Nokia is the best phone. Every time I buy one it fits perfectly where I want it to.

It comes with excellent size and the colors of nokia aren't bad.
I love the mall phones that allow you to touch and also love the new ones, its amazing. I just can't stop buying nokia phones their way better than other types.

No more thinking everyone! I bet you any amount of money that nokia WILL be the best phone company in the world for ever! I say this because nokia only makes phones, nothing else like T.V.'s, etc. Whereas, Sony ericsson is not an independent company, it is a sony company because of the 'sony' name before 'ericsson'. Sony makes phones PLUS T.V.'s, eReaders, digital radios and many more things. My uncle's sony ericsson k800i had many problems. The left selection key doesn't work, the phone calls contacts by itself with no one touching the phone, and it has very bad music quality. Nokia, You've made it, but don't think if I send the message if you are a good company, don't think that the customers think we are good, so that means we need to have a rest and not make any more phones!

Awesome phone with color, feel look the new world begin tomorrow... Lovely phone, especially with Nokia N8... Very best quality camera 12. Mp, so remarkable... Best ever... Oh forget one more stuff just come out... Ovi suite for computer and map application for travel around the world with one device... Nokia

Is a shame that now Apple and Samsung are better. Nokia was the King, I have a fully working phone from 2005 and 2003 so, the durability on their products is unmatched. Who still remembers the famous Nokia 3310, that thing is so strong that it can clog a crushing machine (I'M NOT LYING! ). It makes today's phone like fragile piece of glass.

Best phones ever. I like them. The widest collection of apps. And the most reliable OS, and the n900 more than a phone, and the upcoming n9 will cause the I phones and the galaxies to go back to their homes... Yeah, go for nokia... I've used Sony Erickson, Siemens, samsung, but not any one even close enough to nokia, I love NOKIA...

Still the best phones on the planet! I have no clue what I would do without my Nokia phone! Who agrees? Hands up! Anyone?! - Silverstream101

No one can defeat NOKIA. Its number in its arena and will be no. 1 forever. Its mobile phones are so comfy to use. I just love them. - dontmesswidme

I bought Nokia C2-03. Worst touchscreen with keypad phone I have ever purchased. I would never suggest anyone to buy any brand of Nokia. No Android. Gets hanged repeatedly. It has worst touchscreen. Many times I slide to go downward, it goes to upward side and buttons become useless very soon.

Nokia is the best for me because it has a unique features that only nokia apps has and aside from this all nokia models is affordable yet available so for me if you are planning to buy a mobile phone choose only nokia. I'm sure you will not regret at all and you might say that your money is worth buying this phone

Nokia is the Best Phones Ever.. And they are strong a in quality and they Never rush with branding of phones Like Other brands will do. So far so good with MY NOKIA I am satisfied...

Nokia is ever best company. It is very good in quality ever ever ever. No one have capability to compare his quality with nokia. Nokia have amazing quality. I used all phones but no one have best quality. Nokia is better than all phones. I love nokia. I am fan of nokia. I want to be a part of nokia. Love you nokia ever ever ever.

Yes even I have Nokia right from the beginning and many times it fell but still it works. Next week I am going to buy new mobile and my son is saying that now Samsung is in demand so I am puzzled as to which brand I should buy. But I think still I will go for Nokia!

Best phone I ever seen, nice quality, support, Ovi store, quality of music, Ovi music, LOADS and loads of stuff, also now releasing Windows phone after agreement with Microsoft! Nokia Forever!

I have had many phones of different brands but no other brand compares to the nokia phones. They are simple to use, very modern and up to date and also of all the phones that I've had nokias are the ones that can fall on a daily basis and still work just fine.

I love my Nokia Asha 305 at first I don't appreciate it at all but later on it really blew me away now I know why it won as best phone by most nokia phone users.. Now I am hoping to grab one of the latest launch Nokia Asha 501.. Can't wait to have one.

Me and my family just know one brand-NOKIA, even if it has much more disadvantages than other brands, I just don't know, every time we buy cell phones, it's just nokia and nothing else!

Stylist model, preferable cost, the best quality, exactly whom I prefer most. Very easier to operate. So thanks you very much for making this kind of brand. I hope this brand will be number 1 for ever in the world. Best of Luck.

Nokia's phones are just awesome... But now a days I'm a bit confused about Samsung... Especially galaxy s3 and Nokia lumia 820... Even there is a difference of about 8000 rupees... Some says s3 rocks but I think Nokia lumia 820 will be better...

Nokia has dominated our childhood and even now :)) Nokia, keep moving on! Now I'm still using a Nokia phone which I have been using it for almost 3 years and I guess I still can use it decades later


All of my family has, had, and will always have Nokia phones. They are best and have good quality. It's a good brand, and the fact that it isn't American, but Finnish, really crowns it. (Nothing against U.S.A but it seems like everything's from there! )

The best phone brand for business & entertainment... It produces the best phones ever.. I compared the internet speed with other phones and found this is the best internet phone ever!

Nokia Is like legend or an sister of phones. But sad to listen that Samsung is taking over the number 1 position from Nokia. And sad on Nokia's lack of competitive spirit and trying to be to conservative.

1st its user friendly it has much more features than any other phone both installed by nokia and the one once you can install yourself, nokia is a phone for fun and people who don't like it are doll, it pretty and affordable. The os is superb especially the symbian belle also the windows and the rest meego don't just know what this guy are up to next

Its features are organized and it's durable because my phone is still working even it was emerged in the water by my baby boy cousin and how I surprised when it worked by itself. It's amazing...