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41 L-Drago Guardian

L drago is, at thevery least the equal of its predecessor destroy fs

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42 Hot Fire Hell Kerbes
43 Thermal Lacerta

Amazing stamina and balance - best beyblade ever
I love this beyblade. It helped me win all of the beyblade battles that I did against my friends.

I have this bey and its awesome thanks to its balance and has a good attack, defense, and stamina- love it but when I battled with it in the stadium it kind of sucked

It blew my Fang Leone out of the stadium. It also beat my Twisted Tempo, Flame Byxis, fang Leone, and Galaxy Pegasus.

My first one, can even battle on stairs! And, jumps a lot, really good!

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44 Flame Byxis

He is my best Beyblade, and rocks againt all my other 24 beys. So far he is my strongest and deserves to be at least in the top 20's. Come on, people vote for flame byxis!

It is my best bey. It always beats my Galaxy Pegasus and Twisted Tempo. It has beaten my friends' Meteo Ldrago, Earth Virgo and Poison Serpent.

He is my best bey out of galaxy pegasus 2 grand cetus and tornado destroyer

I agree byxis is a very good Beyblade because of its spin track

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45 Twisted Leone
46 Rock Orso

Rock orso owns he beat hyper aquario, rock leone and several others

47 Ray Striker

If you spin him slightly on its side he will attack if you spin him normally he will defend he is really awesome.

Ray striker is good. It is a attack type, but really good samina it should be at lest top 20. I have it, is awesome. Once he beat a burn firebaze and earth eagle

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48 Rock Aquario
49 Earth Wolf

My friend has Earth Wolf its his best beyblade he beat all of my beyblades. I have rock orso, meteo l drago, legend counter leone, legend thunder lidra, storm capricorn, flame saggitario and galaxy pegasus. Earth wolf is awesome so I recommend you to get him.

THE BEST BEY EVER. It defeated Hell Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, Dark Wolf, Meteo L Drago, Lightning L Drago, Gravity Perseus, Rock Zurafa, Ray Unicorn, Galaxy Pegasis, Twisted Tempo, Diablo Nemeses, etc. My friend launched his Ray Unicorn and Lightning L Drago on top of my wolf. Unicorn's energy ring and drago's performance tip broke. It happens to have a unique ability to fight when needed when Meteo L Drago tried to absorb his spin it absorbed Meteo's spin, which I found it awesome. You name it this cool bey can beat it. It has a perfect blend of defense, attack and stamina. SO please VOTE FOR THIS COOL BEY...

It is the best my dad has it it smashed all of my best beys I have earth eagle tips I put it on all of my beys and I took it to school and I smash every one and there are 100 beyblades. It rocks it is so cool please vote for it has never lost a battle in the world you have to get it never trade earth wolf eaven for every beyblade never get it lost or you will have to by it again for 25$$$

Yes I agree earth wolf is super sweet! It beat all my Beyblades in less than 30 seconds. It has great balance, defense and stamina. So it beats any bey

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50 Rock Scorpio

He is good

51 Rock Zurafa

One of the best defensive beyblades that you could normally find in stores like really when can you not find a rock Zurafa in stores if you can't find it at your local store it sucks by the way it also has plenty of defense so buy this beyblade

Not only is it strong it is one of the heaviest pegasus blades have no chance

It beat all my beys;hyper aquario, inferno saggentario, even NIGHT VIRGO!
Defense; AMAZING!

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52 Tornado Pegasus

Storm pegasus is the worst bey ever it lost to every Beyblade in the world. I guess earth eagle is better because earth eagle even defeated galaxy pegasis and meteo ldrago and all the Beyblade in the world

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53 Limited Edition Golden Lighting L'Drago

This people is an excellent Beyblade. Ok you may think lightning l'drago isn't very good. Well this is. Seriously! It is a great bey and one to beat!

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54 Blitz Striker

Awesome beats every bey just so awesome

55 Wing Pegasis

It is one of the best beyblade in the world and can defeat many of the beys

I have it and it beat my ldrago guardian and my ray striker also my cyclone hercleo

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56 Limited Edition Golden L' Drago

This is a very powerful Beyblade. It can beat many Beyblades. Its just crazy good.

He is the best bey I have and is really good with the rubber on the sides

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57 Evil Befall

It has great stamina, defense and attack I think it is the best please vote for it it beat my dark wolf, poison serpent, ray gil and dark bull

I like evil beafowl or killer beafowl because its good looking and stylish and its my first original bey of my life and I really want to know how many stars are there in beafowl's attack, balance, stamina or defense. Thanks for reading my wish comment...

It is very good in attack, defense, stamina I beat poison serpent, dark wolf, dark bull and it cracked my cousins gravity Perseus

This bey is awesome, if it attacks a bulky bey that bey ends up in scratches!
The proof is beyblade metal masters episode called The Wicked Peacock:Befall when Jack went against Klaus and his Grand Capricorn. I love the peacock and the color is awesome!

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58 Dark Gasher

This beyblade, with good attack aggressively through the bey stadium. He is capable of defeating with many loops and tricks and surprises.

59 Nightmare Rex

I like nightmare rex because it has a very intreting spin track, a good energy ring, and great stamina

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60 Cyclone Herculeo

This Beyblade should be higher up on the list its attack is very good it can crush counter leone

Cyclone herculeo is a awesome Beyblade I have cyclone herculeo it is number two in my list.

It's a a good Beyblade. It has good attacks. It beat Pegasus Jumper 10 times straight.

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