Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Burst Bladers

The list that will tell you the most powerful BEYBLADE Burst bladers of all the anime also this does not include BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Bladers
The Top Ten
1 Shu Kurenai

He is the best. I can prove it to u now. In the episode where lean has came for Shu as his last prey Shu bursted Lucifer and no one else was able to do that till that time. Also Shu studies the whole situation in the best way like when the storm stadium was shown for the first time everyone else was confused except for Shu. How much more proof do u need to make believe that he is the best

I think Shu is the best. He is so cute and handsome. And he is not dependent on his Bit-beast. He is really strong and tries to improve more. I love shu kurenai very much and wants to become like him. I like his way of celebration by holding hairs with hand. And I like Red eye also. He lose in Beyblade burst evolution cause he is not the main character. He is hard working and a genius blader. And his killer smile. Oh! God. He is so sweet

He is the best has he had defeated lean Walhalla who had burst every legend before him but shu bursted him. Also not to forget he lose the finals in God just by some second and in first season he lost just because there was a crack in his bey. He has the best bey

He is a Good blader he helped Volt a lot and a Very Understanding Person He knows his Targets. And also Caring.

This is my opinion.

2 Valt Aoi

Valt is my favorite character in burst. This guy went from being looked down upon to being the strongest blader in the world. Don't believe me? Watch Season 1 of Burst and when you start to follow alongside him you will see how much he develops. Also this is the true list of strongest burst bladers.
1. Valt
2. Lane
3. Shu
4. Aiger
5. Free
6. Lui
7. Dante
8. Phi
9. Gwyn
10. Delta

Valt is so strong and he can understand what his bey is saying. His bond with Valtryek is so strong and so unbreakable. He also only cares about a battle if it as fun not if he won or lost. I am getting Strike Valtryek soon. OMG I am so pumped!

I voted for valt as well he started off as a complete noob LOL! But lucky enough he found shu to train with and he developed his skills all by himself and he tested them on his friends keep in mind he beat shu in the finals I'm very dissapointed he lost to aiger... #3 blader

Valt aoi is simply amazing. He is just too awesome He should have one against hikaru and hyuga. I will never forgive takara tomy for making valt lose. hyga would not even be half as good if valt wasnt there

3 Lui Shurosagi

He had a 5 tournament streak, way back when. He broke Spriggan, and has a savage blading style. He may act mean, but he doesn't always want to stop on the road for every snot-nosed kid who wants to battle him. He is an amazing blader and my favorite of all of 'em!

I like him because he is one of the supreme four and his bond with his beyblade, Luinor, is awesome! I used to hate lui for destroying Spriggan but he is powerful In Turbo.

This guy... This guy is a legend, He may act like an Antagonist but all he wants are Bladers with a strong bond with their bey, Definitely one of the best Bladers

I like Lui he is sometime's mean but he is nice and he wants to battle strong blader's I like him because he is strong and has a cool hair

4 Xander Shakadera

Xander is so funny and so strong like his bey Xcalius. In turbo when Xander wasn't really seen I got mad and frustrated. Great guy.

Xander is buff. Xander is strong. He beat the hundred blader test. Valt wasn’t able to do that. He easily beat Aiger the same episode Aiger broke Valts bey.

Love his attitude. Always laughing and passed the hundred bladers test. He is also super strong and always does what is best. This guy should be number one!

Xander Shakadera is the best. And I'll tell you why.

1. His bey surge Xcalius is awesome.

2.He has a six pack!

3. His sword launcher is amazing.

5 Wakiya Murasaki

Wakiya is here because in Surge he beat Aiger, Ranjiro, and Dante. Dante was on his team even. With all this defense power he can withstand many attacks. He is also afraid of heights.

Let's face it, we've all been as hysterical as him ever (and if not, you're lying to me)
His jokes and sarcasms were also entertaining, and he was also a great friend to his friends.

Wakiya is so funny as well because of his fear of heights and he also told Valt that your blue face is better than your red face lol

have seen his shield crash it's so cool it burst Valtryek Knock Spryzen out of the stadium burst Hoji konda
this guy should at least be at the top ten

6 Ken Midori

Ken is awesome. I know that he probably shouldn’t be this high but just here me out. One word. Besu. Besu is awesome. Even though he got hit by Shu in evolution he was still great, if he, daigo, and Xander was in surge it would be perfect

Ken always appeared to me as the silent but deadly guy. I was mad they took him out of the show. The turbo version of Kerbeus ( aka Hazard Kerbeus ) has bested all but 2 of my bey I own ad all of my cousins bey which is kinda sad considering I won against his turbo spryzen. Kerbeus has lost to my Geist Fafnir and Zone Lu'inor.

"The puppet guy". That is the only reason my parents remember him. If you say "Ken Midori" they don't know. For me, he is a great, crazy powerful and awesome blader, that makes some puppets talk, wich is awesome.

