Top 10 Worst Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters

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1 Katara Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Mae Whitman.

My problem with her is how much she complains about her mothers death. Sure her mother was killed right in front of her eyes but that's nothing compared to other people. Here's a list.

Aang- Was alienated from the by other people because he was the avatar. Them had his entire race wiped out along with almost everyone he cared for.

Zuko- Had to deal with losing his mother as well, but with the added bonus that his own father scared him for life and humiliated by his whole nation.

Iroh- Had his only beloved son killed in a pointless then was humiliated by his whole nation for retreating.

Sokka- Had his mother killed and the one figure he idolized in his life, his father, leave him for the longest period of time.

And none of these characters whine about what happened to them as much as Katara does.

2 Commander Zhao

AZULA IS #3? Oh my Bob Saget, everybody, the list does not say "Top Ten Worst People! " You're all hating on Azula because she is evil, villainous, and "a bitch to Zuko, " but wholly moly she's gotta be one of the best characters (key word, CHARACTERS) on the show! She isn't even that evil, really! She is flawed! Now I'm not saying that her flawed past excuses her evil antics, but it does help about in understanding her intentions. PLEASE stop hating on Azula! I'm not even a guy that likes her because she's hot; I'm a gal and Zuko happens to be my favorite character! So PLEASE stop the hate!

Oh, and by the way, who put the cabbage merchant on this list!?

3 Azula Princess Azula is a fictional character and antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle Griffin.

"Oh come on people! She's an awesome villain and makes the show 10 times better! I love her but I hate her! I love to hate her! "

What a hypocrite you are. How you're hypocritical is that you can't seem to make up mind about whether or not hate Azula.

You wish that Azula's awesome and makes the show ten times better. All she did was be a super spoiled brat thought that she could do whatever she wanted if it meant terrorizing the hell out of others.

Besides you, Azula's also hypocritical in that she's a perfectionist and claimed that some guy or guys were shallow when she was being shallow herself.

Tell me, would you want to spend the rest of your life with a gal who bosses you around and threatens you if you don't do exactly as she wants? Think about it.

4 Cabbage Merchant

I thought he was pretty funny. And there are some pretty crazy fanfics about him wanting to exact revenge on team avatar in honor of his cabbages.

Wow, hating a character that was added for comic relief, and provided good comic relief.

Oh no! My poor cabbages! Waa! What you have just heard is an imitation of"Cabbage Merchant ".

5 Mai

You know, I truly liked Mai. Yes she was created to be a love interest for Zuko, but you know what, I thought they were cute together. It was nice to see two gloom bags be happy when they are together. Her personality I found interesting, it was a nice contrast I a cast usually full of psychos and cheerful optimists. As for her having no bending, I think this made her more fun. It's nice to see that characters are able to hold there own without the fancy tricks. People also complain about how Katara and the rest of the cast instantly forgave her after what happened, to which I respond that they kind of forgave the fire nation as a whole at the end. Overall I feel that Mai is an over hated character that should be lower on this list. But I do wish she got more development as a character.

6 Appa
7 Tylee Ty-Lee is a fictional character appearing in the Nickelodeon animated TV show "Avatar: The Last Airbender" voiced by Olivia Hack.

I found Ty Lee rather obnoxious and a bit too undefeatable. I hate the idea of an Walmart Simone Biles(nothing against Simone,by the way) being able to beat highly trained bending warriors. I mean,couldn't the earthbenders have used their powers as shields and make her hurt her feet? I mean her skills made sense for that setting,but it was annoying. Besides, the whole "chippers" attitude of her made me want to punch a wall...

Why is Ty lee on this list?!

Her fighting style is amazing and her betraying Azula was one of the most emotional scenes in the show!

8 Momo
9 Yue
10 Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

Aang barely received any character development. Just in the final episode which was too late. In the whole series he acted so immature. Take his feelings for Katara as an example. In Episode 17 season 3 when they went to watch the PLAY, he acted like a immature, jealous child and it was just a play. If Katara hadn't chosen him, he would have gone to rage (Avatar state). Or before his battle with Ozai, although the previous avatars told him not to be selfish and finish Ozai off, he didn't. He almost lost to Ozai when he was trying to destroy his firebending and he barely won. Aang risked the world's balance for his own morals...

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11 Bato
12 The Big Bad Hippo
13 Toph Toph Beifong is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.

Screw all you Toph fans! How the hell can you like her when she was being a brat to Katara? Are you feminazis or something?

At least, Katara's feminist in a reasonable way. But Toph was just too macho for her own good. Plus, she's hypocritical in that she blamed Katara for accusing Zuko of being a jerk before he burned his feet and when she (Toph) was being a jerk herself.

Toph is hands-down the worst character in the A:TLA. She's a brat and a jerk. She doesn't care about the people around her. Honestly, I've never hated a character as much as I hate her. She never thinks about the consequences and doesn't think things through. Ugh, I wish Xin Fu's attempt to capture her would've been successful.

14 Suki

I HATE SUKI! I mean, she serves absolutely NO purpose whatsoever. She just tries to be all awesome and stuff, but she can't be. I mean, what? She doesn't deserve Sokka at all. If she deserved anything, it would be a pile of crap. Sokka is better, and I think he either deserves Yue or Toph, not some chick who thinks shes 'little miss perfect. '

So you people think she goes over the top with feminism? When Sokka was blatantly disrespecting her and her gender? Sexists in general should learn a lesson from Sokka and his character development.

15 Korra Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.

I don't know why Korra is here, since this is about the worst AVATAR:THE LAST AIRBENDER characters, but I think she's a pretty bad character.

She never learns from her mistakes. It's like season one was chucked out of the window and she was back to square one in season two. I have to give her credit for season three and four but... I don't know it's like she stayed the same through the entire seasons one and two.

She's the same person, hot and angst you, never thinking her actions through by and always rushing in. But to be fair, at least she's not as bad as Mako.

16 Master Pakku
17 Bolin

Annoying and extremely immature for his age. Absolutely terrible character, although I did like how he learned lavabending

18 Jet

His character served no purpose at all. I mean he was okay in the 1st season but his return in 2nd season was unnecessary and meaningless. In the end,he was killed off and everyone forgot about him and he became a joke in Amber Island episode.

He was just super annoying. He captures Sokka when the kid finds out Jet will destroy a town of innocent people. Then, they have to trust him? Sorry, but he is super annoying.

How is he so low and How is Katara 1st What! Jet is awful just plain awful and Katara is kind and caring and a great water-bender Jet should be 1st no questions asked

19 Mako

I hate how korra is above mako. Where the f did all these mako fans come from? He was petty cool in season 1 episodes 1- like 3, but then they completely ruined his character after that to be a moronic Gary Stu. Two strong girls loved him, as well as the girls in his fighting thing. Bolin is cute too, but no one cares as he has a 'better, hotter' brother. And did I tell you he even gets attention from the main villain for no reason in season 1? W t f not even zuko or soka was that special.

But let's talk about how the writers ruined him. We get that when anon kinapped his younger brother (like his only family he has), he was calm, collected, kept his cool, & was able to easily save bolin with the help of korra without out at all despite what was all happening. Then korra gets kidbapped by anon & he's useless, out at every second, & being dumb. What a slap in the face to not only his brother, but his girlfriend at the time.

Oh & how he handled the whole 'Korra vs asami' mess... oh my god he doesn't deserve any person to be attracted to him. It's like he never loved asami just used her because he didn't know how to get korra but hey she had money so she can help us not be so poor anymore yay! And since korra showed some attractions to me, imma just gonna hit it, who cares about the rich chick that helped me get out of the rut I'm bored with her now! And he knew bolin liked korra too, but told him not to go after her, then made moves on her himself. Jack@$$, they should've just handed him over to anon he doesn't deserve any friends he's just a shellfish prick! I know korra did some stupid things, but the main bad one (kissing this idiot when she knew he was dating someone else) was tenzin's wife fault! He's just a jerk Gary Stu & I d k why anyone likes him so much.

20 Zuko Prince Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is a master firebender and his younger sister is Azula . He is the son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa .

If I made this list, I'd never put Zuko on it. Sure, he has said and done things that I wish he never said and did. But I can relate to him due to his personality being like mine. For example, he has been abused by his dad just as I was by mine. And that's what caused me to hate that parent of mine for the rest of my life.

But I'm glad that Zuko stood up to his old man. It's what Ozai gets for being a jerk to his son. I wish that I could do that to my pop, especially since he never paid me for all the work that I did for him.

As for the people who hate Zuko, they're hypocritical liars who suck up to Azula and can't get past his all of his faults. For cryin' out loud, do they want him to be totally perfect? No way would I want him to be that way. If he's too perfect, he'd be too unacceptable. So I accept him for who he is despite his faults. Hell, I'd burn his haters to death if I'm him.

21 Firelord Ozai

What why is the good people on this list
Why cabbage merchant he's funny
Why aang he beat my worst character ozai
Why suki she's very cool
Why zuko this list
I like everyone on this list but azula and ozai they ruined years of zuko's life. They need to die but I know aang is too sad to end a man's life I understand because he doesn't hate. I can't believe some cool people is on this list he should be 1 he's at the bottom this sucks he used to be good but he just had to become fire lord and burned zuko's face that's JUST MESSED UP! Azula just likes playing stupid games with the avatar and who could live in ashes. I feel bad for every good people and definitely team avatar they lost the people they loved thanks to sozin, ozai and some evil fire nation. I'm glad there lives are tortured and I'm glad the war is over but I hate this list ozai and azula needs to be at the top and I also want jet to be higher I guess he died or something

22 Smellerbee

Absolutely the most annoying character. Her name, her voice, her whole I look like a guy thing, she was just awful

23 Ozai

At last! I'm glad that he's on this list. It totally serves him right for being an asswipe to Zuko, whom I can relate to. Why, I hate him for the same reason I hate my dad: abused by parent. I'm glad that his own son got back at him, although I wish that he (Zuko) could do that more.

All the people who objected to Zuko's retaliating at his old man are lying goody-goodies. That son of his deserves to be his pop for all the crap that he gave him.

I also wish that Zuko got back at his sister for being a bully to her and his haters for dumpin' on him.

24 Lo and Li

Um.. What's the difference between Lo and Li?

25 Avatar Kuruk
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