Best College Baseball Programs


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They the kings of the sec

Most consistent college team

The scary thing about this program is they got their titles in a short period of time. Bertman was a once in a lifetime kind of coach.

2 Cal State Fullerton

Go Titans!

3 Arizona State

Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Rick Monday, Barry Bonds (pre-steroid), Bob Horner, Gary Gentry and five National Titles make this a traditional favorite.

Ike Davis, Ian Kinsler, Brett Wallace, Dustin Pedroia, & Jason Kipnis

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4 Arkansas Razorbacks Arkansas Razorbacks

Great fan support. Great coach and a great ballpark. Over 8400 fans per game average.

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5 Texas
6 Miami
7 South Carolina

Carolina has been a top 25 program since the 70's, but now has a major breakthrough by winning the 2010 College World Series. Resume includes 2 CWS championship game appearances and the most SEC wins in the last 10 years. - almfromsc

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Most NCs easy vote

9 Florida State

This is a great baseball program. They have been close many times.

10 Wichita State

Coach Stephenson has built a dynasty in the small town of Wichita. When Stephenson arrived in 1979 the only thing for sure was there was no baseball in Wichita. He has built a quality program and raised enough money in the community to build one the nations most premier collegiate baseball facilities.

The Newcomers

? Pittsburgh Panthers Pittsburgh Panthers


? Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

The Contenders

11 Rice
12 Oregon State
13 Oklahoma State
14 Nebraska
15 Missouri
16 Louisville
17 The College of Idaho
18 Minnesota
19 Maryland
20 Washington State
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