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61 Telego

Great phone.. You must have it now.

62 CDR King

One year warranty man jud

Such a high technologized phone!

63 G'Five

It's brilliant with exceptional value for money.
It has 1 year warranty with lifetime insurance and that too fre.
Now that's brilliant.
The company will give you the same mobile only for 25% of the cell's price (if it is lost)

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64 Meizu

It's a young and energetic brand

Meizu is the best

I love meizu brand but saxy phones

Meizu M1 Note is the best phone ever!

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65 iPro

Its have a very wonderful appearance and its price is very cheap

Very niceappearance, and very popular in Latin America, especially in Colombia

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66 MetroPCS

I love getting what you pay for, with out any hidden fees, like you get from contract carriers, with metropcs you get unlimited talk, text, and data with no slow down's, and you bill is always the same, it doesn't keep going up. Thank-you Metropcs

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67 DRPU Mobile

DRPU Mobile Phone are actually special purpose Phones and are slightly different from routine phones. These Phones have been designed by their Principle Company DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd. Specially to be used by their DRPU BULK SMS software Products. By Default, The Phones have TWO SIM Card Slots like any ordinary Phone but this phone can send SMS Text messages 16 times faster than the ordinary phones when used by DRPU Bulk SMS Products.

But it is not the only special task of these DRPU Mobile Phones to broadcast SMS Text 16x faster then ordinary Mobile device. The additional SIM Magazine that comes in the Box of these mobile Phones can be connected in USB cable Port like a pistol Magazine and has capacity of inserting up-to 16 additional SIM Cards in order to Broadcast SMS Texts using DRPU Bulk SMS Products. Thus it has capabilities to use 2 (internal Dual sim) Plus 16 SIM Magazine (Total 18 connections simultaneously) Mobile connections to broadcast text messages when you have ...more

This handset is smart when you use it as an ordinary Dual sim mobile phone and works like a SMS Machine gun when the SIM Magazine is connected to send Bulk SMS Software using their in-built SMS Broadcasting Software.

I really agree that this phone is not just a phone but a very useful business tool. In country like ours, we can not send SMS messages using online sms gateways to people who are registered on D-N-D (Do Not Disturb) registry. But this mobile works faster and better than Online gateways and business owners can send notifications to their customers with the peace of mind that their customers is actually receiving them and SMS messages are not filtered by DND Registry database scan.
5 out of 5 from my side!

Not impossible ts just a joke

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68 Videocon


69 Zigo

I also use Zigo phone. It's good but it's motherboard is very poor.

70 DTC

I like this phone very much, it is very durable because I dropped this phone 6-10 times a day but still has no defect, nice phone with good price.

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71 Posh

Apple phones are the best because they charge fast

72 JCB

They bring you the toughphone which is almost indestructible. - ozzydog12

74 Lemon

I 707 is much more experience to me for last 3:5years.thanks all tech team.

75 AT&T Focus
76 Bosch
77 Sky


Most mobiles has 1Gb ram, 1.5 dual core processor, 8Mp camera, and every thing at reasonable price. For more info +92332-7400710

78 Zen
79 Techno
80 Coolpad

I own the Catalyst model, and I like it. However if the camera is good, then I won't have to complain about it. Other than that, it's good. - ClassicGaminer

Sounds cool brand as well in Asia

Best phone brand

Nice note 5

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