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Fail. This rifle was exlcluded and never made it to mass production.

Have every weapon type fabrique nationale has ever made, the fn ar type weapons are best in grade ar-15's made, the fal is old but still shoots well, fnx.45 pistols are the real winner, most accurate 45 pistol made yet, fns is better version of a glock, the slp and other 12 guage variants that fn make are true combat shotguns.. the slp all ss is best of bunch. fabrique nationale is now a usa company they make many weapons platforms for the military, which is why I test them. all in all F.N. is the very best weapons maker of all time.

42 Korobov TKB-517

Without a doubt the best ever made.

43 HK IAR M27

It's basically the HK 416 Carbine with a longer barrel and more ammunition, pretty decent if you ask me. Not as much recoil too. - Crysis

44 CZ-805 BREN

Why is this not in number 1?

Surely part of TOP 10.

Cross between ACR and SCAR, extremely acurate and very powerful.

45 PPSh-41

The fact that someone even thought the PPSh-41 was an assault rifle reinforces the abounding ignorance of this list.

No. It is a submachine gun.

Rapid fire low accuracy and even better a cheap gun

Best soviet weapon ww2

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46 M1 Carbine
47 AKM

Just as reliable as AK47 but it's more lighter, and more accurate as the M4 did

48 RK 95 TP V 1 Comment
49 Galil ACE
50 ARX-160

New beretta rifle; using polymer it's light, very accurate and reliable. Used by special forces.

51 M4A4
52 Robinson Arms XCR

Isn't in top because no one knows this poor one!

53 M1 Garand

I like its accurate shots without consuming a lot of time. 9Its speed with great accuracy is a thing that makes the gun different from the other rifles of its time.

First mother semi auto rifle ever. No questions asked. Without this, we would've lost World War II.

I have owned an M-1 for over 50 years. It has NEVER failed, is always dead accurate and of course when that 30-06 hits, enough said.

Good enough for my grandfather, more than good enough for me

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54 Zastava M70

Hands down best weapon than all others above. This should be number 1. Reliable, and with little to no modifications can reduce recoil.

The AK-47 is the "Pick up truck" of the rifle world, and the M-70 is the HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL TRUCK version! 1.5 mm thickness receiver vs. 1 mm of the standard AK, and the M-70 has a much thicker barrel which improves it's accuracy. I own two of them. Very rugged, and quite accurate even with iron sights.

The Serbian version of kalashnikov
It's better then all of the weapons above look it up

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55 SAR 21

- Very low recoil! Very good weapon. Best rifle in my opinion

Low recoil with high rank accuracy

I think the best.

Almost no recoil at all
Very accurate
Lots of accessories

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56 Mini 14

I hit an elk at 400 yards with my Mini. I was actually aiming for the barn, but my freezer's full of meat.

Low maintenance just works

Good gun to shoot very yes and good durability to shoot and very nise trigger.

57 MPT 76

Works great on all conditions, It past 42 standard tests with no fail.

It is the best rifle in the world

The best rifle in the world.

It has endurance for hot and cold weather. It will never dissapoint you.

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58 Type 81

Shoots bullets faster than anyothers gunvbest best best gun

59 Hk Mp7

HK MP7 Can easily shoot through apple products! This can be useful when you were to do an H&K MP7 vs. iPad Mini!

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60 Remington 223
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