The puppet guy, how to forget him
That timing they gave for the Keru and Besu jokes was really entertaining
The truth, to be honest, I would have liked to see him in Evolution fighting, and in Turbo too
And no, Kyle in Turbo doesn't count as Ken!

7 Free de la Hoya

Free is so cool that I can't explain he is the no.1 beybladder in the world and he has won more championships that other beybladders in Beyblade franchise he is the member of big5 and he was the defending champion of 4 years and he also defeated lui, valt and Shu and aiger but unfortunately in semifinals he was not lose against valt he forfeited the match otherwise he has earn 2 pts against valt and if his shoulder was not fractured then he defeats valt and then shu in the finals at still become the defending champion and he has also defeated his 98% rivals in the Beyblade burst franchise in my opinion if you vote for free then you will be proud of your choice, Thank you ☺️.

He is the best beyblader I have ever seen he is so cool, powerful and unbeatable beyblader that it can't be explained by anyone. He is my most favourite beyblader.

I am a really really very big fan of him his perfect way of dealing with everyone like any. So great with joswa burns walt auger to one left he is the best of all unique player of all

The most calm person in the entire franchise; he's awesome. Not only do I like his personality, but his bey, Fafnir, just is crazy strong. From the moment I saw him in the Beyblade Burst Evolution theme song, I knew he would be one of my favorites.

8 Daigo Kurogami

Daigo is here because he basically beat Joshua. Remember what Joshua said. “Sunbat United (Wakiya) is no more than a no name D list club. He was also able to change his destiny with aerial double strike. Daigo is strong but not as strong as the rest of these bladers

He was selfish, and rude before, but then Valt came in like a meteorite and guided him the right way. Now Daigo is a great friend and does not like to cheat.

Daigo was cruel in first but after he became honest .He is also very supportive to everyone. He hates cheating he should come first

He is such a good character and big brother! He's really supportive when needed and if he is having problems, he helps other people before even thinking about himself. He is by far my favorite character and I think he deserves to higher up on the list.

9 Aiger Akabane

"Coming out of the red corner, our red supernova, Aiger Akabane!" I never got used to those words, he strives for the best and thinks of the biggest goals even after losing Z achilles. I was kinda mad when he won against Valt in Turbo, though.

I think aiger is one of the strongest bladers and he deserves to at least be in the top 5 or 3. But I don't understand Why aiger is so low on the list like 10th place.

Aiger was able to beat Valt but that was before he upgraded his bay and Aiger has gone all out in most of his battles but he hasn't reached his limit just like valt and shu has reached his limit like in bayblade burst evolution.

Aiger is just like Valt at most places. He has made great improvements in very less time. He can easily be no. 4 at my list.
1. Free da la Hoya
2. Valt Aoi
3. Shu Kurenai
4. Aiger Akabane
5. Phi
6. Lui Shurosagi
7. Boa Alkazaba
8. Silas Karlisle
9. Xander Shakadera

10 Phi

I voted Phi as number 10 because he is the Lord of Destruction and he proved that title. He has the most Beyblade blood on his hands
They’re Vice Leopard
Z Achilles
Dread Hades
Geist Fafnir
Turbo Spryzen
This means he is so OP

I really liked this main antagonist. However I did enjoy breaking a bey irl I just broke the bey with dead phoenix it does do a lot of damage tho, but I did purposely launch hard enough that the bey would hit the wall and launch it self right to the other bey.

Phi is the best. This is one of the only beys to be as good in real life as it is in the anime, and is better than every bey except Lord Spryzen.

Phi is the coolest antagonist I've ever seen.He has double coloured eyes which is blue & red..He looks scarier after he gets Dread Phoenix and when the white part of his eyes become black..PHOENIX!

The Contenders
11 Quon Limon

A good rival for Valt, although they left him a bit of padding
But he's not bad at all either, at least they told a bit of a story about him, and his friendship with Xander, so he's not a bad character either
His bey is also interesting, making backflips around the stadium

Quon is an amazing blader his quezico is cool too quezico is also based on a Mexican legend also his last name is in spanish limon means lemon

I love his bey because I love snakes. I also love his attitude with the skate and his hair colour

I think he so smart and funny and good at stuffs and he is very handsome.

12 Kurtz Baratier

It was entertaining, but what I like the most is his bey
And so ... I don't have much more to say about him either
The truth is that they didn't show us much about him

He used to be the number in the world I hope he comes in surge with sparking bey

Lets go if he gets a turbo bey hell massacre the new big five with aurora khalazar

You are right if kurtz turbo bey he may beat the big five

13 Silas Karlisle

Silas is very underrated blader. He has very easily overpowered some of the best bladers.
1. Free da la Hoya
2. Valt Aoi
3. Shu Kurenai
4. Aiger Akabane
5. Phi
6. Lui Shurosagi
7. Boa Alkazaba
8. Silas Karlisle
9. Xander Shakadera

I am designing all the beyblade characters as furries and he is a skunk furry! Also I just love his attitude he actually thinks rantaro is annoying he understands me...

