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Play Hunger Games
I wish they would make a hunger games for pocket edition.
I always do this after I get home from work! It is awesome. Especially when you win!
What is not better than the hunger games? When you play this you never get bored. Except from when people glitch and cheat!
[Newest]Hunger games I do that with my friend

2Build a Lifesize Replica of Your House
Sounds like I could do it and show my family
Amazing idea, this is one of the reasons I started playing minecraft and it turned out great I think it's something that anyone who plays minecraft should try out.
That must be a really cool thing to do, literally you could live minecraft! I want to show my Family!
[Newest]I did it once but I lost the world.


3Build a Volcano
Okey this would be cool. I mean none of you out there can't agree that a volcanoe's lava pooring out of it and burning a village full of villagers wouldn't be funny!
It is so fun making one of them
When I was building the volcano I noticed that it looked like a really cool idea to build it so I took your advice and built it. Thanks for the idea again. It really made my kingdom look much cooler. Thanks again for the suggestion
[Newest]It is awesome you should try it! ğŸ"¥ğŸ"¥

4Build a Minecraft Kingdom
I've tried doing this myself and I kept on adding in things and now it looks great because I have a gigantic castle and a replica of the olympic stadium
Oh and also loads and loads of secret underground bases. It looks really cool from a birds eye view Thanks for the suggestion
Come on, A Minecraft Kingdom would be amazing! With the streets filled with villagers and then the outskirts all having farms with pigs and chickens and wheat. The roads leading up to the castle where steve dwells. It could be awesome guys.
I am in the process of making a kingdom, and I've been at it for 2 WHOLE years! DEFINITELY make a Minecraft Kingdom! If you want to be EXTRA fancy, add some secret rooms behind paintings, and maybe build a secret base!
[Newest]Yes what a good idea I am going to build one tonight

5Have a War
Come on! What is more awesome than blasting a guy with an enchanted bow, and watching him stagger blind and swearing to his house pool to put out the fire engulfing him, now is there?
I love this, I always divide the two or more sides by the color of the helmet. The best it to make forts and traps then use those to help your cause. Especially tunnel wars, they can be the best. Using underground is so beneficial.
This makes use of the complex enchantment system, and what is more fun that blowing up houses? Nothing. Nothing at all.
[Newest]Let's have a civil war!

6Create a Roller Coaster
Roller Coasters are literally the best thing to build on Minecraft if you want to build a awesome thing! I have one that drops you in the end and you ride into the portal back to the overworld! IT'S awesome!
I have built them before in the nether and the end and it went all through the city I built.
Yay wee I play PE an my sister says it killed her and she jumped out by accident I'm going to make 1 that gives you food an smoothies an dispenser I'm using red stone contraptions an glitches
[Newest]Made one that goes on for 6 1/2 Minecraft days... It's still being built.

7Build a Secret Underwater Glass Hideout
It will be awesome
I tried this once, it was awsemome... For 5 seconds; it flooded, still cool in that time


Because that is cool
[Newest]That would be awesome

8Build TNT Pyramid Then Blow It Up
You can do that with the Too Many Items mod and the World editor
(Too many items mod to get nukes but if you are too lazy to install
It you can just use TNT and the World Editor to build it if you are too lazy
To build it block per block).
Happens to every creative world I make
It's fun to do you get to make a giant crater in the world
[Newest]Just blow everything up!

9Build a Big Space Ship
This would be a great idea I enjoy it I am an active person but I would definitely spend my day inside to build something so massive and fun this has given me a reason to play the game again thanks.
This is relly hard to do people take months doing stuff like this
I've been trying to do this for a long time... Still not finished!
[Newest]Great idea castle too Build big mansion

10Troll Your Best Friend
It actually can be fun!
Laugh out loud its funny
Trolling your friend is a terrible idea

The Contenders

11Defeat Wither while riding the Ender dragon
You need a mod to do it
Ya you can in a mod and I tried to but failed real hard
Have tryed but failed :p harder then it looks
[Newest]I need that mod

