Top 10 Reasons Why Disneyland is Not the Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World was once titled the Happiest Place on Earth until it was retitled the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Disneyland is now titled the Happiest Place on Earth, and that's not true.
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1 Half the people don't look happy

My sister and I were NOT happy at Disneyland because my mom forced us to go on boring and stupid baby rides instead of letting us go on the rides that we wanted.

My cousins were not happy either. They thought that the park was boring (and I agree! )

On our honeymoon the first person we went to was to get a bottle water. The person held out a cheddar popcorn and when we replied that we hadnt requested popcorn we recieved the most digusted look as if we personally destroyed this persons worldview and we were scum? Like... (little rascals) Oootttay. Can we have a water. Thanks.

I've been to Disney World, and Disneyland, and at both, half the people don't look happy, the title is wrong.

2 Overpriced items

I bought a Perry the Platypus pet-mode plush there for $14. It was like $8 at the Disney store at the mall

3 The people stink there

It's always the kids messing with the food, and the sweat on hot days.

4 It's too crowded

At Disneyland and Disney World, so many people want to go that that's the result.
Also, it's always that way any time of year.

Nobody goes to Disneyland any more, its too crowded.

5 The lines, lines, lines

I went to Disneyland with my dad, and I went on Space Mountain, and the line was long.
The trip was ok, but the lines were long, yet I heard about fast track passes, and I used that for the shuttle bus, but didn't realize that I needed so many fast track passes per ride, so the disadvantage was, that the security let in at least 40-50 fast track people, and only 8 normal people.
Yet Disney World is the same way, and each ride has long lines and only a few people with regular passes can go on them.

Lines, lines everywhere.

6 It's hot and humid all the time

I went to Disneyland and Disney World, and it is ALWAYS hot and humid there.
I was sweating and having hot flashes.

It's not ALWAYS hot there. Last time I went, it was actually pretty cold.

7 People make you uncomfortable by touching you and pushing you

People are rude there.

8 People walk too slow

I was trying to get onto some rides, and people ALWAYS walk too slow, yet they always disrespect others.

9 There's always a kid whining or crying

I saw a girl crying at Disneyland. I saw her dad spanking her and then she started to cry.

10 Too much Frozen

There's actually less Frozen at Disneyland than there used to be. There's only like two Frozen related things there right now.

Frozen is one of the most overrated movies ever, and Disney is forcing it down our throats.

Stupid Disney today.

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11 Fat people everywhere

Fat people, fat people everywhere!

12 Urban legends
13 People have died

Most of the deaths are from preexisting medical conditions, though some were from suicide or shootings, like a cast member as a victim of the Las Vegas Strip Shooting.

People have also died from being reckless and not following the safety rules, like climbing out of ride vehicles while they were still in motion.

Most of them, save a rare (average once a year) occurrence, were caused by idiots trying to be cool.

14 It's too expensive

Disney claims that it's affordable. NO IT IS NOT.

I spent $100 on admission ALONE! I had to pay tax as well. Everything that's sold at the parks is overpriced. It costs $5 for STARBUCKS and $14 for a SMALL PLUSH TOY! I spent $8 on ONE corn dog and a small bag of chips. NO DRINK INCLUDED. And since I am from Philadelphia, I had to buy airline tickets.

Luckily I have family in Southern CA so I stayed at their houses instead of the hotels, which saved us hundreds of dollars.

This is already on the list genius.

15 They're replacing Paradise Pier with Pixar Pier

Disney, are really that desperate for more money?

Sadly, this is true. Why would they change it?

Thank you Disney for another Pixar themed area that we didn't need to replace another area

No, this isn't true

16 The characters aren’t real

They're just people in costumes (sorry for spoiling your magic, but it's the truth).

I don't listen to you!

17 It's owned by a corrupt, mega-corporation relying heavily on sleezy marketing and phony political statements

When Disney went Woke that's when they lost me.

18 Back then, the costumes looked really creepy

Seriously. Just look up "Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes from the 30s".

19 Perverts
20 Rides break down
21 Discriminating against autistic people

I heard Disney use to have disability fast pass for families with children with special needs who have trouble waiting, can go to any rides back in 2011 though 2013 until they stop doing it after other people complain that letting families with children with disabilities, were cutting in line while others waiting too long and spoiling the child.

That's a lie. I am autistic, and when I went to Disneyland and Disney World, they treated me like a normal human being. I wasn't being discriminated at all.

22 It's nasty there

Try riding the public bus with Disney guests...some are extremely rude and act entitled! That's not ok.

So much rotten food, and so much sweat and dead ashes.

23 The Castle is much shorter and different

We all know Disney World is not the happiest place on Earth, but it does have a better-designed castle that stands out, Cinderella's Castle. but Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's castle, and it's a short and puny one compared to Cinderella's in Orlando.

Walt Disney envisioned Sleeping Beauty's Castle in his park, and it is small because at the time, he and his team didn't have enough money or the budget to build a bigger castle.

Sleeping Beauty's castle looks ugly compared to Cinderella's castle at Disney World.

24 Ride accidents
25 There's no Pandora World of Avatar on it like at Disney World

They should really add their own installation of Pandora at Disneyland, or at some remote forest near it.
As you know, we should connect with nature in such a matter.

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