Top 10 Best Electronic Devices

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61 Hair Dryer V 1 Comment
62 Electric Shaver V 1 Comment
63 Wii U

Wii u is the best console

It has games like super smash bros, star fox zero and splatoon

It comes with gamepad you can also use Wii u remote to play it


V 2 Comments
64 Nexus 7

Should be in number 1 to 10

65 Flow Guard Water Level Controller
66 Virtual Reality Devices
67 New Nintendo 3DS

Every kid in the world would be so happy if they got it for a present

Me got one me 14 me need to stop typing me in context like this

68 Beats Headphones V 3 Comments
69 GPS Navigation Device

Great for getting someplace you don't know very well especially if your phone isn't working like out in the ocean. Also great for geocaching

70 Air Conditioner V 1 Comment
71 iPad Mini 3
72 Nintendo 3Ds

My nan uses this and shes disable

V 2 Comments
73 Baby Monitors V 2 Comments
74 Headphones

Phone your head right

75 Microphone
76 Nintendo 2ds

I play pokemon go everyday I also play on this

It even has 2d

It even has 2d

77 PSP Go
78 Scanner V 1 Comment
79 iQue Player
80 Turntables
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