Attack on Titan Fan Theories

Sorry people,I just have a really huge love of Attack on Titan. Plus these are only fan theories. SPOILERS! Some theories are from ScreenRant
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1 Titans are People

Well they’re not wrong-

2 The Ackermans Can't Kill Titan Shifters
3 The 9 Titans Have a Specific Purpose
4 The Story is About Ragnarok
5 The Ackerman Family is the 9th Titan
6 One Titan Shifter Will Eat Others
7 Armin is the Narrator
8 Titans are Made of Yeast
9 My Eren Theory
10 Titans Eat Humans Because They Want to Be Human

Confirmed to be true. They do want to be humans. - TwilightKitsune

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? Eren Becomes a Scout Commander
? Eren Loves Mikasa
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11 Armored Titan is Abomination
12 Eren Has a Fire Ability
13 Eren Married Pieck
14 Man Bun Eren is Walter C. Dornez
15 Attack Titan Has a Normal Mouth
16 Eren Founding Titan Has a Body
17 Eren Becomes a Male Titan
18 Eren Eats Zeke
19 Eren Can Throw Titans
20 Eren Becomes a King of Titans
21 Attack Titan Can Talk
22 Attack Titan Says Attack Titan Smash
23 Attack Titan Has Normal Ears
24 Attack Titan Has a Normal Face
25 Levi Eats Zeke
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