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1 Zuko x Katara - Zutara

I don't get why this is so far down on the list. I actually think that they would of been a wonderful couple. The way the author made their friendship develop and the little moments they've shared. They would be good for one another. And Katara needs a proper man, not a kid(no offense to Aang). Personally I think Katara played a big role in Zuko going to the good side. In Ba Sing Se, I think that stirred something inside him. She brings out the good in him and he helps her understand life better if you ask me. She's seen that who she believed is a villain is acually just a hurt teenager who has inner turmoil. Even that lady Zuko hired thought they were dating, the actors of that play thought there was some romance. Its like they could see the chemistry. Zuko and Katara's personaliy contrast one another. He jumped infront of lightning for HER. He allowed her to touch his scar! Zuko was so cute when he was trying to get her to forgive him. I love every moment they've shared. The hug, ...more

They look perfect together, they understand each other well, they work work together well, opposite attract, Zuko is willing to risk his life to save Katara, Just perfect!

They have a lot of chemistry and have similar traits. Katara has a bit of fire nation in her. (She can be passionate and aggressive.) and Zuko has a bit of water tribe in him b/c the water tribes are all about community and protection ( Zuko saving katara from lightning and wanting to join the gang), I believe that they should be ranked higher in my opinion.

Opposites attract

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2 Korra x Asami - Korrasami

Only lgbt couple in both shows and works really well with Korra's hotheaded nature and responsibilities with Asami's calm, loving nature and her greatness at helping Korra.

Biggest troll ship ever, which is why I love it. Plus Korra and Asami go well together, they aren't constantly fighting like Korra and Mako was.

3 Katara x Aang - Kataang

It's the original. It's canon. Aang supports yet levels out Katara's intense passions while Katara helps Aang to be the best he can while caring for him. How can you not ship them the most?

Should be #1 - PeeledBanana

It is a real couple, outside this one, only maiko has been confirmed 100%, it remains zutarians accept.

4 Sokka x Suki - Sukka

They're so so cute together and they're my favorite canon ship. Suki also proves Sokka wrong about women and actually changes him as a character.

Should be number 1 in my opinion.
- The genuinely enjoy each others company
- Suki helps Sokka get over his sexism and grow as a person
- healthy respect is shared between the both of them
- Older than kataang (though slightly), so I believe they are better equipped to handle the rocky parts of a relationship
- both natural leaders
- both non-benders
- romantic intentions are prevalent from their first meeting and are never subjected to the hard shift from friend to lover.
- they argue well. Remember wheb sokka was crying watchimg the ember island players and Suki got mad but she still went to help him talj to the actor like 5 minutes later.
- she enjoys his humour

5 Zuko x Maiko

Okay, so I really love Mai as a character, but as much as I love her, I feel like she's the type of character to not end up in a major relationship with anyone by the end of the series, the same with Zuko. Zuko's character development was phenomenal and it makes no sense as to why he ended up with Mai in my opinion. Mai didn't play so much as of a big impact for Zuko's face-heel turn (or was it heel-face turn? idc) In other words, Mai didn't really change Zuko for the better. Supported him? Yes she did, The Boiling Rock episode sort of redeemed her character, but not so much.

The reason? well, maybe because she didn't really have much of a major background like Zuko does and that she hadn't really kept in touch with him in the duration of his banishment? Also, she's not as emotionally driven as Zuko so they would both kind of end up in this never-ending loop of an on and off relationship, they don't understand each other at all. (I.E. "At least I feel something! You're just a ...more - sakamotos

They are amazing -- zuko and mai! But didn't you mean ZUKO AND MAI not ZUKO AND MAIKOšŸ˜‚Lmao. Honestly, zuko is full of fire and passion, and sometimes love and anger, but mai is the balance that can balance out his negative feelings of sometimes over exaggerated emotions. They are perfect

6 Aang x Katara - Zutara
7 Varrick x Zhu Lee - Zhurrick
8 Bolin x Opal - Bopal
9 Toph x Sokka - Tokka
10 Bolin x Eska - Boleska

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11 Ty Lee x Azula - Tyzula
12 Zuko x Toph - Toko
13 Zuko x Mai-Maiko
14 Kai x Jinora - Kainora
15 Korra x Bolin - Borra

I believe that these two would've had a wonderful relationship since they get along so well, and they seem to balance each other. Ever since their date or hang out, the way that Bolin looked at her, he was really in love with her. It's such a shame that she had to choose Mako ( an a-hole) over such a great guy like Bolin.

16 Mako x Korra - Makorra

Makorra over Korrasami.

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1. Katara x Aang - Kataang
2. Korra x Asami - Korrasami
3. Sokka x Suki - Sukka
1. Katara x Aang - Kataang
2. Korra x Asami - Korrasami
3. Sokka x Suki - Sukka


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