12Build a Big Statue of Your Hero
Antvenom and skydoesminecraft al the way!
I'm going to do skydoesminecraft
I made a really good one of bajancanadian! But it took so long I finally finished it but then the whole thing was one block off so I had to explode it and redo the whole thing


[Newest]I did that and I made a house inside him! Haha

13Build a 50x50 Castle With 3 or More Floors
I think that would be awesome to build
I've done it. It looks awesome! JUST DO IT PEOPLE! IT TURNS OUT GOOD!
Because castles are usually from the past you can make up your own history about them and it works for pocket edition or Xbox and computer
[Newest]Don't think about the work, think about the result.

14Replicate the Olympic Stadium
I'd totally want to do THAT! I mean who wouldn't and there are so many to choose from. I'm gonna go on google and search which one to do!
I love that idea I'm going to do that right know :D :3 :P B-D
Bye bye
P. S love the idea
This idea is amazing I have started doing one and so far I have done the javelin boxing and high jump.

15Defeat Herobrine
Herobrine's going down.(Anyone else stupid enough to do this, xbox live name Werewolf3700)
I would do this if he was real and he was never real they put the remove herobrine thing so that people would stop photo shopping


That would be so cool! This should be ranked higher!
[Newest]I have done it quick and easy power of creative

16Build a Sky City
I will most definitely have to try doing that in my Let's play series.
Took me a long time but it looks brilliant
How cool it would be to have a sky city
[Newest]I've done that. It's awesome, with all this free empty space. There's also the marvelous views from the city. Plus, it's a city in the sky! What else do to have to say?


17Build a Secret Underwater Base
I built this its awesome! Make sure you build two layers of glass in case you break through the first layer and let the air out!
Great idea! /internet off/ /minecraft on/
[Newest]This is the best

18Cheat On a Famous Public Server Hoping Not to Get Banned
Go to a survival only server, install Too Many Items mod and change
Your gamemode to creative
Change your gamemode to 1 and RUN!

19Go On a Killing Spree
Definitely! When your on a killing spree, you get tons of XP and it is just awesome when you go on a killing spree.
This is what I do after my builds are done!
I killed 50 ender men before I lived with half a hart

20Build an underground base
Really fun but it takes a long time
Did it and know thanks to creepers there are big craters
Hard, but fun in the end.

21Grief Servers
Destruction. I love it. Blow up everything. Everything. Fire. GO GREIFERS!
Yes this should be #1
How the crap r you supposed to grief servers

22Have a Creeper Blow Up Your Friend's House On Survival
Oh, MAN! This has GOT to be the one. Seriously? 37?!?!
Laugh out loud I made this happen and it was HILARIOUS
I did it and it was fun but almost killed myself

23Dig a 20x20 Hole to the Middle of the Earth
On one of my Minecraft worlds I dug a much larger hole the shorter side was a bit over 25 the other was a bit over 30 it got a little tedious after a while.
Came to this site to look for new ideas, turns out I already did them laugh out loud. did this one first though.
[Newest]Cool Just don't fall into the void.

24Create Hogwarts and Invite People to Attend
It's fun but it takes a long time. I did it and it was really fun. The more people, the more fun it is. It's easier on the computer but still awesome on the pocket edition. Enjoy!
Sounds ' awesome. I mean, for crying out loud, it's HOGWARTS.
Awesome I will try someday
[Newest]Plus I read a loot of harry potter books laugh out loud

25Capture Monsters for Fun to Be a Monster Hunter
Wow I love the idea I think its great to do on my world with diamonds. Laugh out loud I lost the obsidian I found in the cavern where the damonds where :(

26Build Statue of Bacon
If only someone would do this in real life...
[Newest]And That bacon was real...

