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1 Korra Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.

Everyone can agree that Korra started off as an unlikable character. But that is the POINT of this show. This show is about personal growth- and that is exactly what Korra experienced. She grew from being an immature and arrogant brat to a mature and humbled hero.

Korra is one of the only FEMALE main protagonists in any show. Normally it's a male, but Korra is a strong, confident girl for her age, and I think that's a great influence on girls nowadays.

Korra has a great character development. She is more complicated than Aang and that is her weakness. But, in some way, this is the reason I don't like her. Aang lost everone he loved and lived knowing he was missing for 100 years, and Korra, well, had an almost normal childhood. While Aang was very nice to everyone, Korra was very egoistic and had many emotional issues. Later she became better, but still, Korra is a difficult character, in a good but also in a bad way.

Korra's amazing person

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2 Bolin

Avatar had sokka, and now Legend of korra has Bolin! He's not as funny as sokka, but he comes pretty close! So glad he's up high here at 3

Bolin was seriously the only reason I originally stuck with this show as I wasn't the biggest fan of it. But he REALLY made the show.

The sole reason team avatar ever existed in the first place, hilarious lines, often ruins moments in funny ways, can't keep a secret, has the ability to make friends with the bad guys, freaks the heck out way too often, extremely excitable, pro bender, lava bender, dates Opal (my personal favorite love interest character aside from Zhu Li), gets betrayed by his brother but forgives him like later that same night, oh and did I mention Pabu!

Bolin is so hot

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3 Lin Beifong

Lin is so great. She is Toph's daughter and the chief of police. Total badass.

Very self sacrificing. Strong independent character who devotes her life to others.

Lin is the best and deepest - the scene where she sacrificed herself to let Tenzin and his family get away and the scence where she lost her bending were some of the best if not the best in the entire series.

She's very selfless and strong. Great character development, too

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4 Asami

Asami got dealt a pretty tough hand her mother was killed, her father tried to kill her, she was given one of the biggest companies in the world at 19 while it was going under, she was ruined, stepped on, cheated on, and finally after reconciling with her father, she watched him die right in front of her. Even through all of that, what would have turned a lesser person hostile or even evil, she remained devoted, loving, caring, generous, and well rounded.

Asami is so kind and loving. I like her personality.

Asami is so PERFECT! I don't just like her because she's pretty... I also like her because of her personality. Her personality is really hard to describe... whatever. She's just so awesome!

I feel like Asami is a great representation of Katara and Sokka, She shows intiative and engeneering smarts- like Sokka and a loving and caring persona- hence Katara. In addition she has also been orphaned like the two characters.
I really feel like she's one of the strongest characters, she's suffered just as much as Korra in the series, yet she's always held her head high and has even been helpful and supportive to those who haven't.[ex.g. Korra
when dealing with the poisin] She has rebuild and industries with a RUINED reputation, she is a non-bender and she can put up a great fight, her design and appearance are my favourite in the show.
Overall great job on her creators!

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5 Varrick

The show was a long and very bumpy road that sometimes took itself too seriously. This is why the show greatly appreciated comic reliefs; the erratic twists and turns of Varrick gave myself much needed chuckles that the overall show lacked.

One will really grow to like Varrick as the plot progresses. Character growth is really evident in the fourth book.

Every show needs a crazy guy like him. It always hit the spot when he got screen time

I love this guy and Zhu Li. COME ON ZHU LI DO THE THING. I loved when they get married at the end and Varrick is just hilarious, but he is a genius kind of like King Bumi from ATLA.

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6 Amon Amon

Amon, he is my favorite in the series of ATLOK and the most badass characters after Toph. Plus he is the only one besides Aang to know energy bending ( granting or taking someone's bending ) and he learned that great power himself as Aang got this power of energy bending by a lion turtle. And not to forget that he is a blood bender as well as a water bender so if we have a face-off of Amon using water bending with blood, he might have a chance of defeating Aang

Damned good villain. Made you want to watch episode after episode. I watched about 8 in a row while watching season One whereas I usually watch two at a time.

He's cool. I like the idea of equality because if you're a bender your life is better than if yo can't bend, so I think everybody should be equal.

Underrated Villain.

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7 Zaheer

Amazing character that had so many epic moments. And who can forget that whole "Enter the Void" speech? He was the only airbender to attain the ability to fly on the the show without a glider. Probably the most powerful bender ever that was not the Avatar.

Best avatar villain. The whole red lotus group is amazing and deserve to be high on this list

I think zaheer is a powerful airbender and a patient and charismatic man and I don't count him as a villain. He has done some bad stuff but he was wise and sometimes kind too

By far the best villain and one of the best characters - ColdTurkey

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8 Tenzin

I feel that Tenzin is so underrated. He literally did so much for the avatar, even sacrificing like the air bender dynasty for the avatar. He deserves so much more credit than he gets.

Tenzin is the purest most badass airbender ever (since lahima of course) he's an awesome dad and was able to take on zaheer

He was lowkey the funniest character in the show. So many great, subtle moments

"As long as I'm breathing, it's not over." Easily one of his best lines.

