheel touched ice Titan's fusion wheel and defeated him. The launcher it comes with is strong and also won a stamina match with Duo Ice-Titan even though they had the same performance tip. It also won against galaxy Pegasus, thermal lacerta, tornado eagle, tornado lacerta, tornado l-drago, proto nemesis, poison Virgo, flame serpent, cyber aquario, and zero g samurai ifraid
He the best beyblade I got. He the best defense I ever seen.

51Dark Bull
My galaxy pegasus can beat my dark bull in 15 seconds.
Nice one but can't defeat my variares

52Ray Gil
Awesome bey threw mu galaxy pegasus and my gravity destroyer out of the satdium.
Ray gil is my only bey and it has an amazing attack power and had defeated Rock Leone, Thermal Lacerta
And Evil Befall many times
Coolest looking bey ever of an RSF

53Ray Striker
I mastered it it beats all other other bets it is the best Beyblade ever. It once sent my cousins galixy pegasus flying.
I have striker and it can also beat gravity destroyer.Once I was playing a match with destroyer and striker kicked destroyer's butt.
What ray striker is way better than poison serpent it needs more votes, vote for ray striker it can beat earth eagle
[Newest]He beats all of my brothers Beyblades

54Night Virgo
Night virgo is a legendary stamina bey

55Sol Blaze
Oh my god this Beyblade is awesome I mean it beat my death Quetzalcoatl and my blitz striker oh my god this one is the best you have to get and I'm pretty sure it can spin left and right so it may be an added bonus please vote for sol blaze
Sol blaze has 3 versions: black version, gold version, and red version. It can change from attack to defense by changing its spin track I really want the takara red version like really bad I herd it can light on fire
I am hosting a beyblade tournament at my house. My address is 501 benwick way lewisville texas 75056. 6 action packed arenas. Everyone can enter twenty beyblades per person. The day it will be is june 22 2013. The prize is: golden diablo nemesis and regular diablo nemesis, so see you there.
[Newest]Sol Blaze rules! His type is actually Ultimate! Don't Believe me? Just check the Beyblade wiki!

56Limited Storm Pegasus

57Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Attack
I beat everyone why is it on 76 I enjoyed it a a lot

58Storm Aquario
My storm aqario is so good it broke my big bang pegisis in half its p tip moves up and down. When its down it is awesome it beat all my 31 beys in 1 battle

59Flame Serpent
Flame serpent is a stuiped indian Bey. It's STUIPED LIKE SALHAN its
Owner in Metel Msters.

60Counter Leone
How about I buy this bey

61Rock Zurafa
It should be at 1st rank. This bey defeated all the bey which are in 1-5 rank.
It should be at 5th rank
I have him and I always win

62Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus (Limited Edition)
It is a very power ful bey

63Burn Wolf
This bey is so strog it beat a lot of beys

64Blitz Striker
Really awesome and can make galaxy pegusus look stupid.


66Ultimate Meteo L Drago Rush
I'm getting this bey on my birthday

67Golden Phoenix

68Thunder Leone
He is the best bey it beats gravty destroyer and meteo ldrago
Heys beaten my hades Kerbecs
Leone can win aginst all the other basys eney day

69Evil Capricorn

70Dark Gasher
It is a weast bey in the world

71Samurai Ifraid
It is better than every attack bey samurai Pegasus got knocked in a zer g stadium! You guys who don't like are have not seen it power it sended my soccer ball flying no lie my frindhas 5 twisted tempo and they all went flying
It can defeat every other bey except Galaxy Pegasis, Samurai Pegasis, Meteo L Drago.

72Jade Jupiter
It has great defensive powers in any stadium
Cool. One of the best ones.
That bey is so cool

73Earth Capricorn

74L-Drago Energy Drain
Left spin L-Drago energy drain top's energy drain guards are unleashed when attacked by an enemy and help absorb energy from other tops.

