Top Ten Avatar Couples and Ships

The Top Ten Avatar Couples and Ships

1 Zuko x Katara - Zutara

These two have so much in common and have such a deep and understanding chemistry that it's almost divine. These two were written as Twin Flames, two souls that were originally one but split to go on similar journeys and help bring the world into balance. There is a lot of symbolism with their relationship that resembles the Twin Flame connection:
Water/Fire, Moon/Sun, Yin/Yang, Cold/Hot, etc.

They both lost their mothers the exact same year. They both felt abandoned by their fathers; however, Zuko's father was around but didn't love him. Katara's father loved her but was never around. Zuko let Katara, his enemy, touch his scar, which was something he let no one do.

There seemed to be a deep level of intimacy and understanding right from the start when they actually had alone time together, just like with Twin Flames. Despite the fact that Katara was the last person to accept Zuko, she grows the closest to him in the shortest amount of time. She grows so close to the ...more

Katara is a good girlfriend for zuko and mai is just a bad influence for zuko

Give me a happiness and vote & ship 4 zutara for me and the fans for them & to me. Zutara is the greatest lovers of all time

I'm so psyched about avatar Series on netflix and I liked lovers between zuko & katara together but aang is too young for katara

2 Katara x Aang - Kataang

All relationship has a concrete foundation. In this case Aang and Katara has a strong friendship; we'd do anything to satisfy their happiness, and that friendship blossom into a beautiful ship canon

I mean, it's canon. And it's a sort of unshakable feeling that these two were kind of destined for each other; otherwise, it would have been someone else who freed Aang from that iceberg.

Even if Kataang was canon, they were still the perfect couple for each other being that Katara can get hot-headed, Aang can calm her down and when Aang is in the Avatar State, only Katara can calm him down from it. They balance each other out.

It's the classic ship, and it works so well! Katara originally hated Zuko, but Aang and Katara always worked. They understood each other, and they had been through more together than Katara and Zuko (unless you count them battling, but I'm not sure that supports Zutara). Also, many say that Zutara "visually" works. They're both teenagers so it's better, Zutara fans state. But let me point out - Katara and Aang only have a 1 year age difference, while Zuko and Katara have a 3 year age difference. Last but not least, even the WRITERS supported it! The original creators! They got married and had 3 kids, so clearly they were always meant to be together.

3 Korra x Asami - Korrasami

This needs no real explanation; Korrasami's relationship is valid. Even with a bumpy beginning, their relationship developed well in the later books. Such a shame Nickelodeon couldn't show anything more than a hand hold.

Only lgbt couple in both shows and works really well with Korra's hotheaded nature and responsibilities with Asami's calm, loving nature and her greatness at helping Korra.

One of my favorite ships in cartoons - BreakFastBeast2005

Biggest troll ship ever, which is why I love it. Plus Korra and Asami go well together, they aren't constantly fighting like Korra and Mako was.

4 Sokka x Suki - Sukka

Especially given that they are a secondary couple and don't get much screen time, their relationship is really well developed and healthy/mature

- they actually communicate even if it's difficult (i.e. Sokka saying he's not ready to kiss her in Serpent's Pass)
- they're very supportive of each other (Suki thinking Sokka's awful sculpture is sweet because the thought that counts and enjoying his dumb jokes)
- Their personalities balance well - Sokka is the goofy one who helps her enjoy life more, Suki is a bit more grounded and helps him be more grounded/mature too but they also both have fun together
- They're very affectionate with each other without feeling forced, both big gestures (tent scene, kisses) and smaller ones (Suki holding his hand to reassure him of a decision in Boiling Rock, Sokka's reaction to even hearing her name)

Best canon ship ever because both non benders and they are so cute together

These two are just... great for each other. The onscreen chemistry is a good enough explanation.

They're so so cute together and they're my favorite canon ship. Suki also proves Sokka wrong about women and actually changes him as a character.

5 Zuko x Maiko

I don't like mai she's a bad influence if u ask me

Wait, does this say "Zuko x Maiko"--

Okay, so I really love Mai as a character, but as much as I love her, I feel like she's the type of character to not end up in a major relationship with anyone by the end of the series, the same with Zuko. Zuko's character development was phenomenal and it makes no sense as to why he ended up with Mai in my opinion. Mai didn't play so much as of a big impact for Zuko's face-heel turn (or was it heel-face turn? idc) In other words, Mai didn't really change Zuko for the better. Supported him? Yes she did, The Boiling Rock episode sort of redeemed her character, but not so much.

