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101 SKS 7.62 x 39

At the end of the day a sks is cheaper and more available. Most people don't like them based the 10 round capacity, undetachable magizine which you need stripper clips for. Now you can find fixed 20-30 round set ups made for a sks ammo ports. Just as durable as a ak47, shooting the same cal, longer barral. Strippers are only about a dollar (sorry... Not the ones your thinking about) laugh out loud!

Love my sks has a custom foregrip to control rapid semi auto fire, have put thousands of Russian made ammo through with no jams, have a more loving relationship with this rifle more so than with my own wife. Even saved my life from an attacking bear, one very lucky shot to the brain ended that fiasco.

Low recoil, high accuracy. Reliable as they come

SKS-20" barrel-150fps more than AK47. Aftermarket mods would include Kivaari trigger/2" butt pad/20 pack stripper clips/recoil buffer/shockwave break 65mm. /mount w/4x scope -all for 510.00-not bad for a war rifle that's dependable and accurate!

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It is the most reliable mid-battle field Assault Rifle with its Effective and sharp Accurate range of 500m. I used to use it in place of AK-47 when I was in a Paramilitary personnel. And it has more Accuracy and light weight and recoil than AK-47. Even though for effective battle with more MASS I will prefer AK-47. But in public I will use INSAS. Now we are improving INSAS with some modifications. Hope it helps our Military Personnel.

It is a unwarranted, unsuccessful and defective rifle supplied to the Indian Army because a soldier can not fight close battle with this rifle. Lethal effectiveness of the round of this rifle is very poor. Some time in quick response fire it stops and it has such major defects which can not be rectified at once and death of a unlucky soldier is certain without any fight. It is the lowest weapon in the history of the riles all over the world. A wanton is thousand time better than this rifle. Recommended it must be withdrawn from the Indian Army and a sophisticated rifle matching M 16 or Travcor should be supplied to the Army. Such weapon is not a cheating against the Army but also loss to the State exchequer.

Fires 5.56*45 mm + 40 mm ubgl.
has 3 mode single, 3 round burst, full auto.
750 rpm.

Best assault rifle suitable for any terrain

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103 USP 45.

Why is this even on this list?

It equal to old colt.45 1911 but better as it is much lighter and higher ammo. capacity

Great and Powerful Special Forces Pistol

104 Lee Enfield SMLE

Probably the no.3 rifle of all time, no.2 being the m16 and number 1 being the AK-47 which it is on this list. This list is not realistic and it could not be anymore inaccurate to the real figures.

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105 vz. 58

Plain but simple. Solid assault rifle and rock.

Best rifle of all time...

Simple, reliable, accurate and way lighter than you think it would be for a milled receiver. Totally under-rated.

More reliable, ergonomic, accurate than any AK what more you can ask?

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106 Heckler & Koch MP-5

This is just the best and most multifunctional small gun I have ever seen!

It sucks like your momma



107 PP-2000
108 C7 Carbine
109 CAR 816

I think I like this

110 PTR-91 V 3 Comments
111 AK-5

The FN FNC with the 450 mm barrel, made under licence from FN, is a simple weapon that I used in service in the nineties.

Simple to handle and use with a light kickback but also with some disadvantages:
Snow, AK 5 and degrees below freezing point was not always a good combination. The mechanism got stuck.
Sand. The smallest grain could make a bad moment even worse.
Plate. It was easily done to damage the metal in the box. Then you couldn't close the weapon...

I had just fixed sights on my rifle but with a telescopic sight, for example, it would have reached the next level. Despite its disadvantages.

The first model of the FN FNC, made under licence, had the 450 mm barrel.

I used this version during my service. It was a simple weapon and easy to use but it had some disadvantages:
Snow, degrees below freezingpoint and AK 5 was not a good combination.
Sand was another, even the smallest grain could mess things up.
Then, the box was to fragile and could quite easily become damaged.

Any way, we liked this weapon and maybe it can be called "a beginners assault rifle"?

112 HK USC 45

Close to medium range shooting, very reliable and ammo is everywhere to get. Lots of options to add. This gun has a small kick so it can be used by anyone

113 M27 IAR
114 AS-Val
115 Tavor

I hate Jews, but you gotta give credit when its due. Tavor is the best. Designed in late 90's and uses all the experience accumulated plus the latest technology.

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