27Go On an Adventure
Did it took ages. But was worth it I found 20 diamonds in villages and caves
Actually I think a adventure would be fun! Slayin mobs and finding witches killing them for sugar redstone and other stuff!
Did it yet again creepers

28Build a Farm
Especially a cake farm I have one that has well more than 300 cakes it is so huge and I am still expanding it except animals always get into it so I made mines all over.
Random farm time! There's plenty to choose from and its suepr fun doing it!
In my opinion it is great build a farm
[Newest]! That is a really cool idea! Now I really want to get the Grow your own Ores mod!

29Make a Factory
I made an army factory and it was sick with cannons and all the other stuff it is a sweet build
I made the Rainbow Factory
I think this idea is good I'll do it

30Build a 10x10 Tower as Tall as it Can be
I did this once and called it sky top hotel
Now I have to build it higher because of anvil laugh out loud... Laugh out loud
- Drmitchell1 4/10/2012 8:25

31Make a Video
I mean, why not?

32Create a Survival Only World
Isn't that something you would do all the time, I mean, that would be brill.

33Set a Pig On Fire
Laugh out loud it is hilarious
Flaming pigs are so much better than regular pigs. The same goes for other players... -gets out flint and steel-
Respect the pigs dudes, they probably have feelings. JUST KIDDING! KILL THEM WITH FIRE
[Newest]Pigs have feelings... :(

34Use Herobrine Skin
It's funny to scare, everyone in a server, but not in singleplayer, and fun to scare a noob!

35Trap Zombies In a Hole and Go Down the Hole and Make the Zombies Eat You
That is so awesome I would smile my ears out and become deaf

36Replicate the Whole World
Can you imagine that the hole world in minecraft that would take like 643871647368726487236478326472846287346872 years
Impossible but amazing fun to try.
Lolut? THAT IS awesome
[Newest]That is not difficult. Just copy the save file

37Make a Statue of Your Personal Hero
Yes statue of herobrine here I come. Just hope nobody mistakes it for steve
Oh great dude!, m just imagine jimi page in minecraft, awesome! I'm definitively gonna do this!
When tough times you look at the statue you made for you personal hero and it reminds never give up like you hero
Make a statue of Kefka Palazzo

38Build an Underground House
Just do it with TNT and call it good that's what I dad and I made a house that was crazy and extraordinary and it has like four floors that is also a gigantic city inside very cool

39Try to Make a Trampoline With Redstone
Because I don't know how to :)
If you know mail to
COOL laugh out loud HOW!
Tell me how to... NOW!
[Newest]It works but it's a waste of time

40Build a Fish Tank
It is easy and fun to experiment. Plus, there is many ways to make one. You can do it at your own expense.

41Build a Life Size Stadium
Did a football stadium on xbox its sick
I made red bulls soccer stadium on Xbox it was awesome.


I've done this in two days it was a good stadium
[Newest]I have done that it is really cool

42Build Giant Replicas of Things Out of Wool (Sheep, Zombies, Creepers etc.)
On XBOX 360 edition I made all kinds of skins and mobs with wool.
I already did and it was a zombie with dog boots, ak47, cigar, sunglasses, axe, chainsa
Solid snake, Red and shiny Pokemon

43Have the Best Faction On a PVP Server

44Hunt Herobrine
Payback for all the grieving!

45Create the Ultimate Remote Island
I did this once. It's basically the bland & boring Skyblock unleashed into awesomeness.

46Kill Yourself
Figure out new various traps to kill you or others
Simplest way to kill yourself (creative mode also working)(but you need turn on cheats) is /kill command
In stylish ways, of course.
[Newest]The best thing ta do!

47Change the Texture
Changing the texture pack makes everything look brand new!
Seriously, they have some epic & FREE texture packs out there.
Awesome! Gives tou a whole new perspective on Minecraft
COOL! I think the memorys modern resource pack is the second best. the best must be my own one called trial pack!

48Make a Huge Castle Complete With Towers
Iv done that! Its awesome
People with bad intentions WILL blow you and your castle up. It happened to my faction. We had 3 awesome castles intertwined with other buildings and nature; it was lots of fun to create it.
Everything was wrecked and looted a couple of days ago =_=

Keep in mind that there are programs with x-ray features which allow for players to find chests, traps, precious metals and such.

