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61 RK 95

In really cold environment this would be your choice.

Also called as Rich mans AK-47.

62 SKS-45

Awesome weapon. Put 500 rounds through it and not a single jam.

Awesome weapon

63 FN P90

Small but it has a really good aim and it's easy to hide

Good mag capacity, easy to handle, light, accurate. high rate of fire for CQB situations. The top choice for room clearing.

Love having a round that works in a great side-arm. The 5.7 round is a serous choice in CQC.

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64 BD-013

BD -08 is best for the jungle war. No shake, high rate of fire, easy to jump with it. simply awesome.

Experts love it as well as best rifle in the world.

Best 7.62 rifle is BD-08 now in the world.

High quality assault rifle

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65 Ferfrans SOAR

This should be the new favorite of all. Gas piston type, low recoil. Very accurate, no jamming. The US SWAT find this assault rifle as the best they have ever seen for a long time.

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66 MK14

It has a hard hitting 7.62x51mm rifle round that can punch through most body armor! I wouldn' recommend fully automatic though because of extremely high recoil. But as a designated Marksman Rifle nothing beats it! :D

M14 fired a better round 7.6x51 was a dependable platform and all around most dependable and most accurate by far.

67 AK5C

A shorter version of the AK5 which is a modified FN FNC that has been rebuilt and reinforced to be able to handle the extreme Swedish climate. It is very rugged and very accurate but is as a result a bit heavier than a M16.

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69 HK G3A3

I used this weapon during my service in the Colombian Army in the earlly 80's. This is a democracy that has been under constant threat from multiple leftist guerrilla groups, narcotrafic cartels, crime syndicates kidnaping indididuals and keeping them in the jungle. To all of this add the fact that the economic resources of the department of defense are limited at best. As you can understand choosing a weapon systems is a very critical decision to put it mildly. This weapon replaced the FN FAL. It is indestructible, accurate and easy to maintain. Even the PTR and Centcom products made from used HK components are great rifles that can be purchase for very good prices $600-800. I know that there are many great rifles out there all I am saying is this rifle deserves your consideration and vote. Thank you.

This gun fires 7.62 -51 mm NATO bullets.It is just as good as FN FAL.

70 R4

This rifle is a licensed version of the galil it is very versatile easy to maintain, not as accurate over long range as the fn but excellent combat weapon, slide from AK47 actually fits in this weapon but of course cannot be used due to difference in calibre. I personally would chose this rifle over any other due to having being trained on it.

Used it myself in the old SADF in South Africa-a VERY reliable and accurate rifle, tried and well tested in combat over many years.

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71 R5 R5 R5 is an American pop rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff.

The R5 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle that was introduced into service with the South African defense Force in the early 1980s, replacing the earlier 7.62 mm FN FAL rifle, that was manufactured in South Africa under a license agreement from Fabrique Nationale. The R5 is produced by Vektor (a small arms division of Denel corporation, currently Denel Land Systems). The weapon is a licensed variant of the Israeli Galil assault rifle with several modifications; notably, both the stock and magazine are now made of a high-strength polymer and the stock's arms were lengthened, adapting the weapon for the average South African soldier. The R5 is a selective fire, gas-operated weapon that fires from a closed bolt. Been in service for over 30 years same as R 4

72 Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl

-it's more accurate than ak74
-fires 5.56x45 NATO round
-piccantiny rails
-double fire selector
-burst fire mode

73 Armalite AR10

308 in an AR platform? What's not to love? When cost, workmanship, accuracy, familiarity, and a butt kicking cartridge all come into play, the AR10 in 7.62 with a 20 inch barrel is really hard to beat. I've owned a lot of top end rifles. This is the one I'll reach for when the SHTF. It's the best $1400 I ever spent. I love this rifle!

At a thousand yards this has the kinetic energy of a 357mag at point blank range... On the ar platform you can't beat it!

Accurate. Solid. Can be used as a club... Strange as it sounds, the ARs cannot, nor can the AK be used as a pry bar when oftentimes that's all the AK and AR are useful for. The 308 will puncture things that the 223 will not. To me, that's critical because the bad guys sometimes stay inside of trucks and such.

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74 Steyr ACR

It's fletchet round is so fast the sights have no elevation because the bullet trajectory is flat to max range

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75 Imbel IA2

Brazilian assault rifle. Small, powerful, extremely fast and accurate.

Best assault rifle in the world

America talking one of the best guns in the world if ak and m16 had a son it would be it

76 C8 Carbine

Canada best country, C8 best rifle.

Small, compact, versatile an packs a punch. It's easy to clean and it can be outfitted with an Array of optics and grips. It fires the 5.56x45 calibre round so ammunition is interchangeable with the M16 family.
It's small size means it can easily be hidden. Recoil is moderate and not unmanageable.

77 SS2 V4

Amazing accuracy in single shots which in my humble opinion one of the best and stable rifle for taking single shots. A bit heavy but good overall weight balance throughout the rifle. Lack of 3 shots semi automatic burst mode. Slightly unbalanced recoil making it a bit inaccurate in full automatic burst mode. But overall its simple design, durability, low maintenance, and versatility makes this rifle shines over it's competitor.

Did you heard this weapon beat 16 countries at 2015 AASAM (Army At Skill Arms Meeting), the problem is just that this weapon is lack at popularity, so they don't know that this weapon is ever exist in this world. I think this weapon will get high rank, especially when this weapon come out at world market, ordered by famous country like UK, USA, France, China, Russia etc

I can't believe that this weapon could beat the legendary M16 at Australia Army Skill At Arms Meeting (AASAM) 2015. Took 30+ gold medals and that is incredibly amazing

Winner of International Military Shooting Competition in the last 6 years, regularly. It made AK, M4 and someothers rifles looked like BB gun.

78 HK PTR91

Have one love it, never had one single problem. I have a second gen and have no issue with.308 or 7.62x51 brass or steel round no problem. She does tend to be a dirty girl when I am done shooting howwever


The very best of an AK 47 and the M16. Excellent reliability and accuracy.

80 StG 44

This is easily one of the most innovative weapons of all time. If Germany had this earlier on the war they may have won, or at least done more damage.

If you don't pick this assault rifle, you are stupid. The AK-47 wouldn't be here if it weren't for the StG44. Every assault rifle wouldn't be here and we would still be using semi-auto rifles in the military.

How on earth is this on no 27! Should've easily been in the top 10, this is the daddy of all assault rifles.

Stg 44 is innovative and I think it deserve more attention

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