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101 M27 IAR
102 AS-Val
103 Tavor

I hate Jews, but you gotta give credit when its due. Tavor is the best. Designed in late 90's and uses all the experience accumulated plus the latest technology.

104 vz. 58

Plain but simple. Solid assault rifle and rock.

Best rifle of all time...

Simple, reliable, accurate and way lighter than you think it would be for a milled receiver. Totally under-rated.

More reliable, ergonomic, accurate than any AK what more you can ask?

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105 SG 550

As accurate as a swiss watch. The 5.6 cal version (Swiss army version) is much more accurate than the 5.56 version (NATO version). They even make a sniper version of this gun. Very good long range assault rifle. There are carabine versions for CQB.

"If you think I am wrong you have never had a SIG" That about sums it up. Accurate, reliable, handles well, has a heavy nose, but I find the extra weight on the barrel helps with muzzle rise on hammer double taps. Very controllable weapon. Cleaning is optional, but I like cleaning the SIG, easy to field strip.

Best of both worlds. Accuracy of the M4/M16 platform but with the reliability of an AK. No gas fouling in like the M4 but also lacking barrel whip found with the AK's.

Extremely precise gun. Not too heavy. Modular.
Quite simple and robust: can be completely disassembled and reassembled in under one minute blindfolded (ok, that needs a few days training).
The only weakness is that the holding grip is made of a sort of plastic that melts, when you shoot 300 shots in full automatic mode (10 magazines in a row with magazine change time under one second).
But that's not allowed in the swiss army anyway :-P

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106 SKS 7.62 x 39

At the end of the day a sks is cheaper and more available. Most people don't like them based the 10 round capacity, undetachable magizine which you need stripper clips for. Now you can find fixed 20-30 round set ups made for a sks ammo ports. Just as durable as a ak47, shooting the same cal, longer barral. Strippers are only about a dollar (sorry... Not the ones your thinking about) laugh out loud!

Low recoil, high accuracy. Reliable as they come

SKS the predesesor to the AK47, milled receivers, reliable, easy to accessorize and inexpensive to fire

SKS-20" barrel-150fps more than AK47. Aftermarket mods would include Kivaari trigger/2" butt pad/20 pack stripper clips/recoil buffer/shockwave break 65mm. /mount w/4x scope -all for 510.00-not bad for a war rifle that's dependable and accurate!

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107 Daewoo K2

I think k2 is a fairly underestimated gun. Rate of Fire: 800rpm, Effective Range: 1968ft (600m), Caliber: 5.56mm NATO, Weight: 7.19lbs (3.26kg), Muzzle Velocity: 3000ft/s (920m/s). Has great resistance against mud and water, can put on all the accessories you want including 40mm grenade launcher (but not as many as AR-15).
I reckon it is not the best gun for a small operations but definitely one of the best gun in large scale combats.

Light, reliable, accurate
A weapon of choice if you are a foot soldier going into heavy combats

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108 Lee Enfield SMLE

Probably the no.3 rifle of all time, no.2 being the m16 and number 1 being the AK-47 which it is on this list. This list is not realistic and it could not be anymore inaccurate to the real figures.

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109 USP 45.

It equal to old colt.45 1911 but better as it is much lighter and higher ammo. capacity

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110 Heckler & Koch MP-5

This is just the best and most multifunctional small gun I have ever seen!

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111 Pindad SS2

Proud of nation. Indonesian special forces owned, best range in air sea and combat in term ability as well durability. I have brother in special force which told about ak47 nor m16 comparable to this

I'm not saying it's the best, but surely it could be nominate as one cause it's designed and created by a nation that is not as modern and well budget as America, Russia and other advance nations and still this weapon can bring Indonesia wins some competitions. Good joob.

SS2 made in Indonesia, the most winning all shoot tournaments in the world, M16 and AK-47 lost the game

The Recoil are Very Soft Than other Rifle in Service and Suitable for Jungle Warfare Because it still Could Fire on Muddy and Wet Conditions... Its Lighter than M16... Even SS2 Have Quite Turbular Grip and Cheek Base Sighting Disadvantage, I Would Rather Use SS2 with EOD Sightings... Rather Than HK416 or M4...

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112 Heckler & Koch G3

Firing 308 Winchester (also known as the 7.62*51, this weapon is the perfect balance of power, weight, accuracy and range. It's not as reliable as its kalishnikov counterparts, but that's not saying much, not many guns R. It has an effective range of 800 meters, and can be equipped with a scope to serve as a sniper weapon. It's well balanced and incredibly accurate. Also, it is more controllable in automatic fire than an AK is. G3 is the best assault rifle in the world, bar none.

7,62x51. It tells everything about it. Long barrel, strong ammunition, what more do you need when you go for a hunt?

Perhaps its recoil is a bad too strong for automatic fire, but who cares if 1 shot is enough?

Extreme practic, long range 7.62x51mm, good looking, lot of countries still use it like mexico, it is the main weapon in mexican drug war.
A gun that still win wars even with 50 years old.

Tested at Ft Benning and came out ahead of the M14 and FN FAL. It's a rugged beast and amazingly accurate. Used by the Norwegians,Danes and Germans and many other countries before they went to lighter weapons. The German quality shines. The roller block is highly dependable with a stiff recoil. If you're looking for the king of battle rifles get this one or the PTR copy. Bought mine in 1989 on the recommendation of a former Rhodesian vet and Selous Scout. I wouldn't part with it for any other rifle.

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113 RK 62

A finnish assault rifle. AK-47 copy but better than AK. Best assault rifle of all time! Why don't any Call of Duty have this.

I used this in my military service on Finland, and I think its better than other assault rifles...

Very, very accurate. Robust and well built. Galil is based on this...

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114 Zastava M21

Zastava can't be in alist of top rifles because it rust and it's barrel not lined with Crom

Serbia for the win


It is the most reliable mid-battle field Assault Rifle with its Effective and sharp Accurate range of 500m. I used to use it in place of AK-47 when I was in a Paramilitary personnel. And it has more Accuracy and light weight and recoil than AK-47. Even though for effective battle with more MASS I will prefer AK-47. But in public I will use INSAS. Now we are improving INSAS with some modifications. Hope it helps our Military Personnel.

It is a unwarranted, unsuccessful and defective rifle supplied to the Indian Army because a soldier can not fight close battle with this rifle. Lethal effectiveness of the round of this rifle is very poor. Some time in quick response fire it stops and it has such major defects which can not be rectified at once and death of a unlucky soldier is certain without any fight. It is the lowest weapon in the history of the riles all over the world. A wanton is thousand time better than this rifle. Recommended it must be withdrawn from the Indian Army and a sophisticated rifle matching M 16 or Travcor should be supplied to the Army. Such weapon is not a cheating against the Army but also loss to the State exchequer.

Fires 5.56*45 mm + 40 mm ubgl.
has 3 mode single, 3 round burst, full auto.
750 rpm.

Best assault rifle suitable for any terrain

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