Top 10 Best 2P Hetalia Characters

The Top Ten Best 2P Hetalia Characters

1 England "Oliver"

I'd say that he's the most diverse from his original form while keeping the whole idea of "the other side of the coin." Not only does he have a unique name (some use nicknames from the 1p's original name like Matt or Lutz) but he has distinct features that certainly mark him as different from his 1p. He, to me, signifies a true "alter-ego," and regardless of what affiliation one might believe him to be (good, evil, or neutral) none of them affect the personality, skills, and aesthetic of the character. Plus, he's the ultimate Mom Friend, what with the swear jar, making sure everyone has something to eat, and whatnot. I know that the 2ptalia aren't actually canon, but this character has been so well rounded by the fandom, that he's pretty much a constant in his abilities and person. He's the least confusing out of the 2ps for me, as everyone pretty much writes/draws/explains him the same, resulting in little to no conflict in how to depict the character. I truly ...more

2 North Italy
3 Canada
4 America

She is so pretty, and yes I said SHE... Because the male versions are NOT CANON, well there were colorless sketches, but still... I love her design, I love Nyo America...

5 Germany
6 Spain
7 France
8 Japan

Japan best 2p so vote him quickly as possible

Yes ge cute

9 South Italy
10 China

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11 Belarus
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