Ai Haibara


Words just isn't enough to describe her. I mean, just look at her! I don't even know why she has haters. She is very intelligent and will do everything for the sake of others. Sounds familiar, right? I know Conan or Shinichi, and Ran also think of others more than theirselves. But, she's even willing to sacrifice and risk her life! I even think that she likes Conan but gave him up as she knows that someone already likes him. She is really unique. not like Ran who has two girls who have the same personality as her (Kazuha and Aoko). Sad but proud to say that I like her more than the heroine and the main character.

Haibara is perfect. SHe is everything in DC and she is the strongest one of all the girls. She have sad memories and can make it through. She is very helpful very she is helping conan with cases and researching. She does not cry a lot like Ran, and she is very unique. She is very cute when she smiles, well even when she does not smile she is superr cute. She is the prettiest of all, more than ran a billion times more than ran. Ran is a shark head, crybaby.

Haibara is sweet, caring and pretty. Beautiful nice smart and clever. Fit for Conan.

She is the best. The absolute best. She is a complex, complex character, and I dare say; more than Conan himself. She had tons of layer, from snarky and paranoid and stoic and deep philosophic and self loathing and this is probably why people had such different views on her. All her actions are perfectly justified and calculated (unlike some reckless characters I can name). Her character boldly shows signs of self loathing and suicidal tendencies, which I just adore. It was rare something like that is shown that boldly in an anime, and I think it's about time.

I don't agree that ran is prettier than ai haibara or conversely because after all their just animations, drawings but what makes other people think one is prettier than the other is that they like their character or maybe when it comes to ran, her relationship with shinichi or her hair same with ai but what ai has that ran does not have is the mysterios eyes...

She's the best and coolest Detective Conan female character... She has a very good chemistry with shinichi/conan. And she's not plain looking, she carries mystery in her eyes... That's why many people love her... She is interesting, pretty, intelligent, almost perfect...

Haibara's the best. Among the female characters she's the only one who can beat or almost in the same level as conan... She's certainly not a minor character... If it were not because Ran is shinichi's main lady I would have thought she is the main character with Conan...

She's the most interesting character that gives you the chills. She may not be one of the protagonists but she's as important in the story as any protagonist detective conan has...

A like ai haibara because she's pretty at the same time cute. I like her smile, and more importantly I love her character. Makes you feel that there is an ai haibara inside of you and you just don't know it. By watching her I feel intelligent no joke.

I'm very glad that she's above Shinichi, honestly, she definitely deserves it. A personal opinion here: Shinichi is a reckless idiot, who's really smart, yes, and not afraid to flaunt it off too. I mean, he's chased by a big bad organization. Chasing after criminals and making a new spotlight for himself is just...dumb. Haibara is much better. She had the brains, but she had enough common sense to bottle it up. And she's kind, too. Even though it's not her fault in any way that she's borned into BO, her guilt complex, suicidal tendencies, paranoia, everything is just well thought and incredible. Brave and readily sacrifices herself for people, careful and calculating; she's Conan upgraded.

I think she is the best because ijut love seeing her face, it's so mysterious, exciting, and I really love the way she talks with others even if it's kind of rude sometimes especially with conan, I love them teasing each other and more importantly she taught me how to cherish the people I love while they are still with me.

Ai haibara is the best for me because she makes the story more interesting, she fires thigs up, even though her words are limited they are the words not should be kept in the heart and mind. Her view of the world is genuine simply because she has gone through a lot. And even though she can't fight physically she is as brave as anyone in terms of her friends safety which she treats like family.

Ai is an interesting character. She is strong, for one. Much more stronger than Ran. She is born a prisoner for Black Organization, born a prodigy, and forced to make death poison. And all for her sister�"who dies. I like the way she didn't follow through the Black Organization's darkness, instead choosing to save someone she didn't know, who happens to be an arrogant, ungrateful bastard. Then she devoted her life to make a cure.

She warms up eventually, but still maintain her stoic and sarcastic side. Unlike Ran, she isn't a perfect little sunshine, because she CAN'T. I'd like to see Ran nit becoming like her if Ran is born a prodigy in a dark organization, forced to kill (though indirectly), lose everyone she loved (Sonoko, friends, parents, etc) then chase all over by heartless killers, endangering everyone she learned to care about again. Please.

She is smart and sharp, often helps Conan in cases, although that arrogant kid most likely don't even realize ...more

That mysterious aura that she has, I mean like even though she can't guarantee the safety of herself and people around her, she can make the gap that makes us think that its always safe to have Ai around.

I just love her and I think Ai and Shinichi are a better pair than Ran and Shinichi. She is so cool and cold outside but in the inside she is just a cute, little, fragile girl. Her breakdown because of her sister was so heartbreaking and I love it how Shinichi cares for her. I always thought Ran could trust Shinichi to come back beause he is smart, strong and can take care of himself. I understand that she cares for him but she could trust him more. Anyway I love Ai x Shinichi because they are so cute together. She is the prettiest girl too.

Ai is smart, cute and really talented. She is so much better than Ran who is always crying all the time. Love Ai-chan

She is the coolest female character I've ever seen. She is calm, intelligent, cool and cute. I can say, she inspires everyone, even those weird haters who never recognize. If Conan is a Holmes boy, then she is the smartest Watson. In such animes like this, a cool and calm girl always gets her own place. And the most important reason for being here, Ai Haibara IS NOT an annoying Mary Sue.
I hope those haters' brains will luckily recognize it some day.

I recently started to watch Detective Conan from the beginning again and I couldn't wait for the episode where Haibara-san got introduced. I really like characters that have problems and have to fight them (in this case (heh) the deaths of her parents, her sister and the Black Organization looking for her). She is also quite smart and snarky and cares more about others than herself.

Ai Haibara is a very unique character, despite of her painful childhood and the way she lived as she grew older, she has a very kind and loving heart not only is she sweet but she's very sharp and smart, she inspires everyone by her words even the people who don't really like her, even though she is has many scars in her heart she cares about other's happiness too. That mysterious aura that she has around her is very interesting, even though sometimes she needs help she doesn't like to burden others with their problems always trying to be strong and firm in front of her friends. I really love Ai Haibara because sometimes she teaches me many things. She's person with so many scars yet can still smile ^-^ ♥ that's why I pove her the most.

She's brilliant! I love her personality. At first she's cold as cold as an Ice queen. But when you know better of her she's actually a warm person. Haibara also has a beautiful face, she's perfect!

Ever since she emerged, she became by FAR my favorite character!

She's pretty, genius, and has interesting personality. How come you don't like her!

Haibara is the best in the world

An amazing and unique character. Even with her serious demeanor, she still manages to make readers laugh at her interaction with Conan. Best character development out of every character in the series.

She thinks before she acts and with that she is less likely to create disasters.

I think haibara is strong and have a cute side of her