Most Annoying Things About Anti-Bronies/MLP Haters

Made this list based of MLP haters' comments and SnowyAqua's comments. Here the most annoying things about anti-bronies! If you hate MLP, don't vote on this list or you will get triggered.

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1 They bully users just because they like MLP.

I know right? This list is true. I personally hate MLP, but there is no absolute reason to hate on the fans just for liking it. Many MLP fans I met are very nice and make good friends. People hate this fandom because men like a feminine show, which there is nothing wrong with that. - AnimeDrawer

Ummm is it ok if I just don't like mlp but I don't bully or care about anyone who likes it cause it's their opinion

I am like that too, finally someone who thinks the same. You deserve a trophy. - AnimeDrawer

Stupid people. - Garoto_Oceano

I said this many times already but again you already know what happened to mlpyes_pawpatrolno, two users bullied her just for liking the show and they claim they're nice? - Neonco31

Wow, that is just how messed up humanity can be. Why bully someone for enjoying something? - AnimeDrawer

2 They discriminate and don't let you like things that aren't similar to our genders.

That is pretty sexist if you ask me. We are allowed to like anything that is not meant for our gender, we are humans. Their shouldn't even be a category of girl shows and boy shows, even though it exists, because a different gender can enjoy it. - AnimeDrawer

We are allowed to like somethings without judges it by genders. - ChatNoirFan18

I was a 4 year old girl who loved shows aimed towards boys, like the original Ben 10. - AnimeDrawer

3 They called MLP fanboys "gay", "feminism" or "girly".

If they think so of this, why did they not attack Power puff Girls fans in the first place, it's also a girl show - Neonco31

A T.V. show can't make you gay. - egnomac


4 They keep shoving their MLP hatred down people's throat.

That is true, here is the typical MLP hater:

"Oh, bronies are gay and like a girly show, they need to die" - AnimeDrawer

5 They send death threats to the fans

That is true, they tell bronies to kill themselves for liking a show with female protagonists and being a fan of it. - AnimeDrawer

6 They claim that they are cool dudes just because they hate MLP.

Excuse me? Hating on MLP fans for liking something is cool? That is so not cool. - AnimeDrawer

7 They drive the fans to suicide

And what's even worse is they still claim Michael "should have died" or something. Do these dumbass retards even know death threats are illegal? And I'm sure their children are going to become great adults...

That is just mean, I would want to punch those jerks in the face who think that an innocent dude who was an MLP fan deserved to die. - AnimeDrawer

And they keep claiming we crossed the line and not them, hypocrites! - Neonco31

I'm thinking about Michael Morones here. Pity him, he called as "gay" by his classmates only because he likes mlp and almost committed suicide. - ChatNoirFan18

8 They only hate MLP just because it's overrated and girly.

But to tell the truth, this show is far from being the worst. The Problem Solverz, Barney And Friends, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and many other shows are far worse. - AnimeDrawer

To be honest, MLP is overrated, but that is not the reason I hate it, though it kinda gets repitive to see it on the internet. I watched the show and it is kinda boring in my opinion and I think it is too girly for my like, but it is fine if dudes like it, I mainly hate it because I can't stand Rainbow Dash. - AnimeDrawer

Overrated is'nt automatically Bad but they say it's so for MLP and not other shows like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time? - Neonco31

Those shows I have to admit are all overrated, but they are not bad. - AnimeDrawer

9 They are hypocrites.

Yep, they are. They claim bronies are being mean to them, yet they hate on them just for enjoying a show. - AnimeDrawer

They called bronies are disrespectful, although theyself are disrespectful. - ChatNoirFan18

If not, more disrespectful. Bullying someone for enjoying something is just wrong on many levels. It is like if you are happy listening to the Beatles for example, and then people make fun of you and force you not to enjoy it. It can really ruin lives. - AnimeDrawer

10 They called MLP an "abomination" or "parasite".

And bronies "low-lives" eh? I prefer being an outcast than watch the all utter crap they have today - Neonco31

Abomination? Real abominations are Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Mr. Pickles, and Uncle Grandpa. I hate this show, however, it is far from being the worst. - AnimeDrawer

The Contenders

11 They don't realize that all the TV shows can be both genders.

Girls can like boy shows and boys can like girl shows, there is nothing wrong with that. - AnimeDrawer

Agreed with AnimeDrawer. I like Winx, but this is not a problem. - BorisRule

12 They only hate MLP because it's popular
13 They overreact about MLP
14 They make offensive jokes about the show and its fans

Death jokes all over it. What if I direct one at them, how will they react then? - Neonco31

15 They called Twilight Sparkle a mary sue.

She is not perfect. When I used to watch MLP, Twilight Sparkle was not perfect, she had plenty of episodes where she made mistakes. - AnimeDrawer

I don't think Twilight Sparkle is a mary sue. - ChatNoirFan18

Cancer - Neonco31

The Twilight Sparkle hate does get annoying. I actually hate Rainbow Dash, she is one of the reasons I hate MLP. - AnimeDrawer

16 They have to make opposite versions of good mlp lists.

Aka MLP Bashing Comparisons Lists. Seriously, people never stop made bad MLP lists only because they hates the show. Just stop shoving your hatred down people's throat, please! - ChatNoirFan18

Like the time Cosmo made an offensive list called"Reasons to hate My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic" when there's a list called"Reasons to love My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic".-ApplejackFan

17 They hate people, who are neutral to MLP, and count it as a liking the show

Dude, being neutral and liking are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! - BorisRule

18 They get hurt when an MLP item is on a good list
19 Some of them don't hate my little pony as much as they say they do
20 They bandwagon to make themselves look cool
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Top Remixes

1. They bully users just because they like MLP.
2. They called MLP fanboys "gay", "feminism" or "girly".
3. They claim that they are cool dudes just because they hate MLP.
1. They send death threats to the fans
2. They discriminate and don't let you like things that aren't similar to our genders.
3. They keep shoving their MLP hatred down people's throat.



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