Top Ten Classic Mode Character Routes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Top Ten

1 Jurassic Journey (Yoshi) Jurassic Journey (Yoshi)

The character you can score the highest in Classic Mode with. And given that Yoshi's a dinosaur, reptiles for opponents definitely suit his theme. - TylertheTitan

2 Superheavy Weight Class (King K. Rool) Superheavy Weight Class (King K. Rool)

I like some hard-hitters, and with K. Rool's route, you feel like a powerhouse! - TylertheTitan

3 A Kingdom of Dragons (Marth) A Kingdom of Dragons (Marth)

Dragons are so cool, and they're truly fun to fight. - TylertheTitan

4 Royal Rumble (King Dedede) Royal Rumble (King Dedede)

For a fighter like Dedede's, kings, princesses, whatever for opponents totally rules. - TylertheTitan

5 Variable Weapons System: Online! (Mega Man) Variable Weapons System: Online! (Mega Man)

Trying to recapture the days of Mega Man's old school routes. - TylertheTitan

6 A Quest to Seal the Darkness (Link) A Quest to Seal the Darkness (Link)

This feels more like a variable villainous route to play through than Zelda's (Wisdom Prevails). - TylertheTitan

7 All Original, All 64! (Jigglypuff) All Original, All 64! (Jigglypuff)

The most nostalgic of all the character routes. - TylertheTitan

8 It Can't Be! Space Pirates! (Ridley) It Can't Be! Space Pirates! (Ridley)

It's fun to terrorize opponents on other planet stages with Samus' nemesis. - TylertheTitan

9 New Bloom (Piranha Plant) New Bloom (Piranha Plant)

The most new school of all the routes. (Like reversing Jigglypuff's generational route) - TylertheTitan

10 A Ride? Not Interested. (Cloud) A Ride? Not Interested. (Cloud)

All the stages you fight on with Cloud suit his route very much. - TylertheTitan

The Contenders

11 Wisdom Prevails - Zelda Wisdom Prevails - Zelda
12 Reunited Roster - Wolf Reunited Roster - Wolf
13 A Long Legacy - Mr. Game & Watch

Horrible stages you have to fight your opponents on! - TylertheTitan

14 Best in Show - Isabelle

Isabelle is my worst match-up. And her girly route isn't any better. - TylertheTitan

15 The Teamwork of Courage - Toon Link

Worst Classic Mode Route of the game. Too much going on in each round with horrendous AI. And you can't see where you're fighting!! - TylertheTitan

16 The Red One. Every Red One! - Bowser The Red One. Every Red One! - Bowser