49Make a Statue of Your Dog
I've tried it and it's very fun idea! Thanks for posting this :D thank you so much I love this idea!
I'll try it once I figure out how.
I making it and it's going to look like it's sitting down.
[Newest]Ill do that as soon as I get a dog

50Build Domes
A lot of time but is really worth it!
I have been trying to make a domes but I can't❤️❤️❤️

51Make a Stampy and Squid Statue
I already did it months ago. It took forever but I did it and I was proud of myself. 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 CAKES
I love squid and stampy
Squids sky island challenge on YouTube is the best with stampy and L for lee

(Minecraft Xbox - sky island challenge)

52Build a House
It's just in credibly fun!
I've build TONS of houses before and I have SOOO many worlds!

53Throw Bacon Everywhere
This has got to be the best idea ever!
Pick it up and eat it, gross that has been on the dirty grass

54Create a Mafia On a Survival Server and Take Over the Server
The Russian mafia in Minecraft!

55Build a statue of yourself
I am so awesome, so why not have a statue to remind me and my buds how awesome I am?
I've done that. But I had to change it whenever I changed my skin :P
And then blow it up for the sake of it

56Replicate the Island of Hawaii
I took me 3 years 123 days but I did it

57Get a SkyDoesMinecraft Skin
WHAT 52! Skydoesminecraft is my favorite youtuber. He's funny and awesome! I love the squids, they're funny.

58Throw a full stack of diamond into lava
Amazing idea. It makes your bored mincraftian who is sick and tired of building jump up and lose their saggy fat tummy with a good old adventure for diamonds. It brings more fun to the game. Thumbs up to the chap who wrote this!
Who ever commented this is sick man and I give them a lot respect and recognition. I did it thinking it would be a waste of time but it seriously does bring the fun back to the game. This is ownage
Haha laugh out loud yep I hate diamonds I love budda!

59Build a Giant Banana
Hmm I wonder what that would look like
Its not easy making a giant banana in minecraft and also someone built one for me :D
Never spawn minions or they eat this (only kidding)

60Make a Human TNT Launching Cannon
Laugh out loud, there are so many ways to do this! Fall into a pit with water at he bottom, and set a bunch of Dispensers to fire TNT at the exact same time!
Fire in the hole

61Replicate a Monument
Well lets say that would take a long time...

62Learn How to Write Code and Make Mods
Laugh out loud I should try the write code I have always wanted to but HOW
If you are in high school you can take a programming class

63Build a House Made of Diamond
Saw my cousin do that...
Several stories high with almost all the minerals 'cept iron.

64Torture Villagers
Push them in lava, stick them in a cage of mobs, poison them. They're annoying anyway.
Not the ones that trade you emeralds and diamonds!

65Build a City 5 Times Bigger Than Washington
How would you do that? Would you make Washington five times? HOW HOW HOW

66Provoke Creepers Then Run Away
Sounds pretty cool! It'll bring Minecraft into the awesomeness mode!
I do that all the time, I just run past the and give them bread and the don't eat it *sad face* it took me three seconds to make that

67Make a Village Around Your Castle
Suonds awesome can't wait to do it

68Make a World O Fun With Command Blocks to TP to Other Areas
You can get friends on to build and play games

69Build a Giant Lapis Lazuli Skyscraper
It will look pretty cool

70Make a Pet Store With Mobs
I tried this but a creeper blew it up..
I made a pet store but because I don't like googlies so I stay on peaceful
I spawned a pet pig and a doggy wog I also spawned in a horse, I tamed the horse and doggy
I really want to but mobs keep despawning because Xbox doesn't have name tags yet:(

71Make a whole map into a massive city
This is awesome I'm doing this already in my world
Its Just, Gonna take ages but look amazing
What if you accidently set it to infinite?

