Top Ten Amusing Epitaphs

The Top Ten Amusing Epitaphs

1 Here lies Willie, couldn't find a gal. Every girl he wanted, was lookin' for a pal. Now after all those years, he finally reached his goal. But it took a heart attack to put Willie in a hole.

This made me laugh so much! I'm going to have to remix this list, thank you very much! :). - Britgirl

2 Well THAT was fun!
3 Here lies my wife, I bid her goodbye. She rests in peace and now so do I.

"I put my husband beneath this stone, for his repose and for my own." - Britgirl

4 Was always lookin' for the light at the end of the tunnel. When he finally found it, it was a train.
5 I'd rather be here than Scotland

Whassamatta? No taste for haggis? ;).

6 On the 22nd of June, Jonathan Fiddle, went out of tune.

It's called "Fiddler's Elbow" He was probably always up and down with it ;). - Britgirl

Too much rosin on the bow;).

7 I will not be right back after this message
8 Opening times: 00:00 - 06:00
9 If you are close enough to read this...Get off of me!
10 I logged in, had a look around, played around and logged out

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11 Looked up the elevator shaft to see if it was on its way down. It was.
12 He loved bacon (oh, and he loved his wife and kids too)
13 What the hell happened there?!
14 Here lies my husband - stiff at last

Cruel. Very cruel.

15 I was too old to die.
16 Overdosed on Viagra. His wife took it very hard.
17 I love my life!
18 Here lies Dad. Dad loved women. Mum found out. Here lies Dad....

This. Is. Hilarious:)).

19 Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na hey-hey-ey goodbye.

Met the bass player who was running a tiny little electronics shop, where he mended the circuits on a power booster I used to overdrive my harp amp. The gold record for "Kiss Him Goodbye" was right there on the wall. Was kinda depressing, actually.

20 He was a good husband, a wonderful father, but a bad electrician
21 Writer's block slowly did him in. Bad case of communication constipation.

Must be a very rare case. I've never heard of anyone else who suffered with it. You'll be missed. - Britgirl

22 Farewell to much loved T.V. Just couldn't compete with the internet. Gave great shows and lasting memories. Shall be greatly missed.
23 Knock knock.....
24 Son of a motherless goat!

Ooh... Ya ANIMAL lover, ya! ;)).

25 I saw her from across a raging river, and my damned bulldog pulled me in
26 I saw a distressed man and his bulldog in a raging river. I jumped in to save his bulldog...
27 He died with her boots on

He was wearing hot-pink thigh -highs?! - Britgirl

28 I told you I was sick.
29 I made some good deals and I made some bad ones. I really went in the hole with this one.
30 Clara Voyant. She never saw it coming.
31 She lived each day as if it were her last. Especially this one.
32 Here lies Fred, wearing a fetching wooden overcoat. Best dressed he's ever been
33 I will be a zombie someday. Beware.
34 Hey! Joke's over! Get me outta here!!
35 Norman. Died from exhaustion. Greatly missed by his 18 children
36 Oh, zee moon! Oh, zee June!... Oh, zut! - Zee hooz-band!
37 The spirit will linger, giving cretins the finger.
38 Naive lady passed away after drinking what she thought was sweet vintage wine, without realising it was corked
39 Here lies old Beth - couldn't tell the truth, even in death
40 Sid and his Longest Live Burial World Record Attempt
41 I knew if I stayed around here long enough, something like this would happen.
42 I came upon this stone and thought, "She cannot lift it." So I bought.
43 Here lies my husband. He loved my cooking.
44 RIP, NORM. He died laughing at this list
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