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21 V-grip
22 TPX Triton

VERY GOOD POP on it, gets great hits, 2 piece composite bat, does great for travel ball games.

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23 Reebok
24 Rawlings 5150

BEST BAT EVER. Recommend it at all ages from little league to high school.

This is probably the most powerful bat you could use in little league

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25 Easton Reflex

this bat for a 1 peice- non comp. bat has great pop and last long unlike the #7 bat

26 Mizuno
27 Miken
28 CF5
29 B4 Combat
30 Easton S2

I have the s3 and hit dingers with it but the s3 isn't on here

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31 Demarini CF6
32 Annex
33 Louisville Slugger Prime 916

Hit back to back jacks first game I had it feels more like a -5 than -3 best bat around.

34 Stealth Speed Black 010

again, flys off the bat and has great pop, doesn't lose a lot of pop either

35 Stealth Surge

if you hit it in the rite spot it flys, if its in the wrong dpot, what can I say but overall this bat was great a lit. vibration but thts aabout it

36 Big Barrel Gray B2 Combat

great bat but extreme vibration. I can't imagine how much better itd be w/o vib. its a great bat though

37 Demarini Vendetta Rails

great bat, last long but if you hit it on the handle it goes NO where but good pop and sound, not totally comp but it has great performance

38 Louisville Slugger
39 Wilson

These bats are are Awesome

40 Marucci

I play middle school ball with drop 3... This bat has some major pop and it doesn't hurt in the cold when u hit it on the handle. I am 13 and I have had 7 bats and so far this is the best one

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