Top 10 Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coasters

These Roller coasters at 6FMM are to me the 10 best

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1 X2

X2 is not only the best roller-coaster at six flags magic mountain, it's the best roller coaster in the world. The ride is unique in that the trains' seats pitch 360 degrees forwards and in reverse independent of the main chassis. Its been known to be the most intense, insane, extreme, roller coaster in the world. Closing your eyes on the ride will not make this fear go away!

X2 the best easily it's insane the first drop is crazy the audio is awesome and the seats rotate that's boss I just wish six flags had more airtime it really needs airtime

I did not like X2 at all my shoes flew of literally at the end of the ride and I also hated it even if my shoes did not fly off It was really scary but I am only in third grade

I agree! This rollercoaster, X2 is unforgettable... in a good way! the way the seats flip around, the way it is backward, the funky music, (Tip: It is best in the inside seat, back row, left side) It is very intense, you don't know what to expect... and it is just the best ride at Six Flags MM, Probably the best in the world.

2 Twisted Colossus

The best coaster at the park. Also the seats and lap bar are very comfy

How is X2 better than this? it is the best coaster I've been on, and X2 is not even in my top ten.

A great roller coaster with smooth track (which X2 doesn't have) and fun airtime hills and inversions, this is a coaster that is both long and exciting. With the racing element it makes it even better!

It's not even completed yet and it is already my favorite ride in the park.

3 Tatsu

TATSU is amazing! It was one of my first roller coasters, along with Batman, Apocalypse, Revolution, and Colossus, but TATSU has long lines, but it is worth it! It is a great ride! If you haven't gone on it yet, you really should! It is the bomb! The loop is one of the scariest parts, but it is awesome! The ride looks scary, but it really isn't that bad. The first time I went I almost bailed out, but I didn't, and it was really worth it.

X2 is a little bumpy. And all pretzel loops are amazing. Tatsu saves the each element in the ride gets better and better and saves the best part toward the end.

Tatsu is probably the scariest ride there but it is definitely the funnest

A Totally out-of-this-world thill! You are thrown around the entire ride because you are dangling toward the ground!
I love this ride and recommend it to all thrill seekers

4 Full Throttle

This was my first "extreme" rollercoaster ever. (Until then, scariest thing I rode was Space mountain at Disneyland). I still remember that sixth grade field trip, me and my buddies going on it, and that damn loop. That was one of the best moments in my life. I thank this rollercoaster for teaching me not to be afraid. This ride is amazing, thrilling, and exciting. A must ride for all who visit Magic Mountian.

Amazing, surprising journey with suspension at the top of the humongous loop. LOVE IT!

This was my first ever rollercoaster. Pretty Extreme. When I got off my dad said they was a hell of a first rollercoaster.

Why is this better than any other coaster at Magic Mountain? It actually has airtime.

5 Riddler's Revenge

This ride is definitely a must-do for any thrill seeker! It does hurt your neck, but is worth it!

Rare B&M stand up coaster

Best ride here!


6 Goliath


#2 Is Goliath #3 SEFK #4 X2 #1 FT #5 Tatsu

Ok, so goliath is a monster rollercoaster and its known for the biggest first drop. I think the rollercoaster is amazing and fast. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT RIDE. Before I went to six flags (first time) that's the only ride I wanted to go on! And the rest were like I don't really care. SO RIDE IT! It might be scary for people but after you go on it, you change and you have a whole lot of fun on this 3 min ride. Fun Fact: It takes about 35-50 seconds to get to the top of Goliath. its over 220+ feet high!

7 Superman: Escape from Krypton

I vote for this because it is one of the fastest, and tallest in the world

I love this ride, but I never get to go on it because the line is always packed.

No thank you I'm way to scared

Even though it is only like 30 seconds long, I still find it a thrilling monster!
You launch out of the station nearly 100 MPH! Then rocket up 415 FT of track, then plummit backwards beck into the station! WOW What a rush! I love it!

8 Batman: The Ride

Feels like you are flying because you are suspended under the track! I loved this ride, I recommend this for all thrill seekers!

I hate this ride your feet hurt so bad

9 Scream

I went on this ride 3times mainly cause it's super fun and cool

It was the best ride and

I went on this 7 times

It's So Underrated And Awesome

10 Apocalypse the Ride

It isn't that scary, its like gold rusher, but 3 times intense. It is really fast and moves you around a lot though.

Super fast and great floater airtime!

Amazing GCI Wood coaster

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11 Wicked Twister

Best ride at magic mountain!

12 Psyclone


It's scary

13 Viper

This ride used to be amazing but the ride has gotten so bumpy this is my least favorite ride at 6 flags!

The Inversion Theory of all the park! Almost every single element of the ride is full of inversions and drops!
I love this and recommend this to anyone who likes speed, turns, and inversions!

It's the best rollercoaster in the world and it's a legend!

Viper sucks, do not ride, it makes your head hurt, this ride should go to hell, they may be removing it anyways, just don't ride it, ok?

14 Green Lantern: First Flight

I can't even begin to tell you how un prepaired I was for this ride. I loved this, but I never knew the cars flipped upside down a bunch of times. I thought It wound just lean you forward and then back again! But, I still loved it!
I Recommend it for all thrill seekers

15 Shockwave
16 Revolution

A Unique ride for everyone! You don't expect the loop because you are burried in trees lots of the time, until you stare straight down on it before you drop in to it! Believe me I never experienced a better rush in all my ride experienced!

Love the new trains better than ever

The New Revolution is fine, but take out the VR headsets, they are pretty pointless.

17 Apocalypse
18 Ninja

This may no be the most extreme coaster here, but this is one of the most unique rides I have ever experienced!

19 Colossus


20 Road Runner Express
21 CraZanity

This ride is so fun!

Not a coaster


22 Gold Rusher

My most favorite mine train!

This is lit best ride here

23 Flashback

It's too extremaly!

24 Goliath Jr.

Now Magic Flyer

25 West Coast Racers

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