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121 MyPhone

Good quality for its price. And great proprietary apps too. A must for budget-conscious consumers looking for a mobile phone that works well without all the expensive extras that are not essential.

Best Phone and Quality they have the service that all Filipinos love it, like the top of the line android and featured phones that is already good and its lower price.. GO MyPhone

This is a good brand almost same quality with the leading brand but the price is much cheaper than them that why I choose this brand... And I'm proud to be PINOY!

Really cheap and very good features

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122 Torque

Consists of awesome features for huge population of Philippines, and helps many people to communicate faster to each other.

Affordable and warranty... Advance also to others product in our country.

Good specs and affordable price. It also have good quality

It's so affordable and nice.. Proud to be PINOY! :D

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123 Q Mobile Phone

My national phone can compete with samsung

Q mobile is good

Cheap and reliable cell phones...

The Best Phone Ever!

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125 Gionee

Low price good quality

Good Phone.. Comparable to Samsung

Really very good mobile

Good phone

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126 Q7
127 Voice V 1 Comment
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