I've had Metro since around when they started. I don't use the internet on my phone much, so I don't have a big opinion on it. Everything I do use has increasingly improved since then, and the price has always been fair. I've tried T-mobile otherwise, their service is shameful and leaving them is like a divorce. I've never had a definitive problem with Metro, they're quite straightforward. The price is quite fair, always has been.

I have bought 6 phones from metropcs. It's great but the internet and date is pretty slow at times but otherwise texting and calling is great. I recommend it.

I've had ALL of the others. They all suck in their own fashion. Metro has always lived up to expectations and their network has quietly gotten bigger and bigger.

With metro I have data connection anywhere I go and I've gone all the way from Alabama to Canada way better than my old carrier sprint

It has high speed internet and great services

Metro is the best when is the storm I know for fact that MetroPCS Services is not interrupted

I think so 2 but this is my first phone so we will see

They do not over charge there service is great my whole family has metro

I used to have at&t but not only did the service suck but I paid $130 a month for limited talk and nothing else. With metro I have decent service and am paying $75 a month for unlimited talk text and data.

May not be popular but is better than at&t. not as good as verizon though

$30 dollars, PERIOD. It is cheap and great, at least they don't charge you for minutes and that is great! For years my family has Metro PCS and it's good. You do have data but if you keep using the internet data, the data will drop and the internet goes slow, but that doesn't stop you from using the internet on your phone. I like Metro PCS and it rocks! - ClassicGaminer

Best connection I have ever had.

Really cheap and offers unlimited data and I get signal everywhere even where verizon fails, have used it to give verizon customers wifi hotspot from phone when they failed and for only $50 monthly. Verizon charges $500 last I checked for using 50gb data, that is a 500% increase.

Psh... why is MetroPCS #17 when they have really good service for a really good price?

I had Sprint and I lost Signal everywhere with metro pcs I never did I will never switchback

Mwtro pcs never cheats you out of a deal and they never take your money