I only like him because of his beyblade, Satomb, is awesome because of the wheels on his beyblade's layer and driver and he almost destroyed victory valtreyek.

I love him too much! His evolved bey is much better than the first for those who are interested!

14 Frees Deer

Yeah, super duper powerful there was a battle against drum, Aiger, Valt, Free, Lui and the deer but everyone was in a team against the deer and the deer bursted everyone in 1 shot.

Frees deer rocks it’s so powerful and it’s hoove lauch is so strong every thing dies with a simple touch! There’s no stoping this deer especially since it’s frees trainer.

Why is this even here? The deer isn't a trainer but I'm here doing what I want to! Aka I just wanna be weird

He is the one who trained Free so he is beast and he has Deer Fafnir so he should be number one

15 Delta Zakuro

Delta is cool and evil and his erase and venom devoloses drivers can come out isn't that so cool he also has master devolos which is so powerful.

Venom Devalos really is awesome but Delta in his self trains toooooooo much in my opinion. More than shu and that says something.

He is an awesome bladder and his bey develos is very cool . It can spin both counter clockwise and clockwise.

Delta he is a really cool character especially when he uses the clone

16 Ben Azuki

I love the way his bey speeds up when it should slow down and anyone notice he is the only one with an english name and not a japanese one?

What is wrong with you people and what is this list!

Had my first bey

Had my first bey

17 Drum Koryu

Drum is really funny and wow, BC sol knew before they saw his face. I think is one of the best bladers, Drum got better quicker than Valt or Aigor combined!

I love Drum I have this felling drums spirit is really good he beat some of the best beybladers and he always helps his friends and smiles he probably fights with his friends but he still is a good blader.

I put Dante here because he beat Arthur and Gwyn. Remember Aiger wasn’t able to beat them. Soooo Dante is strong. He is also the only one who unlocked rainbow flux

First off his name is DANTE KORYU he was first to burst prime apocalypse and eclipse genesis

18 Orochi Ginba

His ability to hear a burst finish before it happens is awesome, and this make him a really strong blader.

I think his ability to listen when a bey is going to explode is very interesting.

The best thing about Orochi ginba is that he. can hear when the Beyblade is going to burst

Orochi has a advantage he can hear when the bey is going to burst

19 Fubuki Sumiye

fubuki is cute and handsome he is a strong blader filled with seriousness and also he got his bey talents from shu and shu is number here soo fubuki should be number 2!

He reminds me of Shu. He´s super cool, and super serious and powerful. He is NOT a bragger (I´m looking at you, Aiger) and he makes great battle strategies.

He has the same potential to get better just like Shu. He should have gotten more credit in Bey Blade Burst Turbo.

Fubuki is shown in Beyblade Burst Turbo he left to become stronger and he became very strong

20 Cho Z Achilles

If only it was trainer and not his blader, it would have been on rank 1. Giving him this position cam be explained by Aigers's victory over valt and free.

For me Aiger Akabane (z- achilles ) is the best blader in beyblade burst turbo. 2nd comes Valt Aoi, Third comes Shu kurenai, 4th comes lui shurozaki and the 5th is Xander Shakadera

Cho z Achilles is the best in the world and I think aiger who owns this bey should be ranked number 1 in all places.

My favorite mover of Aiger is z breaker, when he gets in his pose and does z breaker he s dope.

21 Zachary Kaneguro

He is the greatest of all. He is hot and has the public in his hands. he almost beat Valt in the semifinals. He is a very fast learner. I don't understand how some of the people don't like him. He is one of the supreme four and that makes a big deal. GO ZACH!

He was a great example for Valt to follow in the series, acting as his mentor.
He is also a very nice and funny character, although he can be a bit dramatic at times

He is sort of hated but I really like him. He is all sunshine and rainbows,and to me, it's really cute!

He is the supreme four how is he not good

22 Rantaro Kiyama

Really I had to feel bad when I didn't see Rantaro wasn't there but still he's really great!

I like when rantaro goes in a match and shows his Japanese fan . He is so funny

Rantaro is so smart and thoughtful and helps Valt. And he is so handsome and cute and pretty.

Do I even have to describe why he's so good?God darn it fine he is an incredibly supportive friend and also funny

23 Boa Alcazaba

Boa isn't given the respect he deserves. After shu left snakepit, he was the only person capable to take his place.
1. Free da la Hoya
2. Valt Aoi
3. Shu Kurenai
4. Aiger Akabane
5. Phi
6. Lui Shurosagi
7. Boa Alkazaba
8. Silas Karlisle
9. Xander Shakadera

Yo I have a balkesh and its impossable to burst for some reason. I went to many championships and won first place with my balkesh.

He should be number 5

He is in the top 20

24 Fumiya Kindo

He has fafnir so he already has a huge advantage over most

Way too arrogant, but has fafnir.

good super is he launcher his uses he when and stadium the of middle the in it placing by uyrok Dante beat He

25 Lodin Haijima

He defeated fomiya

love his special move

Likes luinor

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