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61 Future Rogue Cheney
62 Irene Belserion Irene Belserion

Pretty, strong, and deep down she's a caring mother

63 Igneel Igneel
64 Silver Fullbuster

The best character in FT, what a badass introduction with this ost, maybe made by GOD.
Too short time in the game.

65 Jenny Realight
66 Hades

This guy should be 2nd place he was created by the book of zeref and the strongest one as well he defeated the spirit king. he didn't really defeated him but you can say he won the fight. he his very calm when fighting.

67 Hibiki Lates

Amazing, hot guy! Super cool magic.

He has very interesting magic and they should give him more screentime, I wanna knowhus backstory and it's sad thad he was reduced to Ichya's background.

68 Max Alors

Best character ever. Honestly. Brave. Heroic. Max is the best character in Fairy Tail. His backstory is so touching. I wish I could become a member of Fairy Tail, create a time spell, go back in time, and hug Max until his spine breaks in half. His sand magic is obviously the coolest magic possible. What can't you do with sand? Time and time again, he saves Fairy Tail from imminent doom. Fairy Tail would be a pile of ashes if it wasn't for the hero of the series, Max. He loves talking to people and having friends, and we all know friendship is the main theme of Fairy Tail. He embodies the spirit of Fairy Tail. He practically IS Fairy Tail. He is the human manifestation of love, friendship, and Fairy Tail. And that is why he is my favorite character. P.S. did anyone else notice the scene where Max was passed out with a broom in his butt?

Max is also my favorite character. I don't really know why, but I really really like (or love) his personality.

69 Bickslow

He is so handsome (have you ever seen him without his mask? ) and so cool, why is he so underrated?

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70 Kyouka
71 Brandish μ

I really don't like her. I mean... she's weird. She keep jumping from one side to another. Annoying, spoiled little girl who thinks that entire world should be her slaves. And her relationship with Aquarius (my favourite character)... Just no. Mashima, stop, please.

72 Kinana

She would be surely a great character, if she would became a little more screentime. Like in the arc of the Infinity Castle. Her background story with Cobra is really good.

73 Milliana

Milliana is a lovable, sweet, hyper, and serious at times character. She loves cats and it's so funny when she sees anything cat related, she's strong when she needs to be and she's just an amazing character

I'm adding this for my friend Lilliana who also happens to be in love with cats! I mean what are the odds!

She is Kawaii

74 Ur Milkovich Ur Milkovich

She is the best master one could have

She is a total badass. Love her! - Goku02

One of my favourite characters.Love her.

75 Alzack Connell Alzack Connell
76 Yukino Agria

One of the best girls in fairy tail. She’s had a very hard life and you just feel awe full for her but she is able to continue on. She doesn’t beg to be let back into sabor tooth and she never wishes harm on them but the thing I like most is her bound with Mira as it shows a great role of two being almost siblings also she shows she can be concern of others especially when frosh gets lost

77 Michelle Lobster
78 Lahar
79 Carla

One of the most underrated characters, she was annoying in Nirvana Arc but has seen development ever since.

She's so sophisticated, I like it. - Pegasister12

Too serious...have a heart carla

Why is Carla so low down on the list? I thought she'd be much higher up. She's an amazing character with a great character development and backstory. She's seriously underrated.

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80 Dan Straight

Oh COME ON! Dan is got to be higher than this. He managed to defeat Erza on their first fight (episode 132) and he is also funny. His shield and spear(forgot the names) are my favorite weapons in all the episodes I watched so far.

Funny loves lucy and all women kind of off like Virgo.

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