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121 Flame Leone
122 Earth L Drago
123 Bakushin Susanow

This is awesome beyblade Because it as the second best attack tip and should Doji's beyblade because his beyblade was never shown in the Beyblade 4D. After Dark wolf was destroyed by Phoenix in the first season of beyblade. So beyblade can you please put this beyblade in the beyblade 4D T. V show when it out in the U. S

This Beyblade the Bomd. I have beating all my Beyblades. All actsept for Hades kerbecs and Twisted Tempo. This Beyblade should be Doji's Beyblade in the Beyblade 4D T.V. series for sure because his Beyblade was never showen the 3rd season of Beyblade. The specail moves. I came for it is Katana Gale Storm, Katana Blaze wall, Katana Wirl Wind and Katana Fang Fury and I also put the word Ture in front of them all also.

124 Flame Pegasus

This Balance bey is the Best when combined with spin track 100 and performance tips S, R2F, RF, or F

125 Space Susanow

Excellent stamina and defense with te125 and ms spin track and performance tip

126 Metal System Pegasis

This bey has the ultimate smash attack and kills everything I fight.

127 Duo Libra V 1 Comment
128 Dark Knight Dragoon
129 Twisted Befall
130 Poison Zurafa

I've destroyed every Bey there is. I mean I destroyed earth eagle, gravity destroyer, even L
Dragon destructer. I am an undefeated blader, just name the time and place.

131 Hell Crown

It like blowed up my other beyblades

132 Death Quetzaloatl RDF
133 Guardian Leviathan
134 Tornado Destroyer

An all around amazing Beyblade

135 Earth Pegasus
136 Storm Serpent

It can defeat a lot of beys and it is so colon by looking at it it has half inch tip

137 Earth Serpent
138 Lightning Tiger D125F Limited Edition
139 Grand Wolf
140 Earth Bull

Earth Bull is a really good defense type Beyblade. The Bull Clear Wheel puts even weight distribution for more balance, stamina and defense. Earth has good defense and stamina. 100 is low so low beys can't knock it off balance, which adds defense and stamina. The Wide defense Bottom stabilizes the bey, for more defense and stamina. If you use this bey right it can beat Earth Aquila/Eagle easily! Put a Metal Face for more stability and defense, and you will be a blading master!

Earth Bull is a combo bey and is perfect even without it's performance tip. So when it get's it's performence tip it will be over perfect!

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