The reason? well, maybe because she didn't really have much of a major background like Zuko does and that she hadn't really kept in touch with him in the duration of his banishment? Also, she's not as emotionally driven as Zuko so they would both kind of end up in this never-ending loop of an on and off relationship, they don't understand each other at all. (I.E. "At least I feel something! You're just a ...more - sakamotos

I love this ship. I kind of like their edgyness

6 Aang x Katara - Zutara

Aang x katara = worst couple
zuko x katara = best couple ever


7 Varrick x Zhu Lee - Zhurrick

Even with its ups and downs, this is still one of the cuter ships in LOK.

While I probably like Zutara and Sukka more, this ones just so cute and underrated I had to give it my vote ❤️❤️

8 Bolin x Opal - Bopal

Bopal is my favourite ship! Dude they’re so cute together!

9 Toph x Sokka - Tokka

They totally get each other! They are such great teammates and friends. Plus you already know that Toph likes him, they give hints throughout the series. Tokka forever!


10 Bolin x Eska - Boleska

The Contenders

11 Ty Lee x Azula - Tyzula

These two are just... a d o r a b l e? ? ?
Well, since some fans speculate that Azula was driven over the edge especially when Ty Lee betrayed her, it would sort of make sense that Azula held Ty Lee in a high regard enough for this ship to make sense.

so cute

12 Sokka x Yue - Yuka

Sokka and Suki are great, but I feel their relationship is only based on the physical aspect of things. While Yue and Sokka still had their share of romantic kisses, they spent so much more time talking. Sokka and Yue have such a meaningful relationship. My gosh... In my opinion, they are a model couple. Remind me why they're on the bottom?

The only moment when I cried in this series. Such a beautiful relationship. He has never forgotten her, and still thinks of her when he sees the moon. That's true love, however brief and fleeting.

13 Zuko x Toph - Toko

It's just self indulgent brain food; their on screen time together is just cute--

I know that this ship doesn't make sense but it's like.. I don't know why but I ship them, I like this. makes me happy

14 Aang x Toph - Taang

Much more interesting couple than Kataang. - damariwave

15 Zuko X Sokka - Zukka

Their eps are my absolute favorite! Their interactions are just sweet, amusing, and gaaay ::)) we love our boys!

Bros > hoes. their relationship is so hilarious and somehow sweet/special at the same time. past the layers of sokka's big dumb and zuko's edginess, they are almost the same. its true friendship and much more. though their screen time is limited, just one converstation between them gave us probably the most iconic line of the series: "that's rough buddy." sokka is the first to become zuko's close friend (probably his first EVER) when he joins the gaang in book 3. zuko's awkward fluff amazingly compliments sokka's extroverted joking. they're just bros who have an epic romance.

16 Zuko x Aang - Zaang

This is the best 'cause like. Total enemies becoming friends then MoRe ThAn FrIeNdS is sooo cute! :> (Especially Aang and Zuko)

I am a strong believer in shipping wholesome people with edgy bois.

Best ship ever. Hands down!

I love it, but the ship is Zukaang :v

17 Kai x Jinora - Kainora
18 Mako x Korra - Makorra

What why is this in the bottom they were cute because they were opposites and both are attractive. This was canon!

Makorra over Korrasami.

19 Opal x Jinora
20 Korra x Bolin - Borra

I believe that these two would've had a wonderful relationship since they get along so well, and they seem to balance each other. Ever since their date or hang out, the way that Bolin looked at her, he was really in love with her. It's such a shame that she had to choose Mako ( an a-hole) over such a great guy like Bolin.

21 Sokka x Ty Lee - Ty Lokka
22 Zuko x Jet - Jetko

WHaT'S bEttEr tHan oNe eDgY bOi?
tWo eDGy bOiS.

23 Aang x Azula - Azang

Two total opposites could’ve been so great together.

24 Zuko x Jin

The best

25 Katara x Toph - Katoph

The relationship between them seems maternal, but I feel like they foil each other well enough to be ship fodder.

One of the best ships in the show

26 Jake Sully x Neytiri - Jeytiri
27 Sokka x Toff

Love that couple

28 Sokka x Azula
29 Zuko x Mai-Maiko
30 On Ji x Aang

They should have been canon

31 Toph x the Duke
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