Best Armor Level Digimon

The Top Ten
1 Allomon
2 Gargoylemon
3 Pteramon
4 Submarimon
5 Tylomon
6 Magnamon
7 Stegomon
8 Flamedramon
9 Raidramon
10 Shurimon
The Contenders
11 Archelomon
12 Digmon
13 Halsemon
14 Pegasusmon
15 Nefertimon

Nefertimon Design:

An white quadripedal Digimon whose appearance is a cross between a Gatomon and a sphinx. Its has two white feathery wings on its back and its tail has purple stripes with a tufts of purple hair on the end of its tail. Its wears a silver and gold armor on its head, front legs and torso, and wear a silver mask that covers its face. the armor bears the Crest of Light.

16 Thunderbirdmon
17 Sagittarimon
18 Maildramon
19 Rapidmon
20 Toucanmon
21 Shadramon
22 Bucchiemon
23 Depthmon
24 Rinkmon
25 Lynxmon
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