it is my best beyblade.
Very expensive does drain energy but not worth the money

75Basalt Pegasus
It's not in the anime but when you switch the fusion wheel of galaxy pegasus or big bang pegasus with a basalt fusion wheel, you get Basalt Pegasus. It is the strongest Beyblade without a doubt. I have one an it has a 319 match undefeated streak and it is still undefeated. It defeated Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L-Drago, L-Drago Destructor/ L-Drago Destroy, Diablo Nemesis, Hades Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, Phantom Orion, Gravity Destroyer/Gravity Perseus, Big Bang Pegasus, Lightning L-Drago, Vulcan Horuseus, Rock Leone, Fang Leone, Death Quetzalcoatl, Poison Serpent, Blitz Striker, Duo Uranus, Ray Striker, Ray Gil, Nightmare Rex, Dark Bull, Mad Bull, Heat bull, Poison Giraffe, Grand Capricorn, Spiral Capricorn etc. Believe it or not once it broke a Diablo Nemesis X. It also broke Hades Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, Phantom Orion, Gravity Destroyer/Gravity Perseus, Big Bang Pegasus, Lightning L-Drago, Vulcan Horuseus, Rock Leone, Fang Leone, Death Quetzalcoatl, Poison Serpent, Blitz Striker, Duo Uranus, Ray Striker, Ray Gil, Nightmare Rex Dark Bull, Mad Bull, Heat bull, Poison Giraffe, Grand Capricorn, Spiral Capricorn etc. Please don't ignore and vote for it. This item was added on 10 January, 2014.
Are you blind? Can't you see this awesome beyblade in this list? Why aren't you people voting for this? This is the best. It can beat any beyblade. It should be number one. So please notice this item and vote for it. Tell other people to vote for it too.


This is the best Beyblade in the world. I got one and it broke Variares DD into pieces. Once I battled with 20 Diablo Nemesis, 11 Hades Kerbecs,2 Fang Leone, 5 Phantom Orion, 7 Flash Sagittario, 3 Death Quetzalcoatl, 8 Jade Jupiter and 6 Scythe Kronos at the same time and I won though my opponents did not attack each other.
[Newest]This Beyblade is awesome.

And don't forget him!
Inside fury sleep waiting to be woken to dominate themm all I can't think that no dranzer version can be in the. 100 first

77Vulcan Gemios

78Black Dranzer

Zeus would beat any bit beast no matter how strong they are

80Earth Wolf
THIS BEY IS BEAST. It beat all my beys, including Basalt Horogium (made 4 cracks in it ), broke my Meteo L-Drago in Half, and it beat Poison Serpent in one hit. This bey has amazing balance and defense.. BUY THIS BEAST
This kicks ass, it can beat any bet even at half power. Once it took out earth Virgo meteo l-drago and spiral fox in one launch without stopping. BUY IT DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS!
Awesome defines this bey, I've seen it beat:earth eagle, earth virgo, my poison serpent, and I bet it could beat any balance type bey anyday
[Newest]Beats EVERY bey I own and got my heaps of beys after I beat them. THIS BEY IS BEAST

81Storm Leone

82Cyber Aquario

83Hades Pisces

84Dark Libra
Libra is really good, almost every beyblade that hits it, it just works its way back up in a strate form.

85Evil Kerbecs
This is the best beyblade ever. It beat my rock leone, fang leone, twisted tempo beat lynx, big bang pegasus, cosmic pegasus and my jade jupiter

86Thermal Pisces
Cool style and awesome attack which can defeat gravity perseus
Thermal Pisces was super powerful, it can be able to defeat many beys, it was the first beyblade to ever defeat Earth Eagle.
Why is thermal pisces at 84 it should be number 1

87Burn Libra

It can break a beyblade in half.
Striker is the worst. even leone can beat it

89Guardian Revizer

90Bandid Goreim
This beyblade is fully metaled and stylish. You can run it over the world. The beyblade is holy awesome. I have used it and killed some super bays such as hardes karbecs, meteo L-drago, twisted tempo, earth eagle etc. The beyblade design is super cool. The most stylish bay ever unlished. Please vote for my bay.


92Rock Scorpio
He is the best bey blade in the galaxy my brother defected almost all of mine and my friends' beys it rocks people really have to buy him. PLEASE VOTE
It was awesome. I beat my friends storm serpent.

93Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Stamina
Lots of stanima its the second legendery bey

94Grand Cetus
White whale and blue whale are so strong they have to be from the top ten
The best beyblade I have he destroyed galaxy pegasus
Really white and very strong

95Torch Aries

96Legend Thunder Libra

97Evil Pisces
I beat Earth Virgo with him and a ton of other beyblades with him too.
Please vote...
Worst ever Beyblade don't vote
One word : suckish

98Thermal Fireblaze

Cerberus is strong just like in myths
I think cerberus hell kerbecs andhadeskerbecks are the same


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