Top Ten Assassin's Creed: Black Flag Characters

The Top Ten

1 Edward Kenway

Why the heck is blackbeard first kenway taught me that when people mess with you don't sit around being a target and show them who is boss because you are brave and you should admire who you are and if you are that person tell them because edward faked being Mr. Walpole until he showed people of the carribean that he was a pirate so I think edward kenway is the best character

2 Ed Thatch/Blackbeard
3 Bartholmew "Black Bart " Roberts
4 Mary Read
5 Stede Bonnet
6 Woodes Rogers
7 Ben Hornigold
8 Adewele
9 Charles Vane
10 Anne Bonny

The Contenders

11 John
12 Governor Torres
13 Jack Rackham
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