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21 Bowser Jr. vs. the Koopalings (Mario)

Many hate on Bowser Jr. too much just because he's not the Koopalings. That doesn't stop them from appearing in new games as well.

22 Karel vs. Harken (Fire Emblem)

I swear that Karel has one of the worst hatedoms because of this. I kind-of wished that you could recruit both characters at the same time instead of just one of them, cause that way this character war would never have happened. Just saying'.

23 Roy vs Ike (Fire Emblem)

It mostly happens in Brawl where Roy fans get angry at Ike for "stealing his spot" in brawl - ParkerFang

24 Mario vs Any Video Game Protagonist (Mario/Anygame)
25 Daisy vs Everyone in Mario (Mario)

"Daisy needs to appear in more because she's better than (any female character)."
"(Any character) is better than Daisy who's always saying "HI I'M DAISY" - ParkerFang

26 Rosalina vs Everyone in Mario (Mario)

"Rosalina is the best character. Screw whoever disagrees."
"Rosalina is stealing (any character)'s spot. I HATE HER! MOMMY! "
enough said - ParkerFang

27 Twintelle vs Min Min (ARMS)

Should be higher

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