72Create Your Local Supermarket
I did this and invited my friends to buy stuff. Took a long time but the work had payed off. I had them pay me in diamonds, gold, and iron.
I built a baby clothes shop a while ago with leather armour dyed:^)
I'm going to make a shop and it will be AWESOME!

Yes it might! (my Minecraft pc name is LianaB)

73Throw Eggs at Chickens
It's fun to watch the chicken run from there own eggs :D
Did that and it looked like a chicken had a live baby
You should see my friends

74Do a Gladiator Stadium 10vs10 Skeletons

75Make a Village, Then Invite People to Come and Build and Join Your Government
You can make yourself mayor, or have an election. I've done this before and the end result is amazing. It's so much fun and my favorite thing to do in minecraft.
I did it a long time ago, but what should I do in survival its like everything is like done.

76Make An Army of Cats and Use Them to Scare Away Creepers
I've done this before its so funny
This is so fun! DO IT DO IT! Lolx

77Make a Huge Statue of the Enderdragon
My friend had never seen the ender dragon before so I built a mini version and called it the ender baby. My friend came round and thought it was the actual ender dragon! I told her it was sleeping!
Don it looks brill, hollowed it out and pot the ender egg inside

78Build a Giant Working Toilet
I want t but I don't think I can make it work on pe

79Mine Dirt
Get all the dirt you can get! It's epic! And so much better that finding diamonds
There's nothing like dirt! Man I love dirt! I could collect dirt for hours. you can build so much with it!

80Build Stampy's Lovely World
He is the complete best!
Stampy is my hero laugh out loud

He is so famous!

I didn't make his whole world I just made the creeper coaster and the fire alarm system

81Make Pigs Do Your Biddings
SpiderPig was more interested in the carrot bar

82Pixel Art
I love Pixel Art, it does take time to finish, but in the end you will be gazing upon your art and be proud of yourself.
Ever heard of pewdiepie yeah I did a pixel art on him doing a 'cool guys don't look at explosions' on a barrel
I made my pixel art
Troll face, Pokemon, pvz, minions, nyan cat, and finally MY STATUE! :D

83Spawn a Bunch of Chicken Inside Your House
Chickens r awesome. Do it

84Build a Portal to the End and Nether

85Make Krillin Eat a Muffin
I love DBZ! I'd prefer to make teen gohan though

86Make a Replica of Earth Filled With TNT Then Blow It Up With Some Villagers Inside
That awesome idea if you hate villagers (me too! )

87Make a Temple for Yourself
I've done it and I thought it looked pretty cool
Done it in an npc village.

88Build a Skull Fortress With Eyes That Leak Lava
I think this is awesome 3 stories hight a giant skull that crys lava made out of cobblestone...sweet!

89Make a Torture Chamber
I've done this to friends it is sooo much fun

90Replicate a Whole State
They said STATE not Statue
This could be fun
Building a statue always looks good in minecraft. You may have to change the size, but it should still looks nice. Great fun!

91Replicate a Whole Continent
WAIT WHAT, so I have to build Russia and the tower of Pisa?!


Extremely Hard! But not impossible...

92Go Mob Fishing
I did this once I killed by aa creeper but still funny.
Make it even funnier, invite friends over to play with you and when they punching trees fish a creeper towards them and what you get is... WHAT THE FU BOOM!

93Build a statue of a chicken
I did that and my brother put a door in its butt and claimed it was the doorway to heaven
Mine is so cute

94Use Console Commands
Love it just type tab and test random commands

95Set Fire to a Forest or Jungle
I do this all the time it is so fun!

96Play Spleef & Bow Spleef

97Defend a Village From Zombies
I did it once before I read this one it is really fun usually end up killing the villagers myself, on accident
I have done this on survival its hard
This is actually really fun!

98Make a School
I have done it before really fun took a lot of time but was worth it

99Have Pets
Tame a wolf or an ocelot... Or you could have a pet pig!
Fun adds a fun little bit into game

100Build Your Whole Hometown

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