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1Play Hunger Games

I wish they would make a hunger games for pocket edition.

I always do this after I get home from work! It is awesome. Especially when you win!

What is not better than the hunger games? When you play this you never get bored. Except from when people glitch and cheat!

Totally, love the pvp

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2Build a Lifesize Replica of Your House

Sounds like I could do it and show my family

Amazing idea, this is one of the reasons I started playing minecraft and it turned out great I think it's something that anyone who plays minecraft should try out.

That must be a really cool thing to do, literally you could live minecraft! I want to show my Family!

Great idea. Creating now!

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3Create a Roller Coaster

Roller Coasters are literally the best thing to build on Minecraft if you want to build a awesome thing! I have one that drops you in the end and you ride into the portal back to the overworld! IT'S awesome!

I have built them before in the nether and the end and it went all through the city I built.

First thing I did when I got mine craft, I built a huge deformed house out of magenta wool. Second thing I did, made a roller coaster. It's really fun to build roller coasters in mine craft and it's fun to test them, although it's hard to get the supplies for a roller coaster in survival mode. - Imreallyboredrightnow

One of the first things I did in Minecraft was (attempt to) build a theme park! It didn't turn out great but it was super fun to build!

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4Have a War

Come on! What is more awesome than blasting a guy with an enchanted bow, and watching him stagger blind and swearing to his house pool to put out the fire engulfing him, now is there?

I love this, I always divide the two or more sides by the color of the helmet. The best it to make forts and traps then use those to help your cause. Especially tunnel wars, they can be the best. Using underground is so beneficial.

This makes use of the complex enchantment system, and what is more fun that blowing up houses? Nothing. Nothing at all.

That would be so cool

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5Build a Minecraft Kingdom

I've tried doing this myself and I kept on adding in things and now it looks great because I have a gigantic castle and a replica of the olympic stadium
Oh and also loads and loads of secret underground bases. It looks really cool from a birds eye view Thanks for the suggestion

Come on, A Minecraft Kingdom would be amazing! With the streets filled with villagers and then the outskirts all having farms with pigs and chickens and wheat. The roads leading up to the castle where steve dwells. It could be awesome guys.

I am in the process of making a kingdom, and I've been at it for 2 WHOLE years! DEFINITELY make a Minecraft Kingdom! If you want to be EXTRA fancy, add some secret rooms behind paintings, and maybe build a secret base!

Really worth it! And you can build and name villages too!

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6Build a Volcano

Okey this would be cool. I mean none of you out there can't agree that a volcanoe's lava pooring out of it and burning a village full of villagers wouldn't be funny!

It is so fun making one of them

When I was building the volcano I noticed that it looked like a really cool idea to build it so I took your advice and built it. Thanks for the idea again. It really made my kingdom look much cooler. Thanks again for the suggestion

Dude this is an amazing idea!

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7Build a Secret Underwater Glass Hideout

It will be awesome

I tried this once, it was awsemome... For 5 seconds it flooded, still cool in that time - mtgo02

Because that is cool

That is awesome! I always adapt to it now and I have made my world one of the best I've made

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8Build TNT Pyramid Then Blow It Up

Happens to every creative world I make

It's fun to do you get to make a giant crater in the world

I covered a village in TNT and blew it up! (Recorded it all! )

It's so fun! I tried it and it's fun!

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9Troll Your Best Friend

It actually can be fun!

Laugh out loud its funny

I like that. I usually troll with my friends on multiplayer writing my username with a "." and anyone will see me. So I can steel and do whatever I want... few people can see a small white spot as a username.

It's so funny to see the things people say after I troll them

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10Build a Big Space Ship

This would be a great idea I enjoy it I am an active person but I would definitely spend my day inside to build something so massive and fun this has given me a reason to play the game again thanks.

This is relly hard to do people take months doing stuff like this

I've been trying to do this for a long time... Still not finished!

Sounds like an epic idea. I should do it.

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?Set Traps for Your Friends
?Create a Town

Me an my brother created a town we have over 20 villager house, over 3 resteraunts, a dentist, a hospital, a bank, a hotel, a giant roller coaster, a museum, a newsroom, a spa, a fitness center, 2 libraries, multiple stores, a zoo, a pet store, a place where me and my brother store our pets, an archery range, we are building a theater, an ice skating rink,
A snow village, and that's about it I think. A lot of our inspiration was from the stampylongnose videos. We didn't copy what he did exactly, but we used some (emphasis on some) of his ideas, oh we also have a jail, a fire station, and a police station. Now I think I covered it.

Making towns is great. You can RP with friends and if built correctly, you can make it a map for others online.

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11Build a Sky City

I will most definitely have to try doing that in my Let's play series.

Took me a long time but it looks brilliant

How cool it would be to have a sky city

I've made some islands in the sky but never a city this is something I want to try.

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12Build a Big Statue of Your Hero

Antvenom and skydoesminecraft al the way!

I'm going to do skydoesminecraft

I made a really good one of bajancanadian! But it took so long I finally finished it but then the whole thing was one block off so I had to explode it and redo the whole thing - itz_izzy

Now how can I do a statue of PositronWildhawk?... - RiverClanRocks

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13Defeat Herobrine

Herobrine's going down.(Anyone else stupid enough to do this, xbox live name Werewolf3700)

I would do this if he was real and he was never real they put the remove herobrine thing so that people would stop photo shopping - ShadowGirl

That would be so cool! This should be ranked higher!

Do it all the time. Piece of cake.

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14Build a 50x50 Castle With 3 or More Floors

I think that would be awesome to build

I've done it. It looks awesome! JUST DO IT PEOPLE! IT TURNS OUT GOOD!

Because castles are usually from the past you can make up your own history about them and it works for pocket edition or Xbox and computer

Oh, please... I built a 200x350 castle with at LEAST 4 floors! - Poopsniper102

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15Defeat Wither while riding the Ender dragon

You need a mod to do it

Ya you can in a mod and I tried to but failed real hard

Have tryed but failed :p harder then it looks

Me and my friend do it all the time.

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16Cheat On a Famous Public Server Hoping Not to Get Banned

I used to quite like doing that. But actually, less famous ones are better.

Go to a survival only server, install Too Many Items mod and change
Your gamemode to creative

Fly under the radar

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17Replicate the Olympic Stadium

I'd totally want to do THAT! I mean who wouldn't and there are so many to choose from. I'm gonna go on google and search which one to do!

This idea is amazing I have started doing one and so far I have done the javelin boxing and high jump.

Tried That one time! AWESOME! You guys should see it, exact replica of the olypic crown stadium in England! - macaddict4316

18Capture Monsters for Fun to Be a Monster Hunter

Wow I love the idea I think its great to do on my world with diamonds. Laugh out loud I lost the obsidian I found in the cavern where the damonds where :(

Oh, what if you spawned a bunch of mobs in this 10x20 room with pistons as the ceiling and squished them. I tried, failed too hard.

19Go On a Killing Spree

Definitely! When your on a killing spree, you get tons of XP and it is just awesome when you go on a killing spree.

This is what I do after my builds are done!

I killed 50 ender men before I lived with half a hart

I always try to do this, but I always die - Imreallyboredrightnow

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20Build an underground base

Really fun but it takes a long time

Hard, but fun in the end.

Did it and know thanks to creepers there are big craters

With dogs in it

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