Top 10 Most Annoying Mario Kart Tracks

This list will include any main series tracks (arcade tracks don’t count). I’m basing this list on how annoying the obstacles are and how difficult it is overall.

The Top Ten

1 SNES Rainbow Road SNES Rainbow Road

Poorly made course that is both unfair and boring. It doesn't even look good like the other rainbow roads - kempokid

People playing Mario Kart 7 online, please stop picking this track over and over to farm points. It gets old REAL fast. - Zach808

I agree every single rainbow race track is awful and really difficult and whenever you turn you fall off the course! - steelers1979

Hope you know how to drift, cause if you don' will fall a lot!

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2 N64 Toad’s Turnpike N64 Toad’s Turnpike

The track is way more frustrating in mirror mode as the cars are coming right at you and there a lot harder to avoid. - egnomac

Exactly if I was taking mirror mode into consideration for this list then this stage would be way higher on the list

This is obviously referring to the original version. The one where the cars were nonstop and if you hit one you were tossed into the air. And don’t get me started on mirror mode

If you're talking N64 version, ok.
If you're talking Mario Kart 8 or Deluxe, you need to think for a minute about what you've done. - mattstat716

3 Baby Park Baby Park

This is pretty obvious because of the items being so chaotic

When people say the track is frantic, I thought they mean it was covered in items and not just a few items throughout the track.
either the items keep hitting the CPU's (as in I got bad luck) or I just got Expectation vs. Reality'd. - Qryzx

Ha, this one is complicated but, if you think it’s bad alone, try doing frantic mode on Mario Kart 8. You can’t go a foot without being hit with something - PackFan2005

4 Rainbow Road Wii Rainbow Road Wii

You would not believe how annoying this course is. I fall something like 4 or 5 times on every course. - PackFan2005

My brother gets really mad every time I choose this place. - Drawbox

This shouldn’t be a surprise but this rainbow road is definitely one of the hardest ones. There’s almost no guardrails and you feel out of control because of the speed boosts and sharp turns.

This is my favorite track, I’ve played it so much that I’ve kind of mastered it. I can play the whole thing without falling off

5 Vanilla Lake 2
6 (GCN) Dry Dry Desert
7 Neo Bowser City Neo Bowser City
8 N64 Rainbow Road N64 Rainbow Road

Honestly, this is the easiest Rainbow Road of all of them because the track is a nice size and the corners are wide - Mcgillacuddy

In the original game it took so long to finish a lap and it has guardrails the whole time which sounds nice but then there’s the chain chomps that are in the just the right spots to make them annoying and since there’s nowhere for the cpu to fall off, if you fall behind 3rd-4th place good luck catching up

9 Grumble Volcano Grumble Volcano

This map is hard because I fall in the lava, but at least sometimes I am 2nd!

The first lap isn’t too bad but by lap 3 you have to make some kinda sharp turns and be able to dodge incoming fireballs and lava.

10 GBA Rainbow Road

No guardrails? Check. Bouncy edges? Check. Narrow track? Check. Lightning clouds above the track? Check. Super Circuit's god-awful steering? Check. It's a perfect storm of pain and suffering. - Zach808

Probably the next worst rainbow road after snes rainbow road

The Contenders

11 Moonview Highway

Moonview Highway is perfect for those who like chaos. Put on frantic items. Bam, let the carnage ensue. - mattstat716

This is basically toads turnpike - Randomator

12 Wario Gold Mine (Wii) Wario Gold Mine (Wii)

What the...all these tracks apart from Baby Park are super fun and interesting to race on, so they're perhaps the least annoying of the lot in my books. - Entranced98

Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Wii is so easy compared to this track. - thunderstar1124

Those bats piss me off so much - YOSHIA2121

This one just barely makes the cut. Obviously I’m referring to the original version but What makes this one annoying is mine cart section. My God this section is extremely chaotic. If you hit a mine cart you’re getting knocked back. Also there’s a few really steep parts of the stage that you feel out of control for a brief moment because someone could easily hit you with something or knock you off.

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13 N64 Bowser Castle N64 Bowser Castle

This one is here only because of the amount of things you have to avoid. Fire, a room of 5 thwomps, a room with two thwomps coming at you, thwomps moving sideways narrow sections, a big jump, and sharp turns! It’s a lot to deal with which earns it a spot on this list

14 Choco Island 2
15 GCN Rainbow Road GCN Rainbow Road

Now look I don’t think this rainbow road is too challenging but it’s very floaty which makes playing it a little weird. It takes some getting used to for sure.

16 Bone-Dry Dunes
17 DK Mountain (Mario Kart: Double Dash) DK Mountain (Mario Kart: Double Dash)

This stage isn’t that hard but it can be annoying because in the original version the mountain was very bumpy and there’s also some boulders that you have to avoid. And the turns can be tricky. Then there’s the bridge section which is the scariest part of the stage because it’s narrow and it’s shaky so it’s very easy to fall off. And that’s not even considering how close it is to the finish line. So basically if you get hit by anything while on the bridge you’re going to fall off

18 Sunshine Airport Sunshine Airport
19 Excitebike Arena (Mario Kart 8)

I guess this makes sense because of the changing layouts

But I like it - mattstat716


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