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41 Thomson Airways
42 Pakistan International Airlines

It used to be number 1 in 1960s and so on,but now IT DOES DESERVE to be on this list anymore! The airline developed Emirates but the airline is filthy five star!

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43 Jetstar
44 Jet Airways

The best airline of India, then best in the Universe.

I went to Mumbai in Jet airways and the crew, food and the movies on the T.V. were AMAZING! This is the best airline after EMIRATES! And went I returned to London Heathrow from Delhi it was the same...WONDERFUL

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45 Hawaiian Airlines

Carrying approximately 5 million passengers a year, Hawaiian Airlines provides high-frequency jet service daily to seven destinations on six Hawaiian Islands and weekly service to the South Pacific destinations of Tahiti and American Samoa. In North America it provides daily service to Hawaii from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Portland, Oregon.

I live in Maui and Hawaiian Airlines is the best going place to place

I love Hawaiian airlines when we was going to maui from san francisco (sfo) we was delayed and had to go to oahu first... ……TOTALLY WORTH IT

46 Bangladesh V 2 Comments
47 Thai Airways
48 TAP Portugal

Safety is a must. - pitralon

The best food!

49 LOT Polish Airlines
50 SriLankan Airlines
51 WestJet

I love westjet! They have the most polite, funny flight attendants great service reliable fleet of 737s, and good destinations. We always fly westjet to Cuba!

52 Air India V 2 Comments
53 Air Mauritius
54 KLM
55 Japan Airlines

Very respectful staff and willing to help as much as possible. Comfortable flight as much as possible. On time and have Never had a problem traveling to and fro from US to OKINAWA.

Very kind and the food was great.

Better than Ana - SpencerJC

56 Finnair

It is the best. Even better with the A350.

57 Aeromexico

This is the worst airline ever who dares to put it on the list someone remove it.

58 Cebu Pacific
59 HK Express Airways
60 Darwin Airline
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