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21 Printer

Printer is very useful in the modern world. It is better than copying down from the computer and it also saves a lot of time. And it makes the work easy.

Seriously a printer just write your darn letters to people

22 iPad mini
23 Pen Drive
24 PlayStation 4

I have one their so much fun! )


25 HP Laptops

I'm going to buy hp pavillion x360

26 Kindle Fire HD

BUY IT please

27 PlayStation 2

I had one of those the other day but I sold for dinner

I chucked mine out the window

The epitome of quality gaming.Yes there are bigger and better consoles, but gamers we born into that era (ps1 too).

Some really cool games you could play, and watch movies, listen to music...
There was nothing wrong with PS2 why stop making them!
Yes PS3-4... is better but so what!

28 Kindle Fire XDX
29 Xbox

It is cool

30 Projector
31 Google Glass
32 Blu Ray Player
33 Inverter
34 PC

PC is definitely the best, it has a larger screen, a really powerful processor. I loveee it!

35 Radio

It works in the woods

It does not work

''Look honey, I'm doing a broadcast here, do you mind''?

36 Electronic Watch

I think they are petty cool like the Apple Watch

37 CD Player
38 Toilet

It is totally the best - venomouskillingmachine

My nan died on it

Don't swear matey


39 Phone Charger

The phone charger is given to charging in my phone.
The charger is not have so you don't used a phone no charger no phone so charger is very important to phone

40 Camera Recorders
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