Top Ten Amusing Alternative Messages TheTopTens Admins Could Have Given Us

The Top Ten

1 The list you have made consists of fraud, doc dropping, vandalism and just awful, for this reason we shall see you in court

If I was a user I would retire if I see this! I doubt that he say other things besides saying that he approve the list!

Superhyperdude, I have reason to find you bereft of all charges. NOT! - PositronWildhawk

2 You sure about this list, it's just a bunch of reasons why you're so awesome
3 This list is so cool, very creative, so funny, wow

I hope admin sends me a message like that when I make a list! - CardboardBox

Oh, please, you guys flatter me... - PositronWildhawk

That would make the day of any user who receives this. - Kiteretsunu

We honestly do think this about lists quite often. - Finch

4 We have improved the 1,685,378,624,075,084 installment of why Justin Bieber is a nazi

Wow, have you been keeping track? - PositronWildhawk

I think a list like that would get lots of votes - CardboardBox

5 You have to have some titanium balls to make this offensive list

I have thought this a lot. - PositronWildhawk

6 Hi... this list has some few problems like... lots of problems, you have problems

This made me laugh! I'm always expecting one like this from admin. I hope one day I do because I have such a great comeback... - Britgirl

I guess there could have been some lists that made admin think like that, because... Well.. Anyone can make a list. - Kiteretsunu

7 This is some great Darude Sandstorm banter
8 I mother****** **** ** ***** **** **** **** ******** **** love this ****

That's one way to say you like the list... - CardboardBox

9 Ok, so we just read this list and it didn't make sense so, we're just going to approve it so people can solve this

There are definitely lists that take some work to decipher. - Finch

Haha! I've read some lists like that! - funnyuser

I wish that would be sent to me! Haha! - Wolftail

10 This list is too emotional to be approved so we've merged it into the list of feels
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