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9 Mako

Mako really is an intriguing character. Sure when we first see him he acted like a bit of a jerk but can you blame him? He was angry because his friend almost lost the match, if they had lost his team would have been out of the competition, Bolin and him would cease to win prize money as a result they would be unable to pay their rent and therefore would get chucked back on the street. This is a lot of pressure for a teenager especially considering the fact that he considers himself responsible for his brother who is frankly pretty naive. Plus he is a badass, he is good at all the Jobs he gets and he is 'cool under fire' meaning he can keep his head in bad situations. Mako was needed as a serious character to Balance out Bolin and Korra.

I was totally wrong to that Mako doesn't deserve to be on the list. I mistook for the list of Worst Avatar Characters. To make up for it, I declare that he totally deserves to be on this list due to his personality being like mine.

It sickens me that there are people who hate Mako for who he is. If they hate him, they should just let him be and keep their damn opinions to themselves. Besides, I'm sick of serious people like him getting slammed for not being funny. I'm not fond of funny people like Sokka and Bolin. Hell, more people in this world prefer funny characters to serious ones. But I'm not one of them and never will be.

People who hate Mako can just shove it up their asses.

Dude, people hate him for being such a cheater. It doesn't have anything to do with being serious. I assume you are a cheater too, because you said he is like you.

Mako is my all-time favorite character in the Avatar universe because I love his personality, character, handsomeness, abilities, and intelligence. He was handsome in books one to three (excluding book four). He's currently the smartest and most intelligent detective, and being proficient at firebending and lightning generation and redirection, he's one of the greatest firebenders in the Avatar world. Not only is he mature, serious, and brooding, but also he's really nice. I wish he had more screen time in the show and never had that ugly hairstyle in book four.

What did Mako ever do to the haters.The whole fiesco that happened with Korra.and Azamiwas not cheating, it was just a coincidental mistake. I think that he is a good character

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10 Jinora

She outsmarted Wan Shi Tong come on you guys. Jinora is the best. She's adorable and really smart.

I think she is a very underrated character. She is really smart and was there to save Korra twice.

Why is Jinora so low on the list? Shes better than the avatar shes my favorite

Clearly the best character in the show. No contest.

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11 Meelo

Meelo is an artist, airbender, tamer of lemurs and lady's man. What more could you ask for in a character of Avatar. Also he can fart bend and be the leaf, which is pretty cool too.

Look to your left! Look to your right! One of those people will not make it out of here alive!

The first ever fart bender! Gotta give him credit for that

He's a brat. But not for long.

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12 Kuvira

The concept of her being Korra's foil appealed so much to me, and her scenes with Korra in the finale were fantastic. Korra being so-very-Korra by being confident enough in her abilities to risk both herself and the entire AVATAR CYCLE to save Kuvira...And Korra reconciling with herself by talking Kuvira down...

KUVIRA IS AMAZING! SHE COULD BEAT AZULA! (I don't know about the beating Azula thing though) I don't know why people hate her though but.. Yay Lin! (Like Lin better

One of the best characters of all time, a politically centered character, and she gets 24th? That's ridiculous. She beat 15 earthbender bandits without stepping off of the roof of her train.

Kuvira is the best. In the series. In all reality she is not a bad person, she just took the idea of unity too far. Plus her parents just dropped her on the streets when she was 8,like she ment nothing to them. She was doing what she thought was right but she was just misguided. That's all. Sooo give Kuvira some slack okay OKAY!
How would you feel if your parents left you on the streets when you were 8. ALL SHE WANTED WAS AN UNITED EARTH EMPIRE, and technically she has the right to take back Republic City, it was Earth Empire territory after all.
Sorry but Kuvira is still my favorite character in the series.

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13 Wan

Wan is a beautiful embodiment of all it means to be an Avatar. His story arc is arguably the most well-developed and engaging part of season 2, and although it can stand alone as a solid, independent story, it also serves to develop Korra's struggle and character. Wan gives insight into who the Avatar is and what his/her place is in the universe, reminding us of the scope and depth of the Avatar universe; something that is sometimes lost amidst all the action. If nothing else, Wan deserves to be on this list for emphasising the inner struggle and the constant change that characterises the fight for balance. In short, Wan and his story revisit everything inspiring and amazing about the Avatar epic.

I loved this guy. Such a great story arc too

Of all the Avatars, he was the first Wan - TwilightKitsune

The only redeeming part about Season 2. I love him so much.
Doesn't hurt that my last name is Wan!

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14 Ghazan

So relaxed as a person. Id have a beer with him. His name Ghazan. If anyone deserves to call the Earth his elements, it's a guy called Ghazan.

His lavabending is so cool.

15 Eska

Her relationship with Bolin was awkward at first but then became something special, a great unique and layered character
" you will forever hold a deep place in the organ that pumps the blood in my body, I will remember you fondly - Eska

My favorite character! she is amazing. Bolin! laugh at my humorous quip! she is so underrated. - YOUnique253

16 Ming-Hua

Not my most favorite character, but definitely amazing.

By using her waterbending, she overcame her disability and also had incredibly cool and powerful powers

Great character. Unique armless waterbender and by the way played by the same person who played Azula.

I just love the small she and ghazan had with bolin

17 Naga
18 Zhu Li

Zhu Li is by far my favorite character, and I don't think anything can change that. I love the humorous situations she is put in by Varrick, and her annoyed reactions to them. She does so many random things for Varrick without questioning him, and always seems to "Do the Thing" at the right time.

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19 Pabu

he's cute

Best animal in the whole series, hands down.
Love him.

20 Unalaq
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