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1 Ace

Lets be honest its An awesome name

My name is Ace Zodiac and I love my name and I love ace it's a cool name

I love this name. It's a great name for someone great.

Fighter pilots were called Ace after they shot down a certain number of enemy fighters,

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2 Phoenix

You would never want to mess with people who had this as a name. No way! - emraldYE

We'll, the most epic is a unisex name! Hooray, unisex...

This is my dream name, it just sounds so badass!

It is a really good name, I would want to name my kid phoenix

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3 Skylar

I was almost named this but they changed it at the last second

Totally badass, sounds nice and sweet with the first part "Sky", then more defined with "lar" added to the end.

Special name. Has so much meaning. Almost like someone just took "Sky" and "lar" and just... shoved them together. I approve.

I love this name! Sounds sweet at first, but then a little risky at the end. "Sky" "Lar".

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4 Jade

As in Jade Harley, from Homestuck. That's one badass girl.

Homestuck, a gem, *and* just sounds cool! What more do I need to say?

I made a story when I was little about a badass kitten named Jade.

Mortal Kombat chick that is sexy and kicks ass

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5 Hunter

I'm a girl and my name is Hunter. I love it! I think it catches people off guard when I introduce myself. I get a lot of compliments on it. It's masculine for a guy, but I am a very girly girl and its still fitting.

..Wow, I would really love to have this as my last name( though I've already made one for myself ) but wouldn't suit with my first name...oh I forgot, I changed that too. - Ananya

I know a guy by this name. He once glued my fingers together. Enough said. He sure was cute though. - BecauseISaidSo666

They hunt down their enemies

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6 Alpha

For a name? Not liking it at all..

Sounds like a cool name if you were going to be in the army

I was called alpha in school because I was a good leader at things and I was always picked for the leader

This is more of a dog name

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7 Raven

I can' believe nobody put Raven before. It's one of the most badass names ever. And nobody put Winter in the list either!

There is a folklore that there was a deity and guardian of Britain that was called Bran the Blessed, who had his own head cut off just to so it could speak words of prophecy. Guess what his name meant? Raven. Guess what his totem was? Raven. Not to mention its just an mysterious and badass name.

Aw come on, Raven is the literal most badass name ever. I can't believe it's not number one, Raven can be used for a girl and and a guy so it's pretty much one of the greatest names ever

Raven is rlly cool

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8 Blaze

I hope this baby is born at 4:20

Because blaze means FIRE and everybody needs that one badass in the family

My friend was gonna name his baby boy, blaze, his last name is Moore.

My daughters name is blaze she was born in 88

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9 Andromeda

Sorry but Harry Potter vibes

I know a VN creator who's protagonist's name is Andromeda.

Galactic and all galctix is a nice name too though


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10 Timmy

When I see this name it reminds me of timmy from south park

Tiny Timmy taught Talking Tina to tattle to Thomas Toad to teach Talking Tina how not to make friends ever. Thanks Timmy, you killed dozens of people. Your curriculum is in need of a drastic change. I hope that Talking Tina tails Tiny Timmy to Tennessee to Treeborn Tavern to take Tiny Timmy's Teaching Tomes together with Tiny Timmy and burn them all.

Sounds pretty stupid, but if you've ever met someone with that name... It's a whole different story


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11 Scorpio

I'm a scorpio and that zodiac is badass

Bet Xbox got its name from here!

That's my friend's zodiac sign

Bitch I'm a Scorpio too

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12 Moon Unit

I never thought someone would have put my daughters name! Her and her brother Star Destroyer 9000 will be thrilled!

This is the only acceptable name for a child

I looked at this and laughed. This is the best thing I've ever seen

This is gonna be a awesome name for a guy that goes into the army!

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13 Jinx

I feel like I would name my cat this

If you think about it. It's actually a great character name. But I wouldn't really want to call my future child Jinx...

Because that's the name of my favorite character from a game...

I probably would have this as my nickname

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14 Thor

Well, this should be top, I'm born Arabic and (Thor) means bull in Arabic, if you want to name your baby son (Thor) don't do it! I'm just warning you but if you don't want to listen to me you will see how some mean Arab people are going to laugh

Here's what the conversation would be like if someone met a guy ( hopefully a guy ) named Thor :

Jimmy: Hi, what's your name, my name's Jimmy.
Thor: Hello, my name is Thor.
Jimmy : (drops jaw down )...
Thor: What?
Jimmy: I love Thor.
Thor : Uh...
Jimmy: Are you an actor? Are you THE Thor? But you seem young to play such a big part.
Thor : Uh, I hear my agent calling, I better go! (runs away )
Jimmy: (dramatically walks as Thor goes to his mom ) Wait take me with you! ( walks back sadly thinking that he met THE Thor)

The End! - funnyuser

Seriously?!?! How many people get called Thor these days? Wouldn't they be made fun of in school? - PositronWildhawk

So badass.

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15 Fox

Fox Mulder (just putting it out there

All I can think of is how badass Fox Alistair is right now.

Cute as a first name, badass as a surname

Like Fox McCloud, from Starfox

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16 Arrow


Should higher, mabye her brothers namecan be Bow.. still badass

17 Griffon

Also used this name for a character in a story that I'm writing

I recently used this as a character's name in my book!

My name is Griffin


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18 Aaron

I have a friend named Aaron he farts a lot

I don't think this name is ha

19 Alexandra

My middle name!

It reminds me of Asking Alexandrea!

20 Neon

My niece's name is Neon! And she is badass just like her name! I wish my name was Neon...

It is a sick name

Its actually my gaming name,

This name is sick

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21 Alexandrita
22 Dante

Thanks I don't know if ill make it but I intend to make anime later but I just thought up something new this bladdass black kid that fights for what he believes in I don't want to spoil much unless it gets made I still want to add more to it or see if there's anything better but this set me on the right track (this is good now I don't feel racist for not having a show with a black main character now I do)

Dante is a name that just sounds awesome, has badass characters wielding that same name, and is a name that is just dripping with class.

Ever hear of Dante's Inferno? How cool does that sound? Inherently cool name.

Danthe from OWL

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23 Dragon

Dragon is not it a badass creature, but a badass name

Wish my name was dragon, but I might be biased because I love dragons...

It's a epic name more people should be called it

24 Jax

From mortal kombat. His name is badass in general. It makes you think of a beaten badass looking' black marine

I love it! After the character named Jax, on the show Every Which Way on Nickelodeon!

Sounds awesome.


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25 Bloom
26 Alice

Alice Bell. Main character in Alice in Zombieland, White Rabbit Chronicles, and a huge badass.

Rock on! Alice Cooper and Alice in Chains all the way!

Reminds me of Alice madness returns.

Alice is a cool name! - Userguy44

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27 Alistar

Demon that mentored Dean Winchester in hell very nice

Love how we supernatural fans just show up and take over everything

My snakes name is Alistair nothing more bad ass

My mind instantly thought of supernatural 😂 The fanfom is everywhere ✌🏻️

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28 Harley

Come on man it's Harley Quinn! This is the most badass name ever! I mean comics, motors, everything, it's badass for sure

Davidson lol - Ananya

Quinn is the BEST! I don't know why but I am oddly in love with her charter!

Hell yeah its badass!

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29 Miztique

I feel like Miztique would be like a really cool badass drag queen.

30 Cameo
31 Hades

Hades is my code name

So cool because when I think badass, I think hates from kid Icarus uprising

That's my code name within my friend group

Hades- Greek god of the underworld

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32 Anakin

Maybe he'll change his name to darth vader

33 Coyote

This is a name for a trickster and Survivor not someone you want to screw around with

Coyote Peterson here...

34 Rex

This name needs to be higher! It sounds like a cool and powerful name. I wish I had this name, even though I'm actually a girl. I don't care if it is a boy's name. I love this name!

Rex actually means king in latin, pretty cool name

Rex: Hi, I'm Rex.
Harley :... ( looks confused ) I'm... Harley..
Rex:... ( both confused )
Harley : I think I hear my Motorcycle calling me.
Rex:... Yeah... Me... Too. - funnyuser

35 Lightning

Lamps, candels?


Haha, That's an awesome name, I would use that for myself :D

awesome :D

36 Angel

That's my name in real life

That's my real name as well, I tell people it's my disguise, implying I am.. well the opposite lol.

I'm badass


37 Nero

I love this name. It's from the game Devil May Cry. It's a great name and it's totally badass all the way.

Really? James, cole, aaron are higher on the list? Nero is a way more badass name than those boring names. Should be in the top ten...

This should at least be in the top 5 for sure


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38 Greene
39 Xavier

Oh come on! Professor X?

40 Payton

My name is Payton, I LOVE IT!

My boyfriends name

Awesome name

41 Bruce

The name Bruce is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Bruce is: Thick brush. Surname since medieval times; now a common given name. Folklore tale of 14th century Robert King of Scotland: (the Bruce) who learned the value of perseverance from watching a spider spin a web. People with this name tend to be a powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic
leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid.

Bruce Almighty! BEST MOVIE ever!


Bruce Wayne =Batman
Bruce Banner=The Hulk
Bruce Lee=Badass Martial Artist
Bruce Willis=Badass actor
What more do u want?

42 Søren



The pronounce is like SOH-RAIN, it means determinated and strong

I love that my name is on here. Søren Hunter.

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43 Jake

It's everyday bro with the disney channel flow.

Haha my name is jake

My name is Jake

That's right

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44 Apollo

Apollo- Greek god of prophecy, music, poetry act...

Finally a Greek god. I mean we had Atlas. But this is much better

One of my personal favorites

45 Cooper

It's a gun brand...definitely badass for sure

I like this name lol I named my first dog cooper when I was 4

46 Henster
47 Magnum

Like the gun. A cool shot.

Jesus. I'm so happy I found this site.

Magnum is latin for big/great

48 Amazon

If this is a real name...i died reading this

Lmao. If this is a real name.. I would love to have it, then people will trust me... Lol

Sure...I mean...why not...
Who doesn't wnt to be reliable, trustful and customer-orientated?

49 Lucifer

This name is for my family, the supernatural fans

Yas name my child after satan right

I think Lucifer is a beautiful name, but in germany its not allowed to call your child Lucifer.

PLANET! SATAN! Satan eternal possessor!

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50 Goku

Vegeta? Gohan? Trunks? DBZ is awesome, I'm just Saying


Okay... I'll go now...

Lol my hubby would have killed to name our son Goku

Pretty cool name #JustSaiyan

Lol DragonBallZ huh.

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