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21 AirFrance

World Class, Cute and elegand hostess, best pilots, service and food

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22 Philippine Airlines

As a filipino, this is a horrible airline. The food is really bad and there is no T.V. on a long flight. And also the flight is always delayed, I'm serious. Whenever I go on an international fight, I take cathay pacific, delta and emirates. Take those three airlines instead of this.

Really awesome airline and service but bad schedule. Not to criticize them or anything but they usually have delays and they don't have good schedules. But overall awesome airline. Go Philippines

Best airline ever. The flight attendants were nice and good food and good service.

The worst airline ever!

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23 Air Canada

The flight attendants are awful, they give me yucky food!

Best Airline by far - nicest Flight attendants I have ever met.

24 Alaska Airlines

Why is this not number one? Is the best Airline ever!


I have always had good luck with Alaska Airlines from SEA to SJC Not alwys on time but that does not matter especially on a Saturday

25 Malaysia Airlines

They won't be in much longer due to the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet.

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26 Aeroflot
27 Garuda Indonesia

Once they were really dull and so unsafe but that was on their vast times; now they're a really good airline and in no time will stand tall in the airline market

Hell yeah! Best economy and best cabin crew!

Nice Airline. Full service and IFE availablity. The cabin crew was very nice.

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28 Austrian Airlines
29 EVA Air
30 US Airways
31 Flybe
32 Virgin Atlantic

Virgin is awesome - you can choose what to watch and listen to whenever you want, plus, they've got cool uniforms

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33 Air New Zealand

I just went on there 747 and it was real bumpy but I liked it and they give you free food

This honestly one of th best airlines and would be in the top if it was more well known, the service is great and the staff are amazing. You also don't pay anything for extras like food PR baggage

New Zealand and all over!

I love it

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34 Aer Lingus

Fantastic service truly the greatest airline in the world I hope it doesn't get taken over by Ryanair

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35 Lufthansa

Lufthansa connects the world all ending up in Frankfurt. They have hundreds of locations around the world in which they fly to and from. I have had nothing but a good experience on Lufthansa. The only small glitch with the company is they occasionally strike every other summer. My father is also one of their pilots so what can I say life is great onboard Lufthansa.

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36 Swiss International Air Lines

Just took a flight with them and I got fantastic service, TVs in the back of each seat so you can watch any movie you want, or music, or games and even T.V. shows. The airplane food itself was also very good, surprisingly, as I'm not a fan of any airline food, the food was very good. The seats were comfortable and the chocolate we got at the end was great.

37 Pakistan International Airlines

It used to be number 1 in 1960s and so on,but now IT DOES DESERVE to be on this list anymore! The airline developed Emirates but the airline is filthy five star!

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38 Royal Jordanian

Very safe reliable airline! However, the crew is not very friendly

Love this airline too - arthurevans_04

39 Air One
